The Band

1. Minimum 2GB of Queen files, 2 slots per HUB user is connected to. Vast majority of Queen files in your shares    

REQUIRED. Sharing non Queen stuff is allowed but remember this is a QUEEN hub, not another Kazaa!

 2. Don't connect twice to one user.

 3. No officially released material allowed, audio and video (look in the list later on this web-page)

 4. No porn sharing!

 5. You must share your recent downloads for at least 6 weeks to allow other users to get the files as well.

 6. Sharing of programs and applications is not allowed except for freeware/shareware utilities related to audio/video manipulating.

 7. If you don’t want to give extra slots on request, let people know by putting this text in your account description: Please no slot-begging. Don’t ask for slots when people have the “no slot-begging” line in their description.

8. It’s not allowed to sell free hubdownloads. This kind of “Money-makers” will be banned immediately from the hub.

9. Always follow the operators requests for checking your filelist.

embers who ignore or transgress these guidelines will be temporary kicked or permanently banned from the HUB. Operators will talk first using the private chat option in DC or DC++ indicating what is wrong and how it can be solved. If there are suggestions or complaints about the HUB or its users, first contact one of the operators.

he HUB has the following operator team at the moment: Main-Operator-Bokkepoot, YourValentine, babel_esp, TRS-operator, seb-operator, Zeni, Hangman and Antonio

he following official releases are forbidden to share (as mentioned in rule number 3 above on this page):



1973 - Queen

1974 - Queen II

1974 - Sheer heart attack

1975 - A night at the Opera

1976 - A day at the races

1977 - News of the World

1978 - Jazz

1979 - Live Killers

1980 - The Game

1980 - Flash Gordon

1981 - Greatest Hits I

1982 - Hot Space

1984 - The Works

1986 - A kind of Magic

1986 - Queen live at Wembley (released in 1992)

1986 - Live Magic

1989 - The Miracle

1991 - Innuendo

1991 - Greatest Hits II

1995 - Made in Heaven & At The Beeb

1997 - Queen rocks

1999 - Greatest Hits III

2002 - WWRY Cast album

2004 - 46664 album

2004 - Queen on fire Live at the bowl

2005 - Jewels 2

2005 – Queen + Paul Rodgers – Return of the champions




We will rock you (Montreal'81)

Queen live at Wembley'86

The Freddie Mercury Tribute

Greatest Video Hits I and II

Freddie Mercury - Video Collection

Freddie Mercury - Untold Story

Flash Gordon DVD Rips

Highlander DVD Rips

Made in Heaven The Film

46664 DVD

Jewels 1

Queen on fire Live at the bowl

Queen+Paul Rodgers – Return of the Champions

A night at the opera 30th anniversary edition

Classic Albums – The making of plus 30th anniversary DVD edition of A night at the opera

Queen+Paul Rodgers – Live in Japan 2005