RISC OS software.

01/07/09 Update:
A bit more on emulation and RISC OS compatible devices. I recently got a beagleboard. Running RISC OS 5 on this is quite nice even though the speed of USB mass devices seems horribly slow. RPCemu seems to be getting along nicely and I even tested briefly the gxemul-ix from jmb.
01/07/08 Update:
Almost a year after I released the sources of my Pocket PC version I am about to put a updated version here on the website. I need to do some testing first but hope to release a much faster version for people who are interested. The sources are also available for creating a Windows and a Linux version. Since the development of RPCemu has not been on hold, my version lags with the one from Tom Walker. So no dynamic recompilation or any large speedups in that direction..

28/07/07 Update:
An intermediate version of RPCemu I grabbed from my harddisk of my port for the Pocket PC is available in sources at the bottom of this page. updates to the latest version will be done later today.


    Ever since I soldered the Acorn Atom as a young teenager I have been fascinated by the range of computers designed and built by the former company Acorn.  After the Acorn Atom I owned a BBC B , an Archimedes A440 and a RISC PC.
My main interests were in 3D rendering. I started to write software first in BASIC and in Assembler (6502). Later I switched to C and for this there is a rather nice compile tool called !Projman. It is a tool that can be used as a frontend for compiling programs. It is not entirely stable and I have not found any references to it on the internet. I hope that I can publish the app without any problems. So here it is :

projman !Projman (in archive tools.arc)

Some demos I've written are here:

Voxel landscape in a window...

Draws 3d renderings of a worldfile.

Renders the Utah teapot in dots and realtime.
Collection of world (3d) files.
!sim!sim Heat transfer simulation, not very scientific though.. just for visual indication.
!rubber!RUBBER Physics simulation. Does lines, weights, gravity, friction, springs and colision detection of the floor.
All combined in one archive : demos.arc

Sources for the old PocketPC port of RPCemu : Pocket RPCemu.zip
the newer sources will be here soon..

Above RISCOS 3.70 running in RPCemu on a Pocket PC.

And because I had the privilege to test an Iyonix with some people from the local ACORN club include this picture:

apparently the Iyonix was due for some updates...