name: Robin of Loxley
family: son of Ailric of Loxely and
before becomming an outlaw:
becomes an outlaw by: escaping from Nottingham Dungon
role played by:Michael Praed

Robin is killed by the Sheriffs men after being haunted by them for hours after an ambush.


name: Marion of Leaford
family: daughter of Sir Ridchard of Leaford
before becomming an outlaw: because they think her father is dead Marion live in Nottingham castle under guidiance of the Sheriff and his brother the Abbot Hugo.
becomes an outlaw by: marrying Robin
after Robin's death: She goes back to Leaford grange to her father (they found out Sir Ridchard is still alive).
comes back to Sherwood: After a long time of tossing and turning and finally realising she belongs there.
role played by:Judi trott

Being back in Sherwood after Robins death Marion falls in love with Robert. When she by mistakes thinks that Robert is also dead she becomes a nun in Halstead Abbey. When Robert goes to her to show her he's still alive and wants her to come back to Sherwood again she refuses. Marion says she needed peace in her heart and that she finally found it in Halstead. She doesn't wanna lose another husband.



name: Robert of Huntingdon
family: son of the Earl of Huntingdon and halfbrother to Guy of Gisburne.
before becomming an outlaw: Robert was raised to become the Earl after his father
becomes an outlaw by: taking over Robin's job as Herne's son
role played by:Jason Connery

Robert is called by Herne the Hunter after the death of Robin. herne want him to become Robin's succesor. First Robert refuses but when Marion is in danger he takes the job to save her. Robert has a hard time convincing the other outlaws to come back to Sherwood and form a gang again under his leadership.


name: Much the millerson
family: son of the miller and foster brother to Robin
before becomming an outlaw: He lived with his parents and Robin
becomes an outlaw by: escaping from Nottingham Dungon together with Robin
after Robin's death: goes to hatersage with Little John
comes back to Sherwood: because John does
role played by:
Peter Llewellyn Williams


name: John Little
family: not known but he has a girlfriend; Meg of Wickham
before becomming an outlaw: he was a shepherd
becomes an outlaw by: joining the gang
after Robin's death: Goes back to Hatersage to become a shepherd again
comes back to Sherwood: After a long talk (and some fighting) with Robert
role played by: Clive Mantle


name: William Schathlock
family: his wife Elena is dead
before becomming an outlaw: Will was a soldier
becomes an outlaw by: killing the soldiers that raped and killed his wife (he also changed his named into Scarlett after that).
after Robin's death: Will goes to his brother who owns a pub.
comes back to Sherwood: After a long wrestling fight with Robert after wich they have to fly for Gisburne.
role played by: Ray Winstone


name: Nasir
family: unknown
before becomming an outlaw: he was bewitched by the Baron the Belleme
becomes an outlaw by: joining the gang after Robin has freed him from Belleme's spell.
after Robin's death: he goes his own way by traveling through the country
comes back to Sherwood: his friend help him escape from being some sort of Gladiator.
role played by: Mark Ryan


name: Friar Tuck
family: unknown
before becomming an outlaw: Tuck is chaplan to the Abbot Hugo.
becomes an outlaw by: helping Marion to escape to Sherwood and joining the gang.
after Robin's death: stays in Sherwood on his own.
comes back to the gang: because they have to safe Marion.
role played by:Phil Rose






name: Herne the Hunter
connection to the outlaws: Herne is the forest God. And Robin Hood is Herne's son. Herne protect the outlaws gives them advice and warns them with some sort of riddles.
role played by: John Abineri



name: Edward of Wickham
connection to the outlaws: Edward is Leader of the village of  Wickham. A village in Sherwood often in contact with Robin and his friends. Wickham is also the village where the Sheriff  creates the ambush wich leads to Robin's death. Edward was forced by the Sheriff to let this happen otherwise they would kill Matthew, Edward's son.
role played by: Jeremy bulloch


name: Meg of  Wickham
connection to the outlaws: Meg is one of the villagers of Wickham and girlfriend to little John.
role played by: Claire Toeman





name: Robert de Rainault, Sheriff of Nottingham
why an enemy: He's an enemy from the start. he killed Robin's father Ailric, Robin escapes from his dungeon, Robin steals back the Silver Arrow and the tax money . And much more
role played by: Nickolas Grace



name: Sir Guy of Gisburne (Guy is steward to the Sheriff)
why an enemy: Guy is the one who arrest Robin and Much the first time after wich they escape.
role played by: Robert Addie


name: Abbot Hugo de Rainault
why an enemy: He's brother to the Sheriff and has run into some less nice meetings with the outlaws.
role played by: Philip Jackson


name: Baron Simon the Belleme
why an enemy: He kidnapped Marion to sacrefice her.Belleme is into black magic.
role played by: Anthony Valentine


name: Gulnar (a sorceror)
why an enemy: Robert killed Owen of Clun Gulnars master.
role played by: Richard O'Brien


name: King Richard the Lionheart
why an enemy: First he seem to be a good man to the outlaws. But soon enough he appears to think about nothing but himself and winning.
role played by: John Rhys-Davies


name: Prince John
why an enemy: Robin's robbing is a problem to him and also because Robin becomes a man of the people.
role played by: Philip Davis


name: Morgwyn of Ravenscar
why an enemy: She stole Albion and called the devil into the world.

Morgwyn of Ravenscar pretendend to be just the Abbess of Ravenscar Abbey, but in reality she was an evil magician with a Abbey fool of worshippers of the devil Lucifer. She collected the seven swords of Wayland to bring her devil into this world. The last sword she needed was Albion....
role played by: Rula Lenska


name: Lilith
why an enemy: She bewitched Robin to help her to bring the Baron de Belleme back from the dead.
role played by: Gemma Craven