My name is Werner Toelen.
I‘m the son of Lenie Toelen van der Doelen.
I love to write poetry.
I hope one day my poems will touch the hearts of millions.
I write from my heart, people inspire me to write.
I'm from the Netherlands I'm 26 years old.
My hopes and dreams are to become an international poet.
I’m also looking for a publisher that wants to take a dare in his life.
Thank you for taking time to listen to me.
I hope you enjoy the page with the poetry of me.
You can mail me at this e-mail address.

Hallo mijn naam is Werner Toelen.
Ik ben de zoon van Lenie Toelen van der Doelen.
Ik hou van gedichten te schrijven.
Ik hoop dat op een dag mijn gedichten miljoenen harten zal raken.
Ik schrijf met mijn hart, en mensen inspireren mijn om te schijven.
Ik kom uit Nederland en ben 26 jaar oud.
Mij hoop en dromen zijn om een Internationale dichter te worden.
Ik ben ook op zoek naar een uitgever die een risico in zijn leven wilt wagen.
Bedankt voor de tijd die je genomen hebt om naar mijn te luisteren.
Hopelijk heb je van deze pagina genoten.
Je kunt me mailen op dit e-mail adres
                                         BAD DAY

At this moment I'm not f.i.n.e fine.
I feel hot and chills are running up and down my spine.
Can't bear this life with all the interfering.
Someone wants us apart cause I know people are trying.
Why do we have troubles in our life this way?
I thought everything was just Á okay.
Now there is pain and I don't have it under control.
You got all of me even my soul.
So take me as I am cause I'll be truthful to you you'll see.
I love you from now till eternity.
I can't live without you.
Don't know what else to do.
Soon we'll live our life together.
And from that day it will be forever.
No matter what the new day will bring.
I'll keep on doing my love thing.
I'll never run away.
You know I'll always stay.
No matter what happens in the end.
We're strong together as where we stand.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                                         NO ONE ELSE

I see a light when I close my eyes.
My girl is beautiful and hides in disguise.
Yet she brings fire to my soul.
Her love makes my life whole.
For me she takes off her mask.
She said to me it was not an easy task.
No one else saw her like this.
She makes me shiver when I give her that first kiss.
She is my light my strength my beacon of hope.
We went under the shower and I rubbed her with soap.
She is more then I expected in life.
She is all I wanted and I need; she is going to be the perfect wife.
There will be no one else in my life any more.
I found a lady who understands me better then anyone before.
Soon we'll get married and be together.
And I know it will be great a lifetime with her forever.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen

Walking on the beach side by side at night.
The water is touched by moonlight so bright.
You see champagne on ice.
And candles around a blanket so nice.
We make love because our love never stops.
Then I going to hold you till the sun drops.
I love you every day.
That is what I want to say.
Come lay in my arms so you'll never go.
Can't stop to tell you; baby I love you so.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen

Spring is coming very soon.
Can you see the bright moon?
It's very nice outside.
The moon draws to the tide.
You're sitting in my arms tonight.
Yes I hold you very tight.
We're making love while the rain gets us dripping wet.
A nice moment you and I should never forget.
Bodies started to sweat when we touch each other.
Even the rain won't let us stop or even give us a bother.
Making love outside in the rain I never did that before.
Don't stop the love making let me take you once more.
We screamed while we both exploded together as one.
We're going to make love till the rising of the sun.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                         Words in my agenda

I met this girl at my school.
She is awesome and very cool.
She wrote some words just for me.
Read a little bit further and you'll see.

(In my agenda she put these words.)

Life is not easy and it never will be.
You have your friends and one of them of course is me.
So when your in trouble, and don't know what to do.
Just call my name because I believe in you.

Nicole thank you very much.
Your words reached my heart with a nice touch.
It will always be a part of my heart.
And it means to me a lot right from the start.
It gives the meaning of friendship, which will never end.
So for that I'll thank you my friend.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                                  When it rains

The rain is falling down on the ground.
It's also ticking against our window, baby can you hear the sound?
But baby! I don't want to wake up to a rainy day.
Please god let the rain stop, or chase the clouds away.
Today is our day off so lets stay in bed to rest.
I can feel my girl friends hands and her head on my chest.
Nice and warm we're both under the sheet.
I'll Snuggle close, cause I want to hear her heart beat.
When we get up from bed, I'll make coffee for two.
Cause darling that is what I want to do for you.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                                  Just a touch

When I think of you, I can feel your touch.
Baby I love you so very much.
All I do is pray.
When I come to you, I want to stay.
Now you know why English is my goal.
USA you took my heart and soul.
My girl friend lives in the USA.
I want to be with her, cause I miss her every day.
That's why I take my bags and take the first flight.
I know she love me as much as I love her, cause she cry's every night.
Few hours to fly and I'm there where I belong.
I know what I'm doing, my heart told me this, and I know it's not wrong.  
Baby I would love to take you as my bride.
I'll stand forever by you side.
And this is what I want to do.
Cause no one can stop me from loving you.
Baby let's go Elope today.
Because I love you so much my heart will never stray away.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                                   I LOVE YOU

I love you for the person you are from the inside.
Not for what you look like on the outside.
Nor the clothes you wear.
Or the money you have I don't care.
You are perfect as you are.
Just like a bright shining star.
My heart is not made of stone.
I wont ever leave you alone.
I love you for who you are inside.
And god may be a witness and my guide.
I know you feel the same way for me.
Cause your love is unconditionally.
You're my lover and soon to be my wife.
You'll be forever a big Part of my life.
So I'll love you just as you are for evermore.
It really doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.
And no one can change my mind.
Because you where already hard to find.
And now that I have you I'll never let you walk away.
Cause we love each other forever and a day.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                          Today is not a good day

I don't feel very swell.
My tummy is not so well.
I really want to be with you.
But im sick and I have the flu.
Sleeping is all that I need when I'm sick.
It's hard to wake me up cause I sleep like a Brick.
I don't like to be sick, that's why im pissy and mad.
So when people stay away it makes me glad.
I want to tell them I'm sick and I need some space.
When I'm better I'll call you in a few days.
Still there are people walking in and out.
And with their kids they still let them scream and shout.
The kids don't care that I'm sick.
God! I'd love to give them a kick.
It's real hard for my son and I to get better.
It's because all this changing in the Weather.
We've been quiet sick for a long time.
We drink orange juice with a bit of lime.
I really don't want my boy friend to be alone.
So I called him for a moment on the phone.
I said to him; sorry we've not been together because I have the flu.
He replied back to me; it doesn't matter baby I still love you.
He said; I'll come to you when you are better.
Maybe the three of us can go to the zoo to have fun all together.

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen
                                   Not here

Hi baby I miss you so bad
When I think about you I feel real sad
I want to keep you close by my side
But I no you have to work all night
Some times when your not here
All I want to do is shear a tear
My heart beats so fast and hard every day
It's gonna break when you're far away
So I will try to settle my self and think clear
Maybe ill even drink a beer
But I would rather wait for you to come home
So you and I can be alone
So I want you to no
That I love you so
When you're not around
All I do is frown

Werner Toelen

Copyright © 2003 Werner Toelen