Decoding Spanish Packets

The following information was tributed by: Dr. Josep M. Salavedra
code indentification
In Spain every sugar and coffee company has it's own code.
	For instance: R.G.S. 23576/GR
	The numbers identifies the company - Azucar Lugomer
	/GR states the place of origin      - Granada, Andalucia.

You can use the / codes to categories you Spanish packets.
	/AND = Andorra
	/B   = Barcelona(Catalonia)
	/C   = Cadiz,Andalucia
	/CAT = Catalonia
	/GC  = Gran Canaria(Canary Islands)
	/GR  = Granada,Andalucia(South of Spain)
	/M   = Madrid
	/O   = Oviedo,Asturias(North-West of Spain)
	/PM  = Palma de Mallorca(Balearic Islands)
	/V   = Valencia
	/VA  = Valladolid(Center of Spain)

Please note that different packets can have the same code, 
	because they are produced by the same company.