Welcome to my website. In here you will find a number of free papermodels that I have designed myself.
You may download them free of charge and use them as you see fit, but for non-commercial and personal use only.
My models are only available for download here, and at the german cardmodellers forum
www.kartonmodell-forum.org. Find them anywhere else, and you're dealing with an 'unofficial copy'. Enjoy!

Sheila Mertens


A mediaeval trebuchet. Complete model with building instructions.

Download PDF

Chess Set

A chess set, complete with board. Instructions included.

Download PDF


A game of tangram. Complete set, with instructions and examples.

Download PDF

Battle Axe Longsword

Mace Morningstar

Four real life size (scale 1 : 1) mediaeval weapons. Instructions included. NOTE: These four models are no toys and intended for decorative purposes only.


Sword: download PDF

Axe: download PDF

Mace: download PDF

Morningstar: download PDF

Modeldesign and photographs (c) Sheila Mertens 2000 - 2009