Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe "Billy" & Perfect Thunder v.d. Mergelhoeve "Thunder" & Romance In Surrey v.d. Mergelhoeve "Poppy"

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About me 

Some information about me.
I'm Kim Beckers and raised with dogs all my life.
I grew up with a Poodle and a Giant Schnautzer Black.
And after we moved to South Limburg the first Gordon Setter came in our life.
That was in October 1992.
Shortly after getting into the Gordon Setters i started to show.
That must have been since 1993.
In 1996 i did compete in the Junior Handling final in Amsterdam with our English Settter.
For this you need to qualify your self by getting a placement by the first 3 or 4.
That really i did prefer the main show ring instead of the Junior Handling.
I didn't only show Setters but also West Highland White Terriërs, Old English Sheepdogs,
Spanish Water Dogs and Afghan Hounds.

In 1995 my parents started their own Kennel under the affix 'v.d. Mergelhoeve'.
One day i hope to continue the breeding under this affix.
Their first litter was born in December 1996.
In 2001 a very special female was born in our Freebooter Litter and for some reason there was a chemistry.
Where i went she went.
It wasn't the plan to keep a puppy from that litter but they couldn't separate us.
So i named her Sophy (Ch. Freebooter Sophy v.d. Mergelhoeve).
She was such a sweet loving dog.
I had lots of nice moments with her not only in the show ring but also with agility.
Her singleton son is one of the very succesfull dogs of my parents that i handled.
His name is Junior
(BISS Int.Sh.Ch./NL/Lux/VDH.Ch.I'am The Only One v.d. Mergelhoeve NJK,EJG'08,ESG'09,CW'11&'13&'15).
With him i had so many nice moments in the show ring.
Our best moment was in 2010 at the Show in Lausanne with winning twice Best In Group and a 3rd Best In Show.
He just loved it and he was a joy to handle. 
Now he is retired from the shows but i'm sure if i would put on the leash he would shine all over again.

In 2009 I imported my own Gordon Setter male from the USA.
His name is Billy (Int.Sh.Ch.NL/VDH.Ch. Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe NJK,JW'10,BJW'10,
And went with him and the dogs from my parents to many shows in the Netherlands,
but also to many other countries in Europe.
Billy is my guardian angel or maybe better said my shadow.
We worked very hard to come that far we did and i'm so proud of him.

In 2014 Thunder came into our lives.
Thunder is Billy's son and really a sweetheart.
He is so special to me just like his grandfather Junior.
Thunder makes my dreams come true time after time.
He did make my biggest dream come true by winning Best In Show at the Golden Trophy Show in Liége 2017.
Thunder's full name is:
BISS Bel.Sh.Ch./NL&LUX.Ch. Perfect Thunder v.d. Mergelhoeve NJK,JW'14,BJWNL'15,BW'15&'16,BWBE'16,EW'16,CW'16,BWNL'17
He is still young but was already very succesfull and hope we will still have many more succesfull events to come.

And then in December 2016 Poppy came into our lives.
Poppy is the grantdaugther of Billy and Thunder's cousin.
Poppy got returned and when she walked into my parents house i was very suprised with how good she looked.
I directly had that feeling that she would be our new star.
And i was right she is.
She loves the show ring like if she was born for it.
Poppy's full name is:
Romance In Surrey v.d. Mergelhoeve LJK,EJS'17 she is in co-ownership with my mom.
I'm sure we will have a bright future together.

In October 2016 we got our first Coonhound male and recently (June 2017) we got our first Coonhound female.
They are brother and sister but not from the same litter.
We imported them from the USA as we fell in love with their Sire.
Jimmy does already well at the shows and has a great personality.
He loves every other dog and did raise our last Gordon Setter Litter.
Pearl is still too young to join us but that won't take long. 
She is such a sweet little girl just like her big brother.
Their full names are:
BayAway Kennisaw Flying Dutchman For Mergelhoeve 'Jimmy'
BayAway Kennisaw Black Pearl For Mergelhoeve 'Pearl'
Both are in co-ownership with my mom.

Sometimes i help friends out with showing their dogs.
But at this moment i focus my self more on our own dogs.
And that are the Gordon Setters and the Coonhound Black and Tan.
'It might look that i'm new in some breeds but i'm not new to the Dog Show World'
More information about my dogs and co-owning dogs you can find on this website.
Below some special pictures of our successes.