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Yes... as always your neighbour is closer than you think, dear mr. Lehmann. It is with great um, honour, that I accept using this small space on your website for a very modest commercial.

Click here for a "clearer" view on things, right now.

I think you will agree with me that this is by far the most tasteful little modest commercial I have ever created, I mean don't we all remember those perky pink curtains that a certain guy named Chris Tana created for us... NO WE DO NOT REMEMBER. I do, for sure, but I doubt you do, you just-been-hatched little Camarilla cuties.

Anyway. Just click the damn link and learn why there is NO reason why you should learn that stupid German dialect called Dutch! Yes Ludwig I know that YOU are behind this you German imperialist! Do YOU actually speak Dutch?
And there is obviously NO reason why you should stand up for the most hedonistic idiot you can imagine (mr. Morali, I know where you get your 'speed' from, ghhaha, are you frightened?... not nearly frightened enough... yes I have seen that movie twenty times while you Camapunks were hesitating whether or not to return to this Domain... anyway)... CLICK THAT DAMN LINK!

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Namens mijzelf, Clan Ventrue en natuurlijk alle bestuurders van dit Domein heet ik u van harte welkom op deze webpagina. Helaas heb ik momenteel niet de tijd om van deze pagina veel te maken. Daarom vindt u hier voorlopig enkel de archieven van ons maandblad.

Indien er binnen het Domein behoefte bestaat aan een uitgebreidere website, hoor ik dit graag van u, bij voorkeur met een inhoudelijke suggestie.

Met vriendelijke groet en hoogachting,

Ludwig Lehmann
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