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Hello and welcome on my website. This site is an online reference to my hobby: player piano's. I know it's a crappy site, an update is on its way.

Update: On Sunday the 11th of Februari 2007 I borrowed a van to pick up my next restoration project. A Hupfeld Phonola Vorsetzer (Hupfeld Push-Up piano player). It is in really bad shape, but complete. The restauration will be documented on this page. I'm not starting yet as I'm busy doing a Hupfeld Phonola action in a Lipp piano for a friend. I want to complete that restoration first before starting this one. I also am planning on redesigning this website, but I've got to build 3 other websites first to 'pay' for restoration work done on my Waddington player piano. The Waddington is now in good working order, besides damper regulation and a pitch raise (which is not likely to be a problem).

My Waddington 'Bremar' Player piano was free to collect in England, so that's just what I did. I'm completely restoring the piano and it's player action, as far as I'm capable to do so. If the player mechanisme seems to work reasonable than I think I'll have the piano action professionally restored.(If my financial situation lets me) More about what I did and plan to do is to find in the 'Diary' section

There are some people I wish to thank, as without them my project would have failed, or for sure wouldn't be where it is now.

These people are:

And of course everybody else that I forgot.
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