REBEL on the PC (1993-2001)

Because of the 2 world champion titles the work expanded, what started as a one man company grew into a small but serious company fully dedicated to computer chess operating from a restored monumental building in the center of the city of Deventer.

1992: it was decided to port REBEL again so that it could run on the PC without the need of the (expensive) RISC plugin card in order to sell the program also on floppy disk, these were the days the cdrom hadn't made its entry. Again the time consuming job porting a complicated and spacious program like REBEL to another platform had to be done, this time the work involved went faster, the job was done within 8-9 months.

Simultaneously Rob Kemper developed the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for REBEL and Jeroen Noomen was fully responsible for REBEL's opening book while Gerda Croese took care of the administration, orders and shipments.

Later when the Internet became part of the job Jan Willem Schoonhoven joined Rebel Company, his job, webmaster and answering user email.

The first chess program for the PC was developed in cooperation with Hegener & Glaser, Munich, Germany called Mephisto Gideon which was sold worldwide in large quantities, independent of that we kept to our own brand name REBEL selling it via our own build distribution channels in smaller quantities.

During the years we have done many chess projects for several companies worldwide, to name a few:

Company Project Web Page Country
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Gideon Not Available Germany
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Advantage Not Available Germany
Saitek Kasparov Electronic Chessboard Hong Kong
Franzis Verlag REBEL Silver Germany
Empire Combat Chess United Kingdom
New in Chess (NIC) REBEL Analysis Engine for the NIC product line The Netherlands

Screenshots of various REBEL's
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