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Johnny Baby calls his music "reggae from the ghetto", his style is influenced by roots reggae,ska and modern influences from hip hop,dance hall and ragamuffin. Even with these new influences, the music of Johnny Baby is very clear reggae. Singer/guitarist/composer, John Burkett also known as Johnny Baby was born in Georgetown, the capital of British-Guyana. He grew up listening to musical legends such as Jimmy Cliff,Max Romeo,Desmond Dekker,Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley.

At the age of twelve he started playing the guitar,and a year later he was performing with several bands around Georgetown. That's how he got his artist name.With one of the bands he supported Yellowman and Third World on their tours in Guyana. In the neighboring country, Suriname Burkett was very popular with the band the Radics.

In 1986 he migrated to the Netherlands (Groningen) where he started the reggae band Johnny Baby & the Liberators. The band gained an excellent live reputation in the Dutch club and festival circuit, After some performances, the band found their form and decided to take part in the talent competition of bands by the name of the big prize of Holland, where, on the 12th of december that year,they won the second prize.

Because of that, Johnny was contracted by the record company Virgin records. Johnny Baby had a hit with the song "Running around in circles" from his first album "Ï present Johnny Baby". He supported I Jahman Levi, the Wailers, six times he supported UB40 and Inner Circle in concert. Also supported Van Morrison and Paul Simon on the Paul Simon Graceland tour. With his new reggae band Johnny is working very hard to present his music to a national and international audience.

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