Dec 20009
Manuel Castillo Sánchez

Has a collection of empty sugarpackets.

Prefers series from all over the world.


Enrique José García Valls - Spain

Started collection 2002

The collection holds over 40.000 empty sugars.

Prefers series and sugars related to zodaic & horscopes.

Last contact 2008

web page

Josep Abellan & Anna Calvet

Anna started the collection because she loves coffee with no sugar... 
so she kept the full sugar packets and never bought 
	(still now we never buy) sugar.
Untill once she collected a nice set and we never stopped 
	collecting since then.
Our Collection hold over 16.000 empty pieces from 70 countries

Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club
Member of Association Catalonian of Glucosbalaitonfilia

Dr. Josep M. Salavedra

Josep started collecting at the end of 1994.
His collection now holds over 11.000 empty sugar packets.
They are from more than 57 countries. 
He also collects and has trades in Telephonecards.

Alex Sanz Ordax

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a sugar packet collector from Spain. 
I started collecting sugar over 2 years ago.
And I've got about 3000 now. I'm interested to swap EMPTY sugar packets. 

Jordi Martos
My name is Jordi Martos 
I'm an spanish sugarpacket collector.
 I'd like to make some trades with you. 
If you are interesting, e-mail me!

Miguel Sanchez Alvarez

I'm a Spanish Sugarpacket Collector.

I prefer sets, but don't mind recieving singles.



I'm a postcard collector.
I want to exchange sugarpackets for postcards from your country.
Hoping to hear from you soon,

Arantza Lasunción


We are sugarcollectors from Spain.
We collect empty and all kinds of sugarpackets,
	sticks,wrappers & sweetner.

Joan & Teresa Nicolau i Costa
C/Francesc Macia, 16 i 18 Baixos
08620 Sant Vicenc dels Horts


My name is Oscar Pons,

I collect empty and full sugar packets and sticks.

I'm interested in exchanging sugar packets with other people. 

For samples of my collection click on the sugarpacket



My name is Maria José Barahona,
I collect all kinds of  empty sugar packets, sticks, wrappers 
	but no milk powder. 
I don´t have preference for one determinate theme.

I collect all class of sugar.
I began my collection 30 years ago and it now holds
	about 14.000 sugar packets.

Mª Teresa Cucarull 


I am a collector of empty envelopes of sugar.
I am interested in exchanging envelopes of sugar 
	from all over the world. 

Until soon,

Vincens Puig


I am a collector of sweeteners, not sugarpackets.

Who will help me increase my collection?

Joan Castany