The British tv series Robin of Sherwood where shot from 1983 to 1985. The series where created by Ridchard Carpentar but later on a few other writers like Anthony Horowitz wrote some epsiodes for it.  Although the official title is "Robin of Sherwood" the show was called just "Robin Hood" in several countries like for example the US and the Netherlands. It was produced by Paul Knight for Goldcrest.

The series started of with Michael Praed in the role of Robin of Loxley, but after the first two series Michael was offered a role on the Broadway version of "The Three Musketeers" and decided to go for it. When Michael went away they made Jason Connery his succesor. They gave Robin of Loxley a glorious but sad exit (killed by the Sheriff's men) and a new Robin Hood was found in the earl's son Robert of Huntingdon (played by Jason).

They made another third series with Jason in the leading role and then Goldcrest went broke. The planned fourth series did never happen even as the iedeas for a Robin of Sherwood movie.