What is it?


he Queen HUB is a fan community which main goal is to give to all Queen enthustiasts and collectors an easy way to share rare Queen-related material such as audio bootlegs, demos, magazine scans, private videos and other non-official recordings from the band. The hub is not for commercial use, and is free of charge.

ll members connect to the HUB to share their files using a free software called Direct Connect which functioning is similar to other P2P programs as Kazaa or WinMX but has far better features. It allows users to log on to a community where they can meet and talk to other Queen fans using the online chat facility and, which is even more important, be able to download the Queen items that they are sharing. At the moment the hub averages 50 to 70 people logged on simultaneously, sharing the amazing amount between 2000 GB and 3000 GB!.

embership is completely free for all fans who want to join us. As in every community, we only ask you to follow a number of simple rules concerning respect to the other members, avoid selfish behaviours (namely leeching and unsharing material you downloaded) and definately, being fair.