July 2006

My name is Sonata. I am from California USA.
Resently I started collecting sugars.
My collection (220+) holds all the kinds of sugars wrappings 
without sugar. Also sweetener.
Hope to hear from you soon.

May 2006
Corky Heeb

Started collecting in kindergarten - 1948

Passed away february 2018

Kandyse Dean - USA
Hello to all! I have a young collection of about 
240 packets & wrappers. I don't have any particular theme, 
	anything you send will be greatly appreciated.
I'm interested in sugar,creamer & sweetners without the contents.
Thanks in advance to all who can help me enlarge my collection.
Member of The U.K. Sucrologist Club

Chad Gierlich

I am interested in all kind of empty sugar packets, sticks, 
	wrappers and sweetners. No Creamers.  
I have a lot of doubles from USA in return.  
Last contact 2013


I am a collector of Frontpages of daily newspapers.
I am interested in swapping sugar packets for 
the frontpage of daily newspapers from cities around the world. 
I have many different types of American sugar packets 
I can send that I have picked up from different establishments 
where ever I go. I am not really interested in weekly journals, 
just daily newspapers.
Michael Miranda

2007 New e-mail & website

Clive Probert

Prefers airline sugars.

And packets with artwork & animals on them.

Website -> 

May 2006
Hello other collectors,

I prefer collecting sugar packets still full, 
	but since it it easier to mail them empty 
	I'm fine with them being empty as well. 
Usually I only collect sugar, no sweetners or creamers. 

I also take cubes but I prefer them to still have the cubes in them. 

I don't usually go for any particular theme, 
	but animals are my favorite!  

Hope to hear from you soon,

Sabrina Salisbury