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Letters From The Cape 1861 - 1862
Lady Duff Gordon 1821-1869 a very free spirited Englishwoman who sailed to the Cape in an
attempt to regain her health.
This is not a reference to Felix Florez although she mentions being afraid of walking the plank
of a yankee privateer, the Alabama will be in South Africa a year later. And this is the world
Felix Florez and Maria Hendrina Chapman lived in.
In her letters she paints a vivid picture of the people of the Cape
Slavery had recently been abolished and Lady Duff often comes across poignant examples
of the tragic legacy it had left.
There is her observation of a Muslim funeral, her deliberate socialising with Muslims
(who were wildly held to be poisoning the Christians),
the visit to the missionary-school, are all seen through her sharp eyes and social charm.
Reviewed and transcribed by David Price

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