June 2007

Fernando de Paoli
Started collecting in 2000.

His collection now hold over 4.000 empty pieces

Antonio Provenzano

I collect only beermats (coasters),
	the circle or square where you put the beer on, 
I will send sugar packets from Italy in return. 
	Please help me. Antonio.


Hello Fellow Collectors,

I started collecting in 1991.
My collection now holds over 52.000 empty sugars.

I collect any kind of sugar from all over the world,
have no special theme but I like very much airlines 
	and extra european countries.

Alberto Gaimari - Faenza

Last contact 2008

Sara Tagliavini - Pieve di Cento

Her collection holds over 200.000 sugar packets (no cubes, no sticks).

Collects Airlines, fast food "Mc Donalds", theme parcs and series.

Helps organise sugar exchange meetings.

Last contact 2008

Webpage: www.sarata.it


I'm an Italian sugar packets collector. 
And I have a lot of italian empty packets to exchange. 
If you are interested, just e-mail me, 
	so we can start sending packets.
Best regards, 

Nicola Adestrini - Fosso (VE)

Margherita Bruzzone

The collection holds over 20.000 empty sugars from all over the world.

No special theme and all kinds of sugarpackets are welcome.

Umberto  Vitaloni
I collect empty packets from all countries; 
no special theme. 
I don't collect wrappers(Cubes).
I have many packets (sets & singles) to exchange.

Started 1997, Collection now holds 8300 sugars from 52 countries.

Last contact 2008