Pro Deo Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you are playing eng-eng matches or auto232 make sure you limit the maximum number of moves else PRO DEO might play funny moves or worse crash.

    For ChessBase this means: Move Limit = 240
    For LokaSoft: Max Moves in Game = 160

  • Under ChessBase and perhaps other Interfaces such as Arena, ChessMaster, Winboard a time-control problem may or may not occur. Using the tournament time control make sure that time-control-1 is equal to time-control-2 and that you zero time-control-3. So: 40/2hr+40/2hr or 40/20+40/20. Doing otherwise it may happen PRO DEO will start moving instantly after move 41 for the rest of the game.

  • Comments are welcome at the CCC forum.

Issues under ChessBase

  • You can increase (or decrease) the Hash Table size by editing the WB2UCI.ENG file as found in your PRODEO folder. Modify the "w1" item of the parameter:
    Program = prodeo.exe w1 rebel.eng
    into:    w0,w1,w2,w3,w4,w5,w6,w7,w8,w9,wa,wb,wc or wd
    w0=   4Mb | w1=  48Mb | w2=  64Mb | w3=  96Mb | w4= 128Mb
    w5= 192Mb | w6= 256Mb | w7= 384Mb | w8= 512Mb | w9= 768Mb
    wa=   1Gb | wb=  1˝Gb | wc=   2Gb | wd=   3Gb
  • Save the file and restart the program. The change is permanent. Ignore the Hash Table Size ChessBase is reporting.

  • You can turn off Rebel's opening book by removing the ";" character from the WB2UCI.ENG parameter:     ; InitString = BookOff/n


  • PRO DEO maintains an information file (PARAM.TXT) which enables you to check if the engine is configured according your wishes. The file is located in your PRODEO folder. A snapshot:

        Executable made on 11-11-2006

        Personality Path personal/rebel.eng
        Personality description Pro Deo 1.2 (November 2006)

        Initial Hash Table Size 48 Mb
        Current Hash Table Size 48 Mb

  • For those who are running PRO DEO under ChessPartner 5.3 and up there is a new feature available. It allows you to build your own tutors made visible under the engine info:tutor tab. Check here for details.

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