April 2007:
Ian Warren

Has an airline 'sugar' collection. Read more about Ian and his collection on: http://www.mad-collector.co.uk

Last contact 2014

Michael Henley

Is collecting sugars since 1997.
His collection now holds over 100.000 empty pieces.

He also collects 1-87 scale model buses 
	which he has been collecting all his life.
Last but not least a collection of Methodist Church items.

Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club.

Last contact 2017

Hi, I'm Vanda Benton 

I collect mostly complete sets from all countries 
but also some single packets from certain countries but not all countries, 
I collect everything empty, 
I particularly like Christmas and signs of the Zodiac packets.

Website where I show the sets of packets 
that I have available for exchange which is www.freewebs.com/s1u1g1a1r

Last contact 2010

Mrs Bobby Armstrong
4 Fenton Road
Fens Estate 
TS25 2LL England

Mrs Bobby doesn't have e-mail.
She collects empty sugars from all over the world,no special theme.
She started her collection in 1992.
Her collection now holds over 21.000 pieces.

Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club.

Tony Symonds

Hi, all Iíve been collecting from a slow start in 1976 
and now have about "1500 different sugars filled with sugar. 
I have no particular preferences ...packets, sticks, cubes, 
any themes at all as long as they are full.

Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club.

Hello Everybody,

My name is Val Green

I'd love to exchange packets with others around the world

I collect any type of packet, 
	but I enjoy those that have a series of packets.