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Note for downloading binary files:
If your browser displays garbage instead of a download dialog, try holding the [Shift] key while clicking the link, or try right-clicking the link and selecting "Save Link As".


Note: These gamesaves are for the EU/PAL versions of the PS2 games/sims. In addition to a memory card to transfer these to, you'll also need Action Replay MAX and a USB flash drive.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec      
  Garage 1 (Race Cars)2011.02.18infodownload (22K)
  Garage 2 (Road Cars)2011.02.18infodownload (19K)
  Garage 3 (M-Tuned Cars)2011.02.18infodownload (24K)
  22-Car QuickStart2004.10.21infodownload (12K)
  64-Car QuickStart2004.10.21infodownload (18K)
Gran Turismo 4      
  Garage 1 (Prize Cars)2005.07.17infodownload (1.5M)
  Garage 2 (Japanese Used Cars)2005.07.17infodownload (1.5M)
  Garage 3 (Miscellaneous)2017.10.22infodownload (1.5M)
Le Mans 24 Hours      
  All Cars2012.09.08infodownload (85K)
  QuickStart 12012.09.08infodownload (84K)
  QuickStart 22012.09.08infodownload (85K)
Riding Spirits      
  32-Bike QuickStart2009.07.10infodownload (18K)
  253 Bikes2009.07.10infodownload (22K)
Riding Spirits 2      
  27-Bike QuickStart2009.01.30infodownload (19K)
  93 Percent Complete2009.01.30infodownload (25K)
Test Drive Unlimited      
  All Cars (72 cars, Upgraded)2012.10.20infodownload (118K)
  All Cars (136 cars, Stock + Upgraded)2014.01.25infodownload (118K)
  6-Car QuickStart2013.06.20infodownload (118K)
  8-Car QuickStart2013.06.20infodownload (118K)
  15-Car QuickStart2013.06.20infodownload (118K)
Tourist Trophy      
  All Bikes2017.10.22infodownload (1.5M)
  14-Bike QuickStart2017.10.22infodownload (1.5M)
  DTM Race Driver2005.10.27infodownload (46K)
  DTM Race Driver 22006.03.02infodownload (42K)
  Enthusia - Professional Racing2006.01.06infodownload (17K)
  GT-R 4002005.10.27infodownload (30K)
  SCAR: Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo2006.04.07infodownload (56K)
  Super-Bikes Riding Challenge2006.11.02infodownload (74K)
  ToCA Race Driver 32006.04.10infodownload (25K)
  WRC II Extreme2006.01.01infodownload (73K)
  WRC 3 The Official Game of the FIA WRC2006.01.09infodownload (12K)


The information on this website is from a collection of notes I've kept in Applixware 4.4.2 spreadsheet data files. The original files were exported to the Tab-Delimited Text files listed below, and these can be imported into most other spreadsheet programs.

Note: Although most of the information in these files can be used for all releases of the games (EU, JP, NA, etc), some of it may be EU/PAL-specific.

Enthusia - Professional Racing2006.01.07infodownload (8K, zipped)
Gran Turismo 22005.12.06infodownload (13K, zipped)
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec2005.07.20infodownload (22K, zipped)
Gran Turismo 42005.07.20infodownload (58K, zipped)
Gran Turismo 5 - Mapped Used Cars2014.06.28infodownload (40K, zipped)

Text File Converter for GNU/Linux

Most of the lists on this website were created using gTextCvt (a simple program that converts text files to other formats). The basic steps are:
  1. Export the desired data from a spreadsheet data file to a Tab-Delimited Text file,
  2. Use gTextCvt to convert the Tab-Delimited Text to HTML Table Data,
  3. Copy&Paste the pertinent lines from the HTML file to your Web page.
The downloads below are C source tarballs for GNU/Linux systems that have the GTK+ development library installed. For a list of GNU/Linux distros and which libraries they include, see the
Compatibility page. For general instructions on how to compile and install this program, see the Notes page.

gTextCvt v0.2 for GTK+ 1.2 systems2005.07.16infodownload (76K)
gTextCvt v0.3.1 for GTK+ 2.4 systems2007.01.15infodownload (93K)

For questions, comments, etc... see the README file.

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