Here is a bit of Background information on things in RoS like Herne and Wayland. I plan to add more later.



If you think that Herne the Hunter was just a made up character for Robin of Sherwood you're wrong. He seems to be a mixture of and old tale and a some other Gods.

in British Celtic mythology Herne the Hunter was the name of a giant with antlers on his head.

If we look at the Herne we know from Robin of Sherwood  he reminds a lot of  the old Celtic God called Cernunnos. Cernunnos was de horned God of animals, abundance,  fertility,the underworld and the regeneration of life.

Since in RoS Herne is called "a forest God" and "Lord of the Trees" you could also easily think of him of another version of the "Pan" greek god of the woods and fields.

But we have one tale that actually talks about him as Herne the Hunter. The story  connects him to Windsor forest. In this legend Herne is one of the keepers of Windsor forest. If you want the whole story go to Mystical World Wide Web that has it.





In Robin of Sherwood is often (episode: "the swords of Wayland" told that Albion is one of the seven swords made by the smith Wayland.

The name "Albion" is actually an very old name for England. Wich I think gives the sword an even more symbolic background.

But als Wayland is not just something made up for RoS. He's a character from Anglo-Saxon mythology. They say he was a smit whose forge was near the White Horse in Oxfordshire. He's also mentioned in the poem of Beowulf and in a Norse story.



Arianrhod is the Godess that is called to at the wedding of Owen of Clun and Marion in the episode "Herne's son part II". They are married (the wedding is seems to be a handfasting ritual) by the sorcerror Gulnar. Arianrhod is the Welsh Godess of  the moon, initiationbeauty and beauty. The name itselfs means "wheel of silver"