Fellow collectors, who have traded with me :

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Belgium France
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Germany Hungary Israel Italy
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Macedonia The Netherlands Poland Portugal
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Romania Russia Spain Switzerland
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The people who fill in the databaseform, are first put on the database page. As soon as we trade sugars, they move to the next stage. I put them on the map, add text and a sugarpicture. This way I hope to have only valid addresses.

The following collectors have filled in the databaseform:

October 2016

Andreas K. Walter - Germany

March 2017

Alberto Castro Viņau - Spain


If you want to be a part of this


Please fill in the following:


Name :
Place :
E-Mail :

1. Do you collect with or without sugar?
with without

2. How many sugars do you want to send a time?

   30 Empty sugars weight about 20 gram.
   70 Empty Sugars weight about 50 gram.

   35 Full sugars weight about 250 gram.

3. What kind of sugars do you collect? - Packets - Sticks - Wrappers(Cubes) - - Sweetener(Fake Sugar) - Creamer(Milk pouder) - 4. Are you interested in special theme's ? For instance: Zoo's,Entertainmentparks, Animal Species or Famous Persons. Use the next block to fill in what you prefer.

For my own curiosity:

A. How long have you been collecting?

B. How big is your collection?

C. How do you keep your sugars?

My Answers:
1. I Collect Empty.
2. 30 or 70.
3. Everything sugar.
4. No special theme.
A. I started very young (age 10),
but got serious when I was about 18.
B. Over 65.000
C. With 'photocorners' so they don't damage.

If you have any suggestions
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Does anybody know which HTML code I need
to send a thankyou note to the person who fills in the form?