WWWOFFLE patches

I have made various patch files available from this page that can be used to patch Andrew Bishop's code. These are all old patch files and they are here for historical reasons only. You can get the latest code from a git repository.

Cumulative patches

The cumulative patches contain all the modifications I've made to WWWOFFLE up to a certain point in time.
These are big patch files, and I recommend using a fresh copy of the corresponding original WWWOFFLE source to patch against.
In reverse chronological order the cumulative patches I've made so far are:

You can read more about these patches in my alternative WWWOFFLE implementation page, and the README.par file.

Minimal patches

The minimal patches contain only changes needed to implement a single feature or bug-fix.
Because I've made these patches as conservative as possible, there is a good chance you can also use them to patch code you've already tinkered with yourself.
At present there's only one minimal patch available. It is for an old version of WWWOFFLE, and is listed here for historical reasons only. The feature has been included in AMB's code in versions 2.8b and later.

Preserve cache patch

At the suggestion of Martin Bähr, I've implemented a feature that prevents old (good) cached versions of pages being overwritten by error messages from a web server.
This is useful, say, in the case you have an old version of an article in your cache, and while browsing online the webserver unexpectedly gives a 404 Not Found response for the same URL. The standard behavior of WWWOFFLE, to overwrite the previously cached version with the webserver's error message, is undesirable in this case because you've now lost the copy of the old article which may still have been of value to you.

I've introduced an option to the OnlineOptionssection that I called keep-cache-if-not-found.
While you're online, if this option is enabled for a certain URL, and the remote server returns a status code >=300, and there is a previously cached version for this URL with status code 200, my modified version of WWWOFFLE will write a warning message to the cache and keep the previously cached page as a backup. The browser will receive the content from the remote server, so while you're online you should not notice anything different from what you're used to.
Only when you go offline and request the same URL, will you see the WWWOFFLE warning message.
After reloading the same page (while you're still offline) you should see the old preserved content.

Instructions for use: first download the patch file wwwoffle-2.7f-preserve_cache_patch-2.gz.
Then cd into your wwwoffle-2.7f source directory and patch the source with the command

gzip -cd patch-file | patch -p2 -N -E

Now compile and install as usual.
After installing make sure the new message template file html/en/messages/KeepingCache.html is present in your WWWOFFLE spool directory, otherwise WWWOFFLE will fail miserably when you try to use the new feature.

To activate the new feature, you need to enable the keep-cache-if-not-found option in the OnlineOptions section of your configuration file.
Because this is still an experimental feature, I don't recommend simply putting keep-cache-if-not-found = yes in wwwoffle.conf.
Rather, first try something like this:

<http://foobar.com> keep-cache-if-not-found = yes
keep-cache-if-not-found = no

Happy hacking!