"I started to listen to UB40 in 1981- 1982 time after abandoning the Bay City Rollers - Ultravox - Gary Numan - Adam and the Ants - Madness. During the eighties and through the nineties I had a solo journey listening to the music and attending concerts . Attending the concerts translated means paying the tickets and taking the "culprits " with me so I didn't have to travel so far alone. The first word typed by the button phobic Tartan Terror on her newly connected modem to the internet was "UB40", but nothing came up. After spacing the letters...the Jams Board appeared and I could have wept with joy....here was a whole band of people like myself sending and collecting messages about UB40. "Our little island in the Sun" was a safe haven for me ... a place to surf in and indulge at first in voyeuristic behaviour (as I didn't know how to post) . Till one day some 'Roland Rat fellow' went too far in slating UB40 on the Board, and in my rage made a crash course in posting possible as I typed my angry retort. Neil IM'd me shortly after that, and he helped get the button phobia under control and get around the internet easily...and the rest is history"


"From being a solo fan I am now part of a posse of dedicated fans which empowers me to find and learn more about UB40. I no longer have to explain my obsession. I journey through the net with friends who understand my voyeuristic behaviour of the Ali nature and the fetish of the gyrating nature."


"To quote a colleague at work when introducing each other at an ice-breaking session he said, 'she likes UB40, UB40 and UB40'"

"This is my main interest ,but I also like Erasure and other gay dance music for the fast rhythmic beat. Bob Marley I adore, Peter Tosh, Madness, Jimmy Somerville, Dire Straits, Beautiful South, Queen and Level 42. (Mark King on bass I think is so unique) I am listening to Richard Thomson lately as he wrote a song called 'MGBGT' which attracted me. I listen to all music .. except the hankies type of Country."


"How can I only choose three!!!!

1. Sorry not UB40...fav of all time "Romeo and Juliet" Dire Straits . Gives the fisson feeling ..so sensual (and u can gyrate to it (go on try it)..and it's not reggae)

2. Guns in the Ghetto (cried the first time I heard this)

3. Lisa...for reasons known to only me"

"(Ask me this again next week it will be different except Romeo and Juliet ...I've cried at that song since 1980 and my first true love and I split)"


"How can I write about the strangest, yet the best day of my life ever...the meeting of strangers with only UB40 in common...yet for the first time the look of "weirdo" didn't appear on their faces when u explained the love of UB40. I feel so privileged to be there and to have met so many good friends."


"Opt in or opt out the knowledge of the posse being there after a long stressful week for a piece of indulgence is great...beats chocolate. The banter can be fairly tame or not as the notion takes us...but the friendship and the respect for bros and sistahs no matter where from is always there. UB40 is talked about too....I arrive by my own name of Tartanterror to the #UBJams as so many other jammers appear to have an identity crisis...thus creating some stability :-) lol"

A PERSONAL QUOTE from the Tartan Terror

"As an eternal optimist who believes in the power of positive thinking:

'As one door closes another one opens'" (Bob Marley)

"Tartan Terror (aka Fiona) hails from Sunny (not) Scotland and was gifted with the nickname by Reza for her mischievious kilted nature."