REBEL vs GM Vishy Anand (1998)

From July 21 till July 23, 1998 REBEL in Italy on the island Ischia played 8 chess games against the world SECOND BEST chess player Vishy Anand, Garry Kasparov being no.1.

The most exciting question before the match was if REBEL on a normal PC (no special hardware) was able to compete with the absolute human chess top. DEEP BLUE in its last match in 1997 against Garry Kasparov has proven it was able.

DEEP BLUE from IBM is equipped with super fast and special designed multi-million-dollar hardware is able to search 200 million positions per second while REBEL on a normal available PC on 450 Mhz only was limited to search 200,000 positions per second, a disadvantage of a factor of 1000.

Despite the disadvantage REBEL was able to win the match with 5 - 3. Hans Bohm, International Master and Dutch Television Entertainer, who was attracted to do the live analysis on the REBEL forum after the match said:
  • REBEL richly deserved the victory and my impression is that REBEL played more intelligent chess than DEEP BLUE.

3 days of top chess through the eyes of DIAZ Cartoons

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