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The most desired Shannon Trophy every programmar wants to have, it's only for the World Champion, 1992 was certainly REBEL's year, we took it home from Madrid to Holland for 3 years. REBEL vs CHESS GENIUS, left to right: Richard Lang, Ossi Weiner, Jan Louwman, Ed Schröder, Rob Kemper. The HOME of the REBEL, it all happened here.
We of course liked Jean Dean very much. Rob Kemper taking care of the AutoPlayer PC's. Cologne 1986, last round of the World Championship, Cray Blitz became World Champion because REBEL blew it as it ruined a complete won position, lost and became only 5th.
Cologne 1986 again. The Hague 1996, GM Jan Timman giving a simultan against 4 strong chess programs, REBEL won. Italy 1998, Ed going nuts after REBEL's victory on Vishy Anand, left: Jeroen Noonem, REBEL's opening expert. The 2 others: Jonathan and Esther, two of Ed's kids.
Back to the 80's, who wouldn't want to have the Mephisto Exclusive Board with POLGAR module? The POLGAR module. That's how the POLGAR module looks from inside.
Italy 1998, playing against world no.2 chess player Vishy Anand, Ed Schröder lost in thought. Italy 1998, Jeroen Noomen operating REBEL against Vishy Anand. Italy 1997, the grandmaster baptism, REBEL's first match against a world top chess player. Rob Kemper operating REBEL against sympathetic Arthur Yussupov.
Richard Lang nicknamed King Richard. Richard (from the UK) with his CHESS GENIUS ruled the micro computer chess world during the 80's and early 90's. He is considered by many as the most successful chess programmer all times. Frans Morsch from the Netherlands, known from the FRITZ series. Frans and Ed often exchanged idea's in the early 80's, even produced a chess program together. Frans breakthrough came in 1995 when he succeeded Ed and took over the Absolute World Title in Hong Kong. FRITZ in an exiting game defeated DEEP BLUE from IBM. In 2002 FRITZ played an 8 game match against world champion Kramnik and kept it cool, a fantastic 4 - 4 result. Feng-Hsiung Hsu the man behind DEEP BLUE. He joined IBM in 1989 and continued work on his chess-playing computer, since renamed Deep Blue, with a team of IBM research scientists that included Murray Campbell and Joe Hoane. Jerry Brody, an engineer, and C.J. Tan, a senior manager of the Parallel System Platforms Department, later joined the development team. 1997 became Hsu' year when DEEP BLUE defeated Garry Kasparov with 3 - 2 in New York, the event got massive media attention worldwide.
Dan and Kate Spracklen, the pioneers of commercial chess. In the late 70's their first program SARGON was commercialized, it ran on several platforms, as dedicated computer on the brand name FIDELITY (USA) but also on the first Personal Computers like the TRS-80 from TANDY and the APPLE models. Ken Thompson the author of BELLE who ruled the computer chess world in the early days, the late 70's and early 80's with his chess wonder machine with special developed hardware. Awarded by President Bill Clinton for his invention of the UNIX operating system and his pioneer work of the C programming language. The C programming language is the base of 90% of nowadays developed software. For instance, all WINDOWS software is developed under the C language. The BELLE wonder machine. Developed at the Bell Laboratories using many hundreds of chips worth about $20,000 each. The machine was able to search at about 180,000 positions per second where the other super-computers at the time were only doing 5000 positions, personal computers were only doing 500-600 positions per second. A master piece of technology later followed by Hans Berliner (HITECH) and Feng-Hsiung Hsu the man behind DEEP BLUE.

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