Download TOP-5000 version 1.1 and install the files in a new folder somewhere on your Hard Disk.
Program Description

The first time you start TOP-5000 it will display the Main Song Database of approximately 3500 Songs. The first 2000 places represent the exact rankings of the Dutch All Time Best Single Chart of 2006, see here.

  • (E)xplorer - Launch Internet Explorer with the Menu Page. Example.

  • (I)mport - Load a Song Database. With Append Songs (see below) you can add even more Songs. Example. The Main Database Song of 3500 songs is called MYSONGS.TXT

  • (F)ind - To search the list for an artist and/or song. Press (N)ext to find the next item and (P)revious to go to the previous search item.

  • Find and (R)eplace - Powerful Find & Replace text function.

  • (A)rtist - Show the most popular artists. For a reliable list a minimum of 5 songs is required for an artist to enter the list. You can change this minimum, use the (+) and (-) keys. With (M)ode you can toggle the formula that is used that calculates the Best Artist List. There are 3 different formula: 1) Based on the number of songs, 2) based on average place in the List and 3) a mixture of 1 and 2. Example.

  • (Y)ear - Show the most popular Years of Pop. With (M)ode you can toggle the formula that is used that calculates the Best Years of Pop List. There are 2 formula: 1) Based on the number of songs and 2) based on average place in the top-2000. Example.

  • (D)ecade - Show the most popular Decade of Pop. With (M)ode you can toggle the formula that is used that calculates the Best Decade of Pop List. There are 2 formula: 1) Based on the number of songs and 2) based on average place in the top-2000. Example.

  • (S)ongs - Generates a list of all new songs in the List and/or disappeared songs.

  • (B)and - Song Overview by Most Popular Band, see Example. With (M)ode the List is presented on Alphabet, see Example. Use the (+) and (-) keys to increase the minimum number of Songs.

  • (C)ountry - Show the most popular Countries, see Example. You can increase the number of Songs using the (+) and (-) keys, see Example. With (S)ort you can toggle your preferred list method. There are 3 options 1) List by Most Songs, 2) List by Most Artists and 3) Sorted on Alphabet.

  • (T)ime - Show the longest and/or shortest songs including the total playing time, see Example. (B) calculates the total playing time by Artist. see Example.

  • (J) - Powerful Double Song Checker and Remover.

  • (H)TML - The heart of the program, it converts the current data to a HTML file for your Internet Browser and will launch Internet Explorer to view the data you just generated.

  • (L)imit - Limit the number of Songs to Import. Handy to create limited Lists such as a TOP-1000, TOP-500 or a TOP-100 List etc.etc. Note that the default setting and maximum number of Songs is 10,000.

  • (Q)uit the Program or return to the Main Menu.

  • To scroll through the data use the Home, End, Page-Up, Page Down and Arrow Keys.

  • (O)utlook - Technical Stuff, more below.

  • Function Keys

    • [F1] - Get the Help Menu.

    • [DEL] - Delete Song from the List.

    • [INS] - Add a new Song to the List.

    • [F2] - Edit Song.

    • [F3] - Mark Song and move it up (or down).

    • [F4] - Save Changes.

    • [F5] - Append Songs to the current Song Database from another text-file. This is a very powerful function, you for instance can add the songs of your friends made with TOP-5000 or even add songs from external formats such as Winamp-Playlists (see wimamp.txt) or the Dutch Top-2000 list of 2006 (see 2006.txt). Doubles are skipped, either manually or automatically.

    • [F6] - Sort the List on Artist.

    • [F7] - Sort the List on Song.

    • [F8] - Sort the List on Number of Votes.

    • [F9] - Sort the List (back) on Ranking (Original State).

    • [F10] - Configuration Menu. Technical Stuff, see below.

    • [F11] - Import Email Votes. Technical Stuff, see below.

    • [F12] - Quick Vote Overview.

    • This basically is all you need to know to operate TOP-5000.

    Your Own Templates

    • The HTML pages that are generated are using a so-called template. If you are familiar with HTML programming you can make your own layout by creating your own HTML template. TOP-5000 uses 3 templates, these are: base.htm, base2.htm and formbase.htm as defined in the Configuration Menu [F10].

    • Alternatively you can use: example.htm, example2.htm and form.htm for a total different outlook.

    • TOP-5000 does 2 things when creating a HTML overview, it fills in the TITLE of a page and inserts data on the location where it finds the key-word: TEXT HERE, so leave these 2 items unchanged.

    • You are not allowed to remove the copyright message from the footer.

    How to run a TOP-5000 Chart

    • One of the most challenging features of TOP-5000 is to create your own web-site where people can vote on their favorite songs and create your own All Time Best Song Chart. Here is how to do it.

    • Goto (B)and, set the minimum to 1 using the (-) key, press (M) to sort the List on Alphabet and then press (S)cript. It will store all the Songs of the Song Database to the Voting Script (vote.htm). Upload vote.htm to your web-page and let the voting start.

    • Make a filter in your email program that stores all received email with the subject: TOP-5000 in a separate mailbox. This step is not obliged but highly recommended.

    • Copy the mailbox with the votes to the TOP-5000 folder, set the filename in the Configuration Menu (option-6) and press [F11] Import Email Votes, creating a new Song Database automatically sorted on the Number of Votes. Your first All Time Best Song Chart has been created!! Give the new List a Chart Number (Configuration Menu) and save your work with [F4] as a New File.

    • Contributed User Songs are stored as a regular Song Database called newsongs.txt which means you can import them to the Main Song Database using [F5].

    • That's it!

    Outlook Trouble!

    • When you are using Outlook Express as your email client you will need to follow another procedure to copy the votes to the TOP-5000 folder. Download and with this freeware program copy all the votes (CTRL-A) to the sub-folder OUTOOK in the TOP-5000 folder. Then press (O)utlook Conversion, it will convert all the Outlook emails to one file TOP-5000 can handle. Trouble finding the Outlook Mailboxes? Open Outlook Express, Click Right on Inbox and then on Properties.

    • If you want to avoid the trouble with Outlook consider Eudora and run it in Light Mode as freeware. You can set a filter and collect all the email votes in one file.

    Copyright Stuff

    • The TOP-5000 Program and its components although distributed as freeware in no way might become subject to any form of commerce. Permission must be asked first.

    • The TOP-5000 Program and its components come as is and can only be used as such. It's forbidden to change, add, delete any of its components and only can be distributed in original form.

    • Always check the matador website for the correct version.

    • To get rid of the intro music run the program as TOP5000.EXE S

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