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2007   TOP 5000 Statistics                                           Year 2006   
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3401.  Ventures                      - Wipe Out                                 A S C L   
3402.  Ugly Kid Joe                  - Cats in the Cradle                       A S C L   
3403.  André Hazes                   - Toe Laat Me                              A S C L   
3404.  Pavarotti                     - Let It Rain                              A S C L   
3405.  Del Shannon                   - Little Town Flirt                        A S C L   
3406.  André Hazes                   - Wat Is Dan Liefde                        A S C L   
3407.  Animals                       - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood            A S C L   
3408.  Swinging Blue Jeans           - Hippy Hippy Shake                        A S C L   
3409.  Boudewijn de Groot            - De Noordzee                              A S C L   
3410.  André Hazes                   - 'T Rode Licht                            A S C L   
3411.  DC Talk                       - Jesus Freak                              A S C L   
3412.  Juice Newton                  - Angel Of The Morning                     A S C L   
3413.  George Baker Selection        - Over and Over                            A S C L   
3414.  Shoes                         - No Money For Roses                       A S C L   
3415.  Ekseption                     - On a Sunday they will kill th            A S C L   
3416.  Earth & Fire                  - Theme from Atlantis                      A S C L   
3417.  Hollies                       - Yes I Will                               A S C L   
3418.  Earth & Fire                  - Atlantis                                 A S C L   
3419.  Ekseption                     - Flight of the Bumble Bee                 A S C L   
3420.  Boudewijn de Groot            - De Eenzame Fietser                       A S C L   
3421.  Maywood                       - Mother how are you today                 A S C L   
3422.  Tol & Tol                     - Sedalia                                  A S C L   
3423.  Hollies                       - Here I Go Again                          A S C L   
3424.  Boudewijn de Groot            - Er Komen Andere Tijden                   A S C L   
3425.  Four Tops                     - Cherish                                  A S C L   
3426.  Boudewijn de Groot            - Waterdrager                              A S C L   
3427.  Peter & Gordon                - To Know You Is to Love You               A S C L   
3428.  Harry Jekkers                 - Koos Werkeloos                           A S C L   
3429.  2 Unlimited                   - No Limit                                 A S C L   
3430.  Hollies                       - I Can't Let Go                           A S C L   
3431.  Maddaway                      - What is Love                             A S C L   
3432.  Andrea Bocelli                - Romanza                                  A S C L   
3433.  Ventures                      - Pipeline                                 A S C L   
3434.  Dusty Springfield             - Anyone Who Had A Heart                   A S C L   
3435.  Beatles                       - A Taste of Honey                         A S C L   
3436.  Waldo De Los Rios             - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik                   A S C L   
3437.  Wim Sonneveld                 - Nikkelen Nelis                           A S C L   
3438.  Ekseption                     - Italian Concerto                         A S C L   
3439.  Coldplay                      - God Put a Smile Upon Your Fac            A S C L   
3440.  Pavarotti                     - New York New York                        A S C L   
3441.  Earth & Fire                  - Fanfare                                  A S C L   
3442.  Cliff Richard                 - Move it                                  A S C L   
3443.  Golden Earring                - One Shot Away From Paradise              A S C L   
3444.  Hollies                       - Stay                                     A S C L   
3445.  Supremes                      - The Happening                            A S C L   
3446.  Coldplay                      - Warning Sign                             A S C L   
3447.  Coldplay                      - Amsterdam                                A S C L   
3448.  Ennio Morricone               - The Good The Bad And The Ugly            A S C L   
3449.  Michael Jackson               - The Way You Make Me Feel                 A S C L   
3450.  Ventures                      - Perfidia                                 A S C L   
3451.  Cliff Richard                 - On The Beach                             A S C L   
3452.  ABBA                          - Tropical Loveland                        A S C L   
3453.  Hollies                       - Jennifer Eccles                          A S C L   
3454.  André Hazes                   - Het Laatste Rondje                       A S C L   
3455.  Animals                       - I'm Crying                               A S C L   
3456.  Hollies                       - Just One Look                            A S C L   
3457.  Ennio Morricone               - Here's To You                            A S C L   
3458.  ABBA                          - I Believe In Angels                      A S C L   
3459.  Beatles                       - Mr. Moonlight                            A S C L   
3460.  Toon Hermans                  - Vader Gaat Op Stap                       A S C L   
3461.  Ventures                      - Let's Go                                 A S C L   
3462.  Cliff Richard                 - Constantly                               A S C L   
3463.  Ennio Morricone               - A Fistfull of Dollars                    A S C L   
3464.  Ennio Morricone               - Israel                                   A S C L   
3465.  Del Shannon                   - Hey Little Girl                          A S C L   
3466.  George Baker Selection        - Dear Ann                                 A S C L   
3467.  Cliff Richard                 - Dancing Shoes                            A S C L   
3468.  Swinging Blue Jeans           - Good Golly Miss Molly                    A S C L   
3469.  Hollies                       - Listen to me                             A S C L   
3470.  Pavarotti                     - Please Forgive Me                        A S C L   
3471.  ABBA                          - People Need Love                         A S C L   
3472.  Beatles                       - Long Tall Sally                          A S C L   
3473.  André Hazes                   - Bloed, Zweet en Tranen                   A S C L   
3474.  Coldplay                      - A Rush of Blood to the Head              A S C L   
3475.  Shoes                         - Don't You Cry For A Girl                 A S C L   
3476.  Golden Earring                - Pouring My Heart Out Again               A S C L   
3477.  Beach Boys                    - Darlin'                                  A S C L   
3478.  Q65                           - I despise you                            A S C L   
3479.  Otis Redding                  - These Arms Of Mine                       A S C L   
3480.  ABBA                          - Our Last Summer                          A S C L   
3481.  George Baker Selection        - I'm On My Way                            A S C L   
3482.  Swinging Blue Jeans           - You are no Good                          A S C L   
3483.  Beatles                       - You Really Got a Hold on Me              A S C L   
3484.  Beatles                       - Anytime You Call                         A S C L   
3485.  Beatles                       - Nowhere Man                              A S C L   
3486.  Heddy Lester                  - De Malle Molen                           A S C L   
3487.  Willeke Alberti & Paul de Lee - Mijn hoofd weer op je schoude            A S C L   
3488.  Guns n' Roses                 - Civil War                                A S C L   
3489.  Coldplay                      - Yellow                                   A S C L   
3490.  Beatles                       - I am a Loser                             A S C L   
3491.  Scorpions                     - Believe In Love                          A S C L   
3492.  Scorpions                     - Walking On The Edge                      A S C L   
3493.  Scorpions                     - Living For Tomorrow. Live                A S C L   
3494.  Scorpions                     - When The Smoke Is Going On               A S C L   
3495.  Jose Feliciano                - Listen to the Rain                       A S C L   
3496.  John Rowles                   - If I Only Had Time                       A S C L   
3497.  Turtles                       - Elenore                                  A S C L   
3498.  Los Indios Tabajaras          - Maria Elena                              A S C L   
3499.  Roy Orbison                   - Anything You Want                        A S C L   
3500.  Marbles                       - The walls fell down                      A S C L   

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