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To join the Queen HUB just send us the following information:

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Username (first option)                                

Username (second option)                                   




Email adress                                                 

How much queen (related) can                        GB
you share at the moment

Any comments (or leave it blanc)

Once the administrator of the HUB approve and create your account you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions how to connect to the HUB, the current rules you must follow and the latest news.
The approving of your account is a manual process. Depending on the spare free time of the administrator it can take some time between your account-request and receiving of the confirmation email with all the information (in some cases it can take a few weeks !!)



Extra info: Last approve session took place at 20-06-2009.

The following requests couldn't be added to the Queenhub because there was some wrong information:

Everyone mentioned above, has to fill in a new form with the correct information.
Thank you for your time.