One morning Phil Cullens, the drummer of the legendary punkabilly band Ghoulmobil found himself in a very awkward position. Besides that his head hurt terribly and some very weird feet were staring at him...

"What's... what's going on???" he stammered. Then he took a look around and took in the situation. Oh no!!! The VanBunnies, his strange alien neighbours seemed to have kidnapped him, and they were pointing guns and sharp instruments at him!!!

"Like you don't know - we have been forced to listen to your incessant noise ever since we got here!! We've got sensitive ears, you know!!!"

"But you knew I lived here - besides, my room's soundproofed!!"

"Shut up!!! It's payback time!!"

"Can I kill him now?" the one with the axe said, "I'm hungry!"

"Not here - put him in the backyard, we'll heat up the barbeque so we'll have fresh meat!!!"

Phil swallowed... These are weird bunnies...

The backyard was only a very small walled space behind the house with no exit... It looked a bit like Phil wasn't the first guest there.

Meanwhile his friends were looking for him - they were supposed to play a gig that night! He wasn't at his own place so they checked with his girlfriend Debra. She was still in bed, sulking.

"What's wrong," Jerry said, "where's Phil, we're supposed to play!!!"

"How would I know, we broke up!" she muttered.

"Again?" was Mark's reply, "that's only the fourth time this week!"

"Look, why don't you go looking for him in his own place, he's not here and I don't want to see him anymore, 'kay?"
"But that's the point, he's not home!! And it's only 11 am, he's never up and about this early!"

Even Debra thought this was worrying. She went down with them to their battered old van, where they rearranged some instruments so she could fit in too. 

Everyone in place, they drove back down to Phil's place, all a bit worried now.

When they arrived there they saw strange things going on on his neighbours' front lawn. Not that they cared, leave everyone to their own business etc., but they got out and wanted to ask the neighbours if they'd seen Phil.

"Hey...," Rico suddenly remarked, "dude, that looks like one of Phil's drumsticks - and that's his banda- "

He couldn't finish the sentence because they were suddenly facing angry bunnies with guns.

"This is our chance," one of them said, "it's the rest of those noisy punks, lets get rid of them all!" 

Jerry's hand s went in the air and Rico got ready to fight (You don't do that when you're facing guns, usually - but he'd been drinking a bit too much already.)

"Quick," Ki shouted, "the instruments!!!" She'd heard about these bunny people, probably - how would I know, I'm making up the plot as I go along!! Now leave me alone with those silly questions!

They plugged in the instruments and started playing - even without drums the effect was devastating - the VanBunnies started wailing in terror and ran off, one even dropped dead on the spot. Rico even managed to hit a very nasty duck with his bottle. The bird  was apparently helping the VanBunnies, so nobody felt particularly sorry. (It's the yellow thing next to the fallen bunny. I know, it's upside down and everything. It's not a really nasty duck, this one, the yellow ones are pretty bad but there are far worse kinds!!!)

And that's the end of it...

Since they were here anyway, there was a good fire going and they suddenly had good helpings of duck and rabbit they decided to have a little party before their gig (there was veggie food too, as not all of them eat meat - not even nasty bunny meat!)

They got Phil out of the backyard and some cases of beer from the van (and  apple juice for Ivy, who was the designated driver that day) and had a good time.

Phil and Debra?? They made up, broke up again that evening... Oh well, you know how it goes - they'll probably end up with two kids, a dog, a pair of guinea pigs and a nice little drive-in house in the suburbs.