If you are on this page, I guess you are like me
	Interested in collecting sugar packets.

	I want to setup a large database of collectors
	from all over the world.

	So everyone can enlarge his of her collection or 
	get some additional information about sugar packets.


Do to a stupid error of the electricity company half the electrical equipment in my house has been blown up. A current of 380 went through the system instead of the normal 220. My computer was one of the victims. Al lot of files were saved, but my sugar-emails got lost. So, if you are on this page, please send your email & home address to me, just to make sure I have the most recent data.

The Database Filled With Fellow Collectors.

Special Requests

Fellow Collectors tell...


Some History
How to store & empty sugars
What to do with leftover packets......

Pictures of all my Serie Packets

Cats on Sugar
sugarpackets with cats on it

Exchange Days

How much for a sugarpacket?

Other sugar web sites

Small Note: I usally answer e-mail every other month. And prepare envelopes with sugar every three months. Liesbeth Vergouwe