PRO DEQ tutor option

If you are running Pro Deo under ChessPartner 5.3 and up there is a nice new feature available. It allows you to build your own tutors made visible under the engine info:tutor tab, see picture.

Following the board position (in this case the start position) PRO DEO will display the corresponding analysis of the position, if present. Just start a new game and check the tutor tab of the engine window to see the system in action.

  • Creating your own Tutor's is easy, just import a PGN game collection with comments into the Tutor or create/maintain a tutor via any ASCII text editor such as NOTEPAD.

  • Besides using the facility as a Chess Tutor you can use the system for other purposes as well, for instance to record all the known opening traps so that while playing your games you are automatically warned not to play a specific move, see example-1

  • Or use the Tutor system to record all your analysed games, see example-2 which is a screenshot of the REBEL vs GRANDMASTER Tutor collection.

  • Again, all you need to do is import a PGN game collection.

  • Tutor's are stored as normal .EPD files combined with a corresponding .TXT file, more below.


  • To load a Tutor EPD file press F4 and select Tutor File from the Engine Properties menu.

  • To import positions into the Tutor file load the PGN file you want to import from first and then start the conversion. Actions:

    • F4 -> PGN File
    • PGN to Tutor


  • Since Tutor collections are stored as normal EPD files it's possible to check its contents and analysis via the normal Open Database operation. Action: File -> Open Database.

  • The default Tutor example collection TUTOR.EPD is linked with the corresponding TUTOR.TXT file in which the analysis is stored. Open the file TUTOR.TXT to study the technical structure of the system in case you want to maintain Tutor files manually. In general it comes down to 3 things:

    • Line-1 : the position in EPD
    • Line-2 : the analysis
    • Line-x : the separation marker [end]

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