TOP-5000 is music manager database program for easily creating and maintaining your own web-based charts such as the Billboard 200 or UK Single Chart.
  • TOP-5000 can be used in several ways:
    • Use it for watching 3500 TOP video-clips, see here.
    • Maintaining your private song collection.
    • Share your web-based song collection with friends.
    • Put your song collection on the Internet.
    • And last but not least start your own TOP-5000 web-site where people can vote on their favorite songs and create your own All Time Best Song Chart., see here.
  • TOP-5000 comes with an initial Song Database of approximately 3500 Songs.

  • TOP-5000 is freeware and can be downloaded here.

  • TOP-5000 also creates many sorted statistics such as: Most Popular Artists, Most Popular Years of Pop, Most Popular Decades (the 70's rule!), Most Popular Countries (origin of the Artist), etc, see:
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