Tom Butter

Has been collecting empty sugars for over 45 years.

Has been interviewed by al locat tv station.

The movie is in Dutch

 Youtube - Suikerooms

Last contact 2012

Erik Bodenstaff

Started collecting empty sugars in 1960.

His collection now holds over 25.000 pieces.

NO special theme.

Last contact 2012

Harry  Dietz

I  collect  packets, wrappings,  and  sticks.
My  collection  is  ca.  100.000  pieces  (including  doubles)
Especially  interested  in  Dutch  provinces 
 	Groningen, Friesland  and  Drenthe

Webmaster of the Dutch sugar club
Last contact 2012

Bram Savelsberg

Collects everything sugar.
Not only the small sugarpackets, 
But also the sugar bags from 1 up to 50 kilo.

Coffee cups and dishes with publicity.
And anything you can think of connected to sugar.
Like newspaper printings, pictures and articles.
Last contact 2012
Bram is also one of the Dutch Collectors Day organisers.

Michel Borghouts has passed away May 2009.

He died of Cancer after a brief period of illnes.

Maarten Manson

Started collecting about 1990.
He prefers old sugar bags and wrappers from before the world war 
His collection hold over 200.000 pieces.
He sorts his collection by Theme.

He is a writer for the Dutch collectors magazine 
	"De Verzamelaar".
The artikels he wrote in the period 1992 - 2001 have been bundled,
and issued as a book.
For more details click on the picture of the bookcover. 
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