Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe "Billy" & Perfect Thunder v.d. Mergelhoeve "Thunder" & Romance In Surrey v.d. Mergelhoeve "Poppy"

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7 boys & 2 girls
born: 11-01-2014

Gordon Setter Kennel v.d. Mergelhoeve  / Netherlands
Pups are gynetic CLEAR of PRA (rcd-4) &
Cerebellar Degeneration CLEAR

Lucky Happy Lola v.d. Mergelhoeve
Dutch Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
FCI-100-Jungend Sieger 2011
European Junior Winner 2011
Bundessieger 2012
Polish Winner 2012
Amsterdam Winster 2012
Belgian Winner 2012
Rheinland Siegerin 2013
German Winster 2013
Studbook Number and qualified for life for Cruft's
Year Trophy winner Best Bitch of the Year 2012 from NGSC
Cerebellar Degeneration CLEAR

Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe
Dutch Champion
German VDH Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
Amsterdam Junior Winner 2010
Lausanne Junior Winner 2010
Belgian Junior Winner 2010
Club Winner 2012 (NGSC)
Polish Winner 2012
Belgian Winner 2012
Several Cruft's qualifications
Year Trophy winner Best Dog of the Year 2012 from NGSC
Cerebellar Degeneration CLEAR

Pedigree Perfect-Litter Billy x Lola


Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe NJK,JW'10,BJW'10,
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

BIS Am/Can/Mex/Int'l World 99 Ch.UKC.Ch.
Duurstede's Mactarnahan

BIS BISS Can/Am.Ch. Sandpiper's Blockade Runner Can CD

Ch. Sandpiper's Castles on Shore

Ch. Sandpiper's Seabreeze

Can.Ch Tamarod Anna Pavlova

Winterwood Willow

Eng Sh.Ch.
Tamarod Scarlet Satin

Warchant Penelope AD CD RN JH

Warchant Stormy Petrel

BIS BISS Am/Can.Ch. Sandpiper's Blockade Runner Can CD

Warchant Hilan Belle

Algara Jadzia Dax

Aust.Grand Ch.
Taram Talara Thomas

Aust.Ch. Taram Social Climber


NL.Ch. Lucky Happy Lola v.d. Mergelhoeve
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

I'am The Only One v.d. Mergelhoeve NJK,EJG'08,ESG'09,CW'11
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

NL.Ch.Freebooter Sophy v.d. Mergelhoeve
W'05, CW'06, ESG'07
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

NL.Ch. Esquire Sam v. 't Blockhuijs W'01,NVK

NL.Ch. Crazy Pebbles v.d Mergelhoeve W'00

Warchant Twilight Bolero BSG'08
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

Brodruggan Black Knight

Ch. Warchant Owl On The Wing

Damon's My Traveling Star

NCM's Tradtion Of Heavenly

Ch. Heavenly Last Dance

Ch. NCM's Witchcraft

Ch. Damon's Times Square

Ch. Macalder Pheasant Sent

Valley View Ticket O'Damon

The Pedigree Names

The Boy's:
Perfect Storm v.d. Mergelhoeve 
Perfect Blue Sky v.d. Mergelhoeve 
Perfect Sea Breeze v.d. Mergelhoeve 
Perfect Thunder v.d. Mergelhoeve
Perfect Rainbow v.d. Mergelhoeve
Perfect Lightning v.d. Mergelhoeve
Perfect Tornado v.d. Mergelhoeve
The Girls:
Perfect Daylight v.d. Mergelhoeve 
Perfect Moonlight v.d. Mergelhoeve

Pups 3 days old.

Pups 5 days old.

Pups 1 week old (18-01-2014)

Pups 8 days old

Pups 10 days old

Daddy was visit us and from some of us the eyes are going open.

Pups 11 days old

From 8 pups the eyes are open and all of them have doubled their weight.

Pups 12 days old

Some are already over 1kg.
All pups have their eyes open so now they can see what is going on.
They get twice a day a extra feeding and they love it.
Today they got their nails trimmed again and it was no problem at all.

Pups 13 days old

Pups 2 weeks old

The pups are already 2 weeks old.
Yersterday 7 from the pups were already over 1 kg.

Pups 15 days old

Some start already to play a little bit.

Pups 16 days old

All pups went over the 1kg yesterday and they are doing fine.
Today they got for the first time soft pallet food and they loved it.

Pups 2,5 week old

The pups are getting more active now.
And start to react more on noices.
They all grow good and it might be that they will move to a bigger place in the living room later this week.

Pups 3 weeks old

Today we are 3 weeks old.
Time goes fast and we are growing fast.
Mom takes really good care of us.
We only wonder how long she will still like us as our teeth start to come.

Pups 22&24 days old

Today the pups have moved to the living room so they have more space to play.
Some of them have passed the 2kg's already.

Pups 3,5 week old

We love our new place were we can play more.
Mom is taking really good care of us.
During the day we get extra food.
Today dady was visit us again and he wanted to play with one of us.

Pups 4 weeks old

The pups are 4 weeks old now.
There is 1 lovely boy still looking for a forever home.
Today we got new collars on because we are growing so fast.

Pups 4,5 week old

Pups 5 weeks old

Today the pups went for the very first time for a little while outside.
They had fun and enjoyed it.
Tueseday they will be micro-chipped already.

Pups 5,5 weeks old

The pups went outside again today.
They had fun together with mommy.

Pups almost 6 weeks old

Today the pups got their first vacination and all went fine.
The pups got checked and all the boys have both testicals and all are healthy.

Pups 6 weeks old

Pups 6,5 week old

Today it was time for stack and head pictures.

Pups 7 weeks old

Pups almost 7,5 weeks old