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From the famous "TELE ZAIRE" video tapes comes this emotional song "MANDOLA",  composed by SIMARO and sung with a very desperate voice by DJO MPOYI, one of TPOK Jazz's singers who is no longer with us unfortunately.
I might try to look for words to describe this music, but I believe GRAEME EWENS has done this already, much better than I could ever do in his book "CONGO COLOSSUS",  which is still available from Sterns Music and other distributors in Europe and USA.

This is what he has to say about this period of TPOK JAZZ,
"These are some of the most complete works in the OK Jazz archive. The band played with a mature, solid confidence and here can be heard the full majesty of OK Jazz. (...)
The albums in this set show the whole spectrum of full-bore TPOK Jazz: guitars entwined in exquisite embrace, harmonic force from the front-line vocalists embellished by florid horn parts, all powered by a deep, resonating rhythmic drive and arranged with a dynamic tension which prolonged the release of the sebene almost until bursting point......." 

Well. how's that? I think the way he writes is almost a new song on it's own.....
Another song from this period is "SANDOKA", which you can find below.

FREINS  A MAIN                     Download FREINS A MAIN  Streaming RealAudio 
NON                                            Download NON                    Streaming RealAudio 

From the LP "CHEZ FABRICE A BRUXELLES" are these two songs "FREINS  A MAINS" (Hand-brake) and  "NON" , a long complaint of Franco about the behaviour of women chasing married men. It is a remarkable song, because it's the first time Franco mentions one of his singers (Madilu) by name in a song.
TPOK JAZZ is in great shape in 1983 and playing with a full, matured sound.

These songs can also be found on these CD's :
Kaluila [Gefraco] KL 068 - F 170 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz: Les Editions Emongo - 3éme anniversaire de la mort du grand maitre Yorgho 

SonoDisc [Esperance] 
CDS 6851 Franco & son T.P. OK Jazz: 3éme anniversaire de la mort du grand maitre Yorgho 

     01 Très Impoli [x] (Franco) 16:53 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [POP 28] 
     02 Kadima [x] (Simaro) 10:04 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [NIL] 
     03 Non [x] (Franco) 18:34 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [NIL] 
     04 Freins à Mains [x] (Franco) 11:05 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [NIL] 
     05 Ayant Droit [x] (Wuta Mayi) 10:03 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [FRAN 004] 
     06 Heritier [x] (Ndombe) 10:32 Franco et son T.P. O.K. Jazz [FRAN 004] 


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