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Rucphen and Sprundel.

Rucphen is a local authority with a little more then 22.000 inhabitants and an area of more then 6000 hectares and you can find it in the province Noord-Brabant in the southern part of the Netherlands. The local authority consists out five church-villages, namely Rucphen, Sprundel, Sint Willebrord, Schijf and Zegge. By decree of the 8th November 1810 of emperor Napoleon this villages are merged till one local authority. The bridgeclub B.I.V.O. is started initialy in Rucphen, but is moved through shortage of accommodation to Sprundel. Sprundel is the oldest village (it is named in 992) of the local authority with worth to seen the mill De Hoop of 1840 and the tower of the church of the 15th century. Also known are the forest of Rucphen and the scenic area De Lokker.

The forest of Rucphen are 1200 ha and an unbroken forest- and heathland from Rucphen till the border of Belgian. In the local authority you can find 4 campinggrounds and a holiday area ('t Ossekopke) for the youth and a farm for camping. In the sports centre you find a sports hall, a swimming pool, a jeu-de-boule-court and a fine constructed midgetgolfcourt. Also a model race-circuit, a manege and the first covered ski resort with real snow in the Netherlands. In that resort is also the local authority botanical garden.

Each of the 5 villages of course has something worth for a visit. We have said something about the worth seeing things in Sprundel, but also the scenic area De Lokker is well known. Before a beautiful pool, but dry through cultivate the ground. Now they try with weirs and sluices reduce the damage and they hope get back the flora and fauna of the olden times.

The glory of Schijf is the Flemish Baroque pipeorgan of 1909. It is not alone beautiful to seen, but also beautiful to hear. Also near Schijf is a large forest between the Hoeksestraat and the Antwerpse postbaan.

Sint Willebrord is the recentest village of five. A visit worth is the church who is a copy of the Maria-church in Lourdes.

Known in Zegge is the Maria-chapel. Because of this Zegge is a Maria-place of pilgrimage for 350 year.

Rucphen was in the distant past a crossroads of stage-coachroutes.

The route from Anvers till the north crossed at the Posthoorn the old road from Breda till Bergen op Zoom. The church in Rucphen holds components of the Amsterdam school with relief- and elegant bricklaying. Special beautiful are the pointed arches and the leaded windows.

In the botanical garden of Rucphen you find at 2 HA. a part nature like they could find that before in the South part of West-Brabant. Dry and wet heathland, wooded banks, fields with oat and rye, who are harvested at a traditional way.

To Sprundel you can arrive via exit 20 (St.Willebrord) or 21 (via Rucphen) of the motorway A58 (Breda-Roosendaal).

Some bigger nearby places are: Breda, Roosendaal, Bergen op Zoom and also Anvers is not too far away.

Our bridgelocation is in the Sint Janstraat no 68 at Sprundel. That is the high street of Sprundel and the cafe "De Drie Zwaantjes" is not far away from the church.

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