On this page you'll find information about me & my collection.
And how others keep their collection.

As a young girl I started collection sugar packets 
	because my parents were collectors too (stamps & matchboxes).

When I was about 13 and still collecting seriously, 
	my uncle gave me his spares.
	So my collection grew with 800 pieces at once.

It kept growing steadily due to friends & family who brought packets.
	I got this packet from my aunt when she came back
	from her trip to India->
Packet from India
An other way to get my packets is flee markets/garage sales, 
	were you can get albums almost for free 
	from people who stopped collecting.

Since December 1998 the internet has become a source too.
	My special thanks to Phil Miller, from his page I got 
		my first sugar swap addresses:	
	Clive from the U.S.A. & Miquel from Portugal.

In the beginning of 1999 I joint the U.K.Sucrologists Club 
	to learn more about sugar & her collectors.

My collection currently holds over 40.000 pieces, 
	all empty in about 35 albums.	
I mount my packets/sticks & wrappers with photocorners, 
	which are easy to create out of a piece of sticky tape.
When I started I kept the Dutch one's in Alphabetic order, 
	but soon I got so many I decided to categorise them.
First I took out all the chinese restaurants followed by swimming pools,
	theme parks and so on....
I now have them in 40 different Subjects 
	(If you click on subjects you can see the different subjects 
	accompanied by pictures.

Signed by: Liesbeth, age 30.

I have a different way of ordering my packets;
	I sort them by color.

I start of with one color, say red, followed by that same color combined with 
	an other color on the next page, and so on....

The magic of color sorting gives my books an extra dimension,
	I like the look of pages all in the same colors.

Signed by: Fernando.

I think i sort packets the way most collectors do;
By place of origin from A to Z.

I use 3 photocorners to mount them, 
so if you get additional packets you can move them without harm.

Signed by: Sjaan. 

I use the "Yellow Pages" to sort my packets.

Most of the compagnies are in there and you can look up the catagory they belong in.

I hope this is a usefull tip.

Signed by Tonnie - The Netherlands.

I started My collection when I went to a party

and I They had a VERY interesting sugar packet made by Sugart

(www.sugart.com) right then i started collecting. 

I had no idea nayone else collected them!

Carl W. from Wisconsin

If you have a different way of collecting, please let me know.

If you like to tell how you got started, feel free to mail.
Your stories will be included in this page.