Dec 2011

João Monteiro

Collects empty sugars

Would like to have a sugarpacket from each country.
Has lots of series for trading.

October 2010

Diana Santos

Collects empty sugars

Everything is welcome, sugar packets, sticks, sweetener and cubes.

June 2010

António Caiado

Collects empty sugars

Interested in Airlines, Fast-food chains (like MacD, Wendy, Burger King...)
Starbucks and international Hotels.

June 2009

Paulo Machado - Portugal

Collects empty sugars

Has a young collection.

Who will help to let the collection grow.

April 2009

Carlos Daniel Figueiredo

Collects empty sugars.

Prefers series and the following themes:

Portuguese Coffee producers worldwide, International hotels, Airlines & MacDonald's.

March 2008

José Carvalho - Portugal

Collects empty sugars.

Prefers series and the following themes:

Zodiac / Fast food / animals / series & international companies.

Januari 2008

Rui Cardoso

Collects empty sugars from all over the world.

But only special themes like Coffeebrands, Airplanes, Campings.....

He has made a blog about his collection.

April 2007

Paulo Emanuel Rodrigues

Started when he was about 16 years old.

Until he discovered internet, believed to be one of the few
sugar collectors in the world :-)

Information on his collection & sugar for trading
you can find on:

Last contact 2009

Jan 2007

Paulo Galvao

Has a small collection 2300+

He and his family collect empty sugarpackets.

Double series for trading you can find on:


I live in Soy (Portugal).

My son collects sugars,Will you exchange sugars
and help him increase his collection

Neusa e Lucas Abreu

May 2006

Daniel Aguiar
has a young collection of over 500 pieces.

He is interested in empty airplane sugars and series,
but any sugars are welcome to add to the collection.

Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club – nr 264



I collect all sugarpackets.
Big, small & all colors.
From every country in the world... I like every packet!
My collection now holds over 12.500 empty sugarpackets
and full cubes.
Ana Sofia Lemos

Mario Moreira

Started collecting 2004.

His collection hold over 2000 empty pieces,



I collect all kind of sugar,
so you can send me packets from any country and theme.

I can send you portuguese packets in exchange.

Micael Ribeiro


Fernando Da Mota

Started collecting about 10 Years ago.
His collection now holds over 2.000 empty sugars
from all over the world.
He collects no special theme, but likes heraldic.


Graca Oliveira

Started Collecting in 1996.
Her collection now holds over 3.000 empty pieces.
She collects all kinds of sugar;
packets/sticks/wrappers & sweetner.
Graca first sends .jpg of the packets she has available

Valdemar Freitas

Started Collecting in 1994.

The collection now holds over 1.250 empty pieces.

All sugars are welcome.
Has a special intrest in Zodiac.

Last contact 2008

To webspace


Adriano Monteiro 

My name is Adriano.
As you can see I collect sugar packets.
I collect every kind of empty sugar packet.
My collection holds 20.000 packets,I started collecting July 1st 1989.

Member of Clupac - The Portugese Sugar Club


I'm a sugar collector. Packets,Sticks and Cubes.
I would like to exchange with people from other countries.
My collection holds over 700 Sugars.
I also have a collection bottle caps.
Vitor Romao