Maria Hendrina Chapman

Now the only source I have on Maria Hendrina Chapman is Walter Veldsman

Let me quote him :

* Note: She had long black hair and blue eyes apparently inherited from
ancestry going back to the marraige of german count and a mozambican slave girl .
married ? Augel after felix Florez died

This is just great its so romantic , so I asked Walter where do you get this ?

this is his reply :

Hi Mark
I have no direct evidence
but folklore in the family
I trust its completely exaggerated
but parts of it could be true
I have not followed that up yet
My grandfather walter Fish also told me this,
in the early days when I
started doing the family tree 15 yrs ago
now that my grandfather has passed on
I dont have any source for the information
It will need some tracking down I suspect
but in the meantime
my grandfather told this to me and I accept it on that basis till my research
or your research proves it wrong
Still lots of investigative work left to do

Now in around 2001 when I started building this website,
I had very litle knowledge of the family history and South African
history , As I Grew up for most part of my life in Holland , its now
december 2004 and Mum is just back form SA and brought me a
story written for me from autie Gladys , (as you may recall Walter
tells about a Maria Hendrina Chapman ancestors having come
from a slave backgroud and a freeburger.) Now this story by aunt
Gladys Thomas is titled 'Once Were Slaves' and gives a vivid and intimate
look into that time , and the end of the story I have provided some links
if you want to see what that world really looked like.

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