Felix Florez

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Felix FLOREZ born: JUL 1844 in
Philippines Panay Island
death: 1 MAR 1884 in Kalk Bay
Pickling barrel accident.
Death certificate states he left
movable property only, Maria Florez
signed death certificate with an 'x'
I got this information from
Walter Veldsman his sources are :
Clive Solomons - verbal Discussions
April 2001
In the Family history they tell
about Felix Florez coming to South Africa aboard the Alabama
a confederate raider
Both the funnel and propellor were
moveable, to aid her when running
under full sail with the wind. 
Her funnel could be lowered to deck
level, and her screw raised from
the sea, giving her a cruising
speed of 13 knots. 
Notice the funnel on the photo is lowered .

CSS Alabama enters Table Bay at 10:00 AM August 5, 1863.
She is increasing speed in order to capture the Sea Bride
before she can escape to within one league
of S.African territorial waters.