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Modelteam 'Meijerij'

We are a small group of Dutch modellers. Our goal is to build exhibition quality, finescale model railroads

last update: September 28, 2004


Shay nr. 3 and Heisler. nr. 2 switching in camp Jemima on the Sodumb & Gamorra Lumber RR

What's new?

March 30, 2005     Hello folks, after installing a new computer and a web editor I will do some restoration on this Website.  It has                                        been a while  since I  edited something and I suppose everyone is getting a bit bored with this site. So, I will do                                        my very best.

    What do we have in mind for the next months:

  • We started building on 3 new modules

  • A Web Course 'making realistic redwoods'

  • Weblog with progress on new modules comming up.

I will start a newsletter, you can get for free if you send me an E-mail.

New opportunities to meet us:

Nothing planned Yet

Thank you so far for your kind E-mail and keep on mailing me with suggestions and comments