Beautiful Poland

At this page You'll find photo's ( with a small discription ) made by Mrs. Dorota Szeszko, and thanks to her offer You're now able to view several beautiful / interesting, natural and cultural places in Poland. Dorota Szeszko
  Dorota Szeszko

Bukowina, view at

Tartra Mountains

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Her home town: Zyrardow    Park    Park, early spring    by night    Railway station    Fountain
Nature around them:             Park October 2005    Yellow carpet    Yellow trees    Frog    Big Beetle    Green lizard  
Beautiful and interesting:        Goluchow castle    View from castle    Tropsztyn    Zelazowa Wola wooden bridge    Biskupin    Dzok the dog  
Spring 2005:                         Bolimow small river Rawka    Gdansk Oliwa    Oliwa park nice view    Oporow - trees    ponds between fields  
Winter scenes:                       fresh snow    Goluchow castle    Ksiaz castle    little stream in the snow    park in Zyrardow 2006    Wroclaw    Wroclaw
With thank to Dorota Szeszko