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Test Drive Unlimited

For the PlayStation 2 (PS2)


Quirks and Features

The Bad
  • The GPS will too often tell you to take one-way roads in the wrong direction.
  • There is no obvious way to get rid of cars once they've been acquired (only roundabout ways).
  • Too many races take place in public traffic, especially in Club and Master events, making those stages feel more like a game than a simulation.
  • Bug: When selling a house with the list sorted by Price or Capacity, the wrong house is sold.
The Good
  • Includes officially-licensed cars from Koenigsegg, McLaren, Saleen, and others.
  • Has a simulation feel to it when not racing in public traffic.
  • Has some lasting appeal, even after reaching 100% game completion.

The Cars

Complete Car List

As far as I can tell, there are 72 uniquely-named cars in Test Drive Unlimited, but only 67 of them can be seen at the Car Dealers; the other 5 can be created by modifying other cars. Note that, for 100% game completion, your Garage List only needs to include 69 uniquely-named cars. This means that you could (if you wanted to) exclude 3 of the 72 cars; you could, for instance, skip 3 of the 6
clubs that award cars. If you wanted to exclude any of the 13 cars awarded in Challenge Series, however, you'd have to win them first (for the gold cups) and then sell them later.

In the list below, G is the car's group, Spd is the car's top speed, Acc is acceleration (0-60) in seconds, Lbs is the car's weight in pounds, Bhp is brake horsepower, Upgrade is the price of the maximum upgrade, and C is the number of colors that the car is available in. For the Acquire column, R means that the car can be Rented, D means that the car can be bought from a Dealer, and anything else means that the car is either awarded for a certain achievement or is created by upgrading another car. Note that most of the specs shown are for the cars when fully upgraded, and these don't apply to rentals; the exceptions are the specs for the Mercedes-Benz SLK and Nissan 350Z cars, a few of which may be stock or only partially upgraded.

Important Note: Before upgrading a Mercedes-Benz SLK or Nissan 350Z, see Newly-Created Cars.

GCarSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
DAC 2891514.92,010324100,00070,0008S02
CAC 4271814.12,063492149,99980,0004R, MP2
CAlfa Romeo 8C Competizione2053.53,174480174,999120,0001S07
EAlfa Romeo GT V61665.42,98228838,00012,00011R, D
AAscari KZ12183.72,813600149,999155,00011D
DAston Martin DB4 GT Zagato1685.52,6453761,949,99980,0005S04
CAston Martin DB9 Volante2054.33,617540160,99975,0009R, D
CAston Martin DB9 coupe2053.83,617540148,00075,0009D
CAston Martin V8 Vantage2054.03,322456100,00060,0008D
CAston Martin Vanquish S V122193.83,968624262,899120,00013R, D
DAudi TT Quattro Sport1704.93,04428842,00030,0004R, D
DCadillac XLR-V1774.43,496528100,00075,0003S01
CCaterham CSR 2601702.61,19431283,499100,00011CE4
EChevrolet Camaro Z-281365.63,545348160,00030,00013D
EChevrolet Corvette C1 19571505.62,91030074,99965,0007S08
EChevrolet Corvette Stingray 691365.32,965360190,00065,00010R, CE2
EChevrolet SSR1366.04,51046840,00028,00013D
DChrysler 300C SRT-81814.13,99451050,00065,0003D
CChrysler Firepower Concept Car1914.03,2435101,499,999120,0001S10
AChrysler ME Four-Twelve2732.72,77110201,000,000320,0001S12
BDodge Viper SRT 102083.73,223600154,999110,0004R, D
BDodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe2183.53,271600174,999120,0007D
AFord GT2253.43,216660176,999160,00012R, D
EFord Mustang GT1644.63,35736037,49940,00010D
CFord Mustang GT-R Concept1924.62,7515281,499,99995,0001D
BFord Shelby Cobra Concept2254.02,9517261,000,000180,0001CE5
BFord Shelby GR-1 Concept2393.93,7437262,000,000180,0002S09
EJaguar Type E Coupe1686.42,896318120,00065,00013CE3
AJaguar XJ2202333.22,903650160,000160,00013D
AKoenigsegg CC8S2633.02,486786549,999200,00010S13
AKoenigsegg CCR2702.82,495967749,999300,00010D
ALamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary2094.43,161546899,99967,0001MP4
BLamborghini Gallardo Coupe2113.53,024591164,449160,00011D
BLamborghini Gallardo Roadster2143.83,322624192,999160,00014D
BLamborghini Miura P400SV1985.32,634462160,00075,00015R, S11
ALamborghini Murcielago Coupe2263.13,492686231,499150,00017D
ALamborghini Murcielago Roadster2253.23,492686231,499150,00017D
CLotus Elise 111R1654.11,90423043,19965,00018R, S03
CLotus Esprit V81924.02,91442050,00067,00012S05
CLotus Sport Exige 240R1703.41,93329181,99990,0002D
AMcLaren F12643.02,4117521,000,000300,0008D
AMcLaren F1 LM2472.72,2468161,299,999300,0001D
EMercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing1487.52,735288299,999100,0007S06
DMercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG1703.83,42843489,34973,00012D
BMercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG2183.03,699698240,000250,0001CE6
DMercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG1703.84,063562106,99990,00010D
DMercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG1554.93,39536072,849- 11R, D
CMercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Performance Package1744.93,39536072,84915,00011NC1
CMercedes-Benz SLK 6.1 S capacity increase1894.33,39544572,84929,16011NC3
CMercedes-Benz SLK B 55 S1744.53,39539072,84914,58011NC2
AMercedes-Benz SLR McLaren2283.13,741802460,000220,0006D
CNissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune1675.33,00035035,09927,5008NC4
CNissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune Power1775.13,09940035,09942,0008NC5
DNissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune1555.52,94930047,999- 8R, D
DNissan 350Z coupe1555.93,34028035,099- 8R, D
DNissan Skyline GTR R341704.53,25839350,00046,0006D
BNoble M12 GTO-3R1883.22,28342290,000143,00011D
BNoble M142084.02,433480115,00093,00011D
BNoble M4002023.32,24251085,499141,0006D
APagani Zonda C12S2393.12,645660413,999220,0008D
APagani Zonda C12S Roadster2393.12,857660575,899222,0008D
EPontiac Firebird1376.53,06836074,99930,0003R, D
DPontiac GTO1704.63,57548040,00042,0007D
ASaleen S7 Twin-Turbo2492.72,830900554,999221,0006R, D
ESaturn Sky Roadster1536.12,74620432,99920,0009R, D
CShelby Cobra Daytona Coupe2083.82,2064561,000,000120,0003MP3
EShelby GT5001505.63,152426134,99975,0006R, MP1
BSpyker C8 Laviolette2054.12,698480235,499120,0002D
BSpyker C8 Spyder2054.02,645480216,499118,0002D
BSpyker C8 Spyder T2183.72,740630232,499119,0002CE1
AVolkswagen W12 Coupe2393.22,539720349,999180,0001D
BVolkswagen W12 Roadster2054.12,433504200,000170,0001R, D

Complete Car List - Sorted By Group

This list is basically the same as the one above but sorted by Group.

Group A CarsSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
  Ascari KZ12183.72,813600149,999155,00011D
  Chrysler ME Four-Twelve2732.72,77110201,000,000320,0001S12
  Ford GT2253.43,216660176,999160,00012R, D
  Jaguar XJ2202333.22,903650160,000160,00013D
  Koenigsegg CC8S2633.02,486786549,999200,00010S13
  Koenigsegg CCR2702.82,495967749,999300,00010D
  Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary2094.43,161546899,99967,0001MP4
  Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe2263.13,492686231,499150,00017D
  Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster2253.23,492686231,499150,00017D
  McLaren F12643.02,4117521,000,000300,0008D
  McLaren F1 LM2472.72,2468161,299,999300,0001D
  Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren2283.13,741802460,000220,0006D
  Pagani Zonda C12S2393.12,645660413,999220,0008D
  Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster2393.12,857660575,899222,0008D
  Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo2492.72,830900554,999221,0006R, D
  Volkswagen W12 Coupe2393.22,539720349,999180,0001D
Group B CarsSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
  Dodge Viper SRT 102083.73,223600154,999110,0004R, D
  Dodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe2183.53,271600174,999120,0007D
  Ford Shelby Cobra Concept2254.02,9517261,000,000180,0001CE5
  Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept2393.93,7437262,000,000180,0002S09
  Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe2113.53,024591164,449160,00011D
  Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster2143.83,322624192,999160,00014D
  Lamborghini Miura P400SV1985.32,634462160,00075,00015R, S11
  Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG2183.03,699698240,000250,0001CE6
  Noble M12 GTO-3R1883.22,28342290,000143,00011D
  Noble M142084.02,433480115,00093,00011D
  Noble M4002023.32,24251085,499141,0006D
  Spyker C8 Laviolette2054.12,698480235,499120,0002D
  Spyker C8 Spyder2054.02,645480216,499118,0002D
  Spyker C8 Spyder T2183.72,740630232,499119,0002CE1
  Volkswagen W12 Roadster2054.12,433504200,000170,0001R, D
Group C CarsSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
  AC 4271814.12,063492149,99980,0004R, MP2
  Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione2053.53,174480174,999120,0001S07
  Aston Martin DB9 Volante2054.33,617540160,99975,0009R, D
  Aston Martin DB9 coupe2053.83,617540148,00075,0009D
  Aston Martin V8 Vantage2054.03,322456100,00060,0008D
  Aston Martin Vanquish S V122193.83,968624262,899120,00013R, D
  Caterham CSR 2601702.61,19431283,499100,00011CE4
  Chrysler Firepower Concept Car1914.03,2435101,499,999120,0001S10
  Ford Mustang GT-R Concept1924.62,7515281,499,99995,0001D
  Lotus Elise 111R1654.11,90423043,19965,00018R, S03
  Lotus Esprit V81924.02,91442050,00067,00012S05
  Lotus Sport Exige 240R1703.41,93329181,99990,0002D
  Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Performance Package1744.93,39536072,84915,00011NC1
  Mercedes-Benz SLK 6.1 S capacity increase1894.33,39544572,84929,16011NC3
  Mercedes-Benz SLK B 55 S1744.53,39539072,84914,58011NC2
  Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune1675.33,00035035,09927,5008NC4
  Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune Power1775.13,09940035,09942,0008NC5
  Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe2083.82,2064561,000,000120,0003MP3
Group D CarsSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
  AC 2891514.92,010324100,00070,0008S02
  Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato1685.52,6453761,949,99980,0005S04
  Audi TT Quattro Sport1704.93,04428842,00030,0004R, D
  Cadillac XLR-V1774.43,496528100,00075,0003S01
  Chrysler 300C SRT-81814.13,99451050,00065,0003D
  Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG1703.83,42843489,34973,00012D
  Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG1703.84,063562106,99990,00010D
  Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG1554.93,39536072,849- 11R, D
  Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune1555.52,94930047,999- 8R, D
  Nissan 350Z coupe1555.93,34028035,099- 8R, D
  Nissan Skyline GTR R341704.53,25839350,00046,0006D
  Pontiac GTO1704.63,57548040,00042,0007D
Group E CarsSpd AccLbsBhpPrice UpgradeCAcquire
  Alfa Romeo GT V61665.42,98228838,00012,00011R, D
  Chevrolet Camaro Z-281365.63,545348160,00030,00013D
  Chevrolet Corvette C1 19571505.62,91030074,99965,0007S08
  Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 691365.32,965360190,00065,00010R, CE2
  Chevrolet SSR1366.04,51046840,00028,00013D
  Ford Mustang GT1644.63,35736037,49940,00010D
  Jaguar Type E Coupe1686.42,896318120,00065,00013CE3
  Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing1487.52,735288299,999100,0007S06
  Pontiac Firebird1376.53,06836074,99930,0003R, D
  Saturn Sky Roadster1536.12,74620432,99920,0009R, D
  Shelby GT5001505.63,152426134,99975,0006R, MP1

Newly-Created Cars

As mentioned above, 100% game completion requires 69 uniquely-named cars, but only 67 can be found at the dealers. The list below shows how to create 5 other uniquely-named cars by applying certain upgrades to certain cars. Note that, for the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG, there are 2 manufacturers at European Specialist: (1) AMG, and (2) Mercedes-Benz. In the list below, the abbreviation "MB" is used for Mercedes-Benz.

Important: Although the list includes 8 items, there are only 5 uniquely-named cars that can be created; the multiple NC4 and NC5 items are only there to show that there are different ways to create the same car. Also note that, although the Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune can be created by upgrading a Nissan 350Z Coupe, the S-Tune is already available as a separate car at the Nissan dealer. When upgrading any car listed in the "Original Car" column, be very careful that you don't unintentionally create a car that you already have (i.e., a duplicate newly-created car).

 Original CarUpgradeNewly-Created Car
NC1Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMGAMG Stage 1 (Cr.15,000)Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Performance Package
NC2Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMGMB Stage 1 (Cr.14,580)Mercedes-Benz SLK B 55 S
NC3Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMGMB Stage 2 (Cr.29,160)Mercedes-Benz SLK 6.1 S capacity increase
---Nissan 350Z CoupeStage 1 (Cr.15,000)Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune
NC4Nissan 350Z CoupeStage 2 (Cr.27,500)Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune
NC5Nissan 350Z CoupeStage 3 (Cr.42,000)Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune Power
NC4Nissan 350Z Nismo S-TuneStage 2 (Cr.27,500)Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune
NC5Nissan 350Z Nismo S-TuneStage 3 (Cr.42,000)Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune Power

V-Rent Car Rentals

Although less useful when you already have a nice collection of cars and lots of credits, rentals can come in handy in the early stages before you reach that point. You could, for instance, rent a car for an event that you don't yet have a car for. Or, you could rent a car to get an idea of whether or not it's worth acquiring one of your own; since garage space costs, a rental may help you decide whether or not the car is worth it. You can rent cars for 30 or 60 minutes, and the cost can easily be earned back if you use that time wisely.

V-Rent In/AtCars For Rent
Ala MoanaPontiac Firebird • Shelby GT500
Diamond HeadAC 427 • Saleen S7
Honolulu AirportAudi TT Quattro Sport • Alfa Romeo GT V6 • Nissan 350Z Coupe • Saturn Sky Roadster
KahukuSaturn Sky Roadster • Lotus Elise 111R
Kalama ValleyDodge Viper SRT 10 • Nissan 350Z Coupe
KapahuluFord GT • Dodge Viper SRT 10 • Aston Martin DB9 Volante • Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG
WahiawaLamborghini Miura P400SV • Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
WaialuaChevrolet Corvette Stingray • Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG
Wai'anaeFord GT • Aston Martin Vanquish S V12
WaimanaloVolkswagen W12 Roadster • Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune

The list below shows all of the cars that can be rented. Price is for a 30-minute duration (60 minutes will cost about twice that amount). Note that colors are random and will persist only for the current game session; the next time the program is started (or restarted), the same car will most likely be in a different color. If you wanted to use a Ford GT for Club Stripe, for example, and the current rental is in a solid color, you could save the game and then restart the program; since half of the available colors are striped versions, there's a 50% chance of finding an eligible car the next time you check.

GRental CarSpdAccLbsBhpV-RentPrice
CAC 4271654.52,149410Diamond Head2,994
EAlfa Romeo GT V61516.43,108240Honolulu Airport755
CAston Martin DB9 Volante1864.93,769450Kapahulu3,214
CAston Martin Vanquish S V121994.24,133520Wai'anae5,255
DAudi TT Quattro Sport1555.93,172240Honolulu Airport835
EChevrolet Corvette Stingray 691246.03,090300Waialua3,794
BDodge Viper SRT 101894.03,357500Kalama Valley • Kapahulu3,094
AFord GT2053.63,351550Kapahulu • Wai'anae3,534
BLamborghini Miura P400SV1806.72,744385Wahiawa3,194
CLotus Elise 111R1504.91,984192Kahuku860
DMercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG1554.93,395360Kapahulu • Waialua1,454
DNissan 350Z Coupe1555.93,340280Honolulu Airport • Kalama Valley700
DNissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune1555.52,949300Waimanalo955
EPontiac Firebird1247.13,196300Ala Moana1,494
ASaleen S7 Twin-Turbo2262.82,949750Diamond Head • Wahiawa11,094
ESaturn Sky Roadster1397.22,861170Honolulu Airport • Kahuku655
EShelby GT5001366.23,284355Ala Moana2,694
BVolkswagen W12 Roadster1864.52,535420Waimanalo3,994

Some of the more useful rentals are listed below. Note that, in most cases, renting for a 30-minute duration will suffice; if the time runs out while you're in an event, you'll still be allowed to keep the car as long as you don't need to Retry or Quit. For most
series races, there will be an option to jump to the next event without quitting; for club races, the Exit option will take you back to the club to try the next rival (also without quitting).

Rental CarUseful For
Aston Martin Vanquish S V12 (Group C)Aston Martin series (Amateur)
Ford GT (Group A)Club Stripe, Club d'Elegance
Lamborghini Miura P400SV (Group B)Lamborghini GP series (Expert), Classic Car Club
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG (Group D)Mercedes Challenge series (Amateur)
Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo (Group A)Supercars series (Expert)
Volkswagen W12 Roadster (Group B)German Car Club

Car Dealers

If you already have a fair amount of credits in the kitty, then buying is probably a better option than renting. The biggest advantage of owning your own is that you can take them to
After Market Shops and buy upgrades to improve their performance. Another advantage is that, in most cases, when buying a new car, you have a choice of different colors and you can visit a Paint Shop if you want to change its color later. For some cars, you can even choose between different wheels and interiors.

Note, however, that some cars can't initially be bought. In the list below, cars in bold are prize cars that are awarded for certain achievements (see the Acquire column of the Car List), and those cars will only be buyable once they've been won. Although you wouldn't normally want to buy a car after you've already won it, this does mean that if you sell a prize car in the early stages of gameplay, you can always buy it back later.

Dealer, LocationCars In Stock
Alfa Romeo, KapoleiGT V6 • 8C Competizione
Alfa Romeo, McCullyGT V6 • 8C Competizione
Aston Martin, AliamanuDB9 Coupe • DB9 Volante • V8 Vantage • Vanquish S V12
British Independents, AliamanuLotus Elise 111R • Lotus Sport Exige 240R • Lotus Esprit V8 • Ascari KZ1
British Independents, Pa'a La'a Kai    AC 289AC 427 • McLaren F1 • McLaren F1 LM
British Independents, Pu'uloaNoble M12 GTO-3R • Noble M14 • Noble M400 • Jaguar XJ220
Cadillac, Wai'anaeXLR-V
Chevrolet, Pu'uloaCamaro Z-28 • Corvette Stingray 69 • SSR
Chrysler, Kailua Heights300C SRT-8 • Firepower Concept CarME Four-Twelve
Dodge, KailuaViper SRT 10 • Viper SRT 10 Coupe
European Classic, Ala MoanaSpyker C8 Spyder • Lotus Sport Exige 240R • Caterham CSR 260
European Classic, AliamanuAston Martin DB4 GT ZagatoAC 289Jaguar Type E Coupe
European Classic, Kahalu'uAudi TT Quattro Sport • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren • Ascari KZ1
European Classic, KailuaLotus Esprit V8 • Noble M12 GTO-3R • Lamborghini Miura P400SV
European Classic, La'ieMcLaren F1 LM • Koenigsegg CCR • Jaguar XJ220
European Classic, PortlockMercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing • Spyker C8 Laviolette • AC 427
European Classic, ShafterLotus Elise 111RSpyker C8 Spyder TLamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary
European Independents, MililaniKoenigsegg CC8S • Koenigsegg CCR • Spyker C8 Laviolette • Spyker C8 Spyder
Ford, PaloloFord GT • Mustang GT • Mustang GT-R Concept • Shelby Cobra Concept
Ford, PortlockFord GT • Mustang GT • Mustang GT-R Concept • Shelby GR-1 Concept
Italian Independents, CemetaryPagani Zonda C12S • Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster
Lamborghini, MaunaluaGallardo Coupe • Gallardo Roadster • Countach 25th AnniversaryMiura P400SV
Lamborghini, MililaniMurcielago Coupe • Murcielago Roadster • Countach 25th AnniversaryMiura P400SV
Mercedes-Benz, KapahuluCLK 55 AMG • SLK 55 AMG • CLS 55 AMG • CLK DTM AMG
Mercedes-Benz, Mokule'iaCLK 55 AMG • SLK 55 AMG • SLR McLaren • CLK DTM AMG
Nissan, Ala Wai Golf350Z Coupe • 350Z Nismo S-Tune • Skyline GTR R34
Pontiac, Hickam VillageFirebird • GTO
Saturn, PaloloSky Roadster
US Independents, Keolu HillsShelby Cobra Daytona CoupeShelby GT500 • Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
US Muscles, Diamond HeadPontiac Firebird • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69 • Dodge Viper SRT 10 • Shelby GT500
US Muscles, Mokule'iaFord Mustang GT • Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 • Shelby Cobra DaytonaChevrolet Corvette C1 1957
US Muscles, Waimea BayDodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe • Pontiac GTO • Shelby GT500Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Volkswagen, Mo'ili'iliW12 Coupe • W12 Roadster
Volkswagen, Mokule'iaW12 Coupe • W12 Roadster
Volkswagen, PortlockW12 Coupe • W12 Roadster

After Market Shops

In most cases, if you plan to use a car, you'll probably want to upgrade it for maximum performance; this will be especially useful for
club racing and for Challenges of types Speed and Time (though not really necessary for Challenges of type Race). The list below shows all of the After Market Shops and the makes that they sell upgrades for. Note that, although this document uses the term "Stage n" to describe an upgrade, you don't actually have to apply upgrades in stages. In fact, if you plan to upgrade a car at all, I'd recommend only applying a Stage 3 unless you're upgrading a Mercedes SLK or Nissan 350Z. Also note that, although it's possible to upgrade a car, it isn't possible to downgrade.

After Market Shop, LocationMakes Serviced
British Specialist, AliamanuAC • Aston Martin • Caterham • Jaguar • Lotus
Corsa Tecnologia, HahaioneAlfa Romeo • Lamborghini • Pagani
European Specialist, Hawaii KaiAudi • Koenigsegg • Mercedes-Benz • Spyker
Japanese Import, AliamanuNissan
Superfinish, Hawaii KaiAscari • McLaren • Noble • Saleen • Volkswagen
Today's American Parts, McCullyCadillac • Chrysler • Saturn
US Muscle Tuner, PaloloChevrolet • Dodge • Ford • Pontiac • Shelby

Paint Shops

Most (but not all) cars are available in different colors. If you win a prize car and don't like its color, you can check a paint shop to see if it can be repainted in a color you do like. There are paint shops located in Ala Moana, Lanikai, and Wai'anae. Paint jobs cost Cr.10,000.

Some Car Statistics

As far as I know, there are 72 uniquely-named cars in Test Drive Unlimited. There are 16 Group A cars, 15 Group B cars, 18 Group C cars, 12 Group D cars, and 11 Group E cars. The total cost of all buyable (non-prize) cars is Cr.11,445,266. If you had to buy all of the cars (including prize cars), the total cost would be Cr.23,499,454. The total cost of all maximum upgrades is Cr.7,880,240 if you had to buy them all; fortunately, the 28 vouchers from
Clubs allow you to save up to Cr.5,242,000 (if you use them with maximum efficiency), leaving you with Cr.2,623,240. Of the 72 cars in total, 44 of them can be bought with no prerequisites, 23 of them are prize cars, and 5 of them are created by modifying other cars. Of the 23 prize cars, 4 of them are won by reaching a new player level, 13 of them are won by completing a Challenge Series, and 6 of them are won by becoming president of a club.

Useful Cars

The list below includes a selection of cars that I've found useful for completing all of the events in Test Drive Unlimited. This is basically a list of the cars used on one of my recent gamesaves. The cars are listed in the order that they were acquired, and unused cars are not listed. Note that this isn't necessarily a "Recommended Cars" list but more of a "Cars That Worked" list. Also note that this is just one example from one of my gamesaves, and it's very possible to use a different set of cars to achieve the same result.

 Acquired CarUsed For
01[starter car]early Group E events
02Shelby GT500later Group E events, Club E
03Nissan Skyline GTR R34Group D events, Club D, Makakilo Sinosis Waianae club
04AC 427Group C events, Club Stripe, Club C, Muscle Car Club, Classic Car Club
05Ford Shelby Cobra Concept    Group B events, unrestricted events, Club B, Ford Owners Club, Honolulu Execs club, Windward Ocean Surfers club
06Noble M400Accolade Ala Moana club, Club Britannia, Clubman Car Club, GT Racers club, Kapahulu Club, North Shore Automobile Enthusiasts club, Six Shooters club
07Koenigsegg CCRGroup A events, Supercars series, Supercar Owners Club, Club Midship, Euro Exotica, Wahiawa GTI club
08Chrysler ME Four-TwelveConcept Owners Club, V12 Screamers club, Group A events
09McLaren F1 LMRacing Car Club, Group A events
10Aston Martin DB9 coupeExecutive Owners Club, Aston Martin series, Aston Martin Club
11Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe   Lamborghini GP series, Club Italia, Club Coupe deVille, AWD Club
12Ford GTClub d'Elegance
13Volkswagen W12 CoupeGerman Car Club
14Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMGMercedes Challenge series
15Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69Chevrolet Owners Club
16Caterham CSR 260Caterham Club

Top 3 Cars

For each group, a Challenge of type Time was chosen based on how easy it was to get through the course without major mistakes. All of the cars from the
Car List were tested, with the end result being the list below. Note that, in some cases, the results may have been different if a different test course had been chosen. For some courses, it's possible that the best car isn't even in the Top 3 list. So, as always with these types of ratings, your mileage may vary.

GTested AtCars With The Best Results
ATunnel(1) Koenigsegg CCR   (2) McLaren F1 LM   (3) Chrysler ME Four-Twelve
BFlashback(1) Ford Shelby Cobra Concept   (2) Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept   (3) Spyker C8 Spyder T
CTT(1) Ford Mustang GT-R Concept   (2) Chrysler Firepower Concept   (3) Alfa Romeo 8C
DMaunawili(1) Nissan Skyline GTR R34   (2) Cadillac XLR-V   (3) Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG
EKahala(1) Shelby GT500   (2) Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing   (3) Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Houses

As you buy/win more cars, you'll also need to buy/win more houses since each house has a limited amount of garage space. To buy a new house, you'll need to visit one of the 8 realtors, each of which handles a different set of houses. Note that, although there are a total of 56 buyable houses on the island, the
Map will initially only show the ones that are handled by the realtors that you've actually visited; driving past a realtor will light up its icon, but it won't count as visiting. There are realtors located in Aliamanu, Kahala, Kane'ohe, La'ie, McCully, Portlock, Wai'anae, and Waimanalo. Besides being able to buy a house, you can also visit a realtor to exchange or sell a house. You can sell a house via any realtor but, if you want to exchange a house, you'll need to do so via the realtor that handles the house that you want. Selling or exchanging a house that has cars in its garage is possible, but only if there are no cars 'orphaned' in the process.

At some point in the later stages of gameplay, you'll eventually win all of the buyable houses that you don't already own. This will essentially give you access to more than Cr.40,000,000. However, before selling any houses, there are two things to keep in mind: (1) house collection counts towards game completion, and (2) houses lose 10% of their original value when sold.

Complete House List

In the list below, Cap is the car capacity, and PpC is the calculated price per car. Garages come in various styles and usually include things like pillars or cabinets that you can use to group cars together. In the Garage Style column, layouts are expressed using numbers, '-', and '|' signs. The numbers indicate the size of a group, '-' indicates that there is some kind of divider (pillar, cabinet, etc) between the groups, and '|' indicates that the next group is on a different side of the garage. As an example, "3-3 | 2" means that there is a divider separating two groups of 3 cars on one side of the garage and space for 2 more cars (with no divider) on another side.

HouseCity/TownCapPricePpCRealtorGarage Style
Ala Wai EdenWaikiki6227,00037,833McCullyMats, 2 | 4
Api Spring HouseMaunawili Valley6233,00038,833McCullyMats, 2 | 4
Beauty Hole HouseLa'ie8510,50063,813La'ieParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Bel-Air TerraceKeolu Hills8395,00049,375PortlockCheckered, 5 | 3
Black Point HouseKahala101,989,500198,950KahalaBlue Cabs, 2-2-1 | 2-2-1
Coconut Beach HouseDiamond Head8515,00064,375McCullyParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Green ValleyMokule'ia103,500,000350,000KahalaShowroom, 5-5
Honouliali VillageHonouliuli8499,50062,438AliamanuParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Hui Akikiki PlaceKane'ohe4159,00039,750Kane'oheBasic, 2-2
Kaahumanu ParadisePearl City4159,00039,750McCullyBasic, 2-2
Kahaloko BeachKea'au6229,50038,250Wai'anaeMats, 2 | 4
Kahaluu Lost EdenKahalu'u6221,50036,917Kane'oheMats, 2 | 4
Kahuku Point ParadiseKahuku10980,50098,050La'ieYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Kaiaka HeavenPa'a La'a Kai102,225,500222,550McCullyBlue Cabs, 2-2-1 | 2-2-1
Kaiaka ParadiseMokule'ia6234,50039,083Wai'anaeCheckered, 3 | 3
Kaihalulu HouseKahuku Point6243,00040,500La'ieMats, 2 | 4
Kaiuapuieho Sun RiseLaenani Park8509,80063,725Kane'oheParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Kalaeokahipa Farm Of ParadiseKahuku101,999,500199,950La'ieBlue Cabs, 2-2-1 | 2-2-1
Kaloko Lost HeavenHalona Blow Hole102,999,990299,999PortlockShowroom, 5-5
Kamehameha BeachHeeia8401,50050,188Kane'oheCheckered, 5 | 3
Kaukonahua HomeWaialua4160,00040,000McCullyBasic, 2-2
Kealohi, Lae O FortKane'ohe101,180,500118,050Kane'oheYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Keolo HillsKailua Heights6251,25041,875PortlockRed Check Mats, 3 | 3
Kemoo Ditch HouseKamananui4170,00042,500KahalaBasic, 2-2
Kewalo PalaceAla Moana10990,50099,050AliamanuYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Kilani TerraceKeawa'ula1010,000,0001,000,000KahalaYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Kokupaa HomesteadWai'anae4172,50043,125Wai'anaeBasic, 2-2
Ko Olina ParadiseBarber Point Harbor102,145,000214,500AliamanuBlue Cabs, 2-2-1 | 2-2-1
Kuilei Beach Grand ViewDiamond Head8308,50038,563McCullyGray Tiles, 3 | 5
Laie House Of ParadiseLa'ie8316,00039,500La'ieCheckered, 5 | 3
Lanikai Beach InspirationBellows Field103,153,250315,325WaimanaloShowroom, 5-5
Lokelani HouseKuliouou6268,50044,750WaimanaloRed Check Mats, 3 | 3
Lokoea VillagePa'a La'a Kai8488,50061,063KahalaParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Loophole Haven Of PeaceMaunawili Valley8299,50037,438McCullyGray Tiles, 3 | 5
Lost Keaau HouseKea'au8305,50038,188Wai'anaeGray Tiles, 3 | 5
Makapuu MeditationMakapu'u Point8309,00038,625WaimanaloGray Tiles, 3 | 5
Malaekahana HomesteadLa'ie4198,00049,500La'ieBasic, 2-2
Mikaala Grand ViewMokule'ia6319,00053,167WaimanaloParking Lot, 3-3
Mililani Haven Of PeaceMililani4153,50038,375KahalaBasic, 2-2
Mokulua Lani GloryLanikai101,005,000100,500WaimanaloYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Old Hanapepe HousePortlock101,110,500111,050PortlockYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Old Makua HomesteadMakua101,250,000125,000Wai'anaeYellow, 2-2 | 2-2-2
Pohakupu VillageKailua Heights4155,00038,750WaimanaloBasic, 2-2
Punauiua TerraceOahu Golf4172,00043,000La'ieBasic, 2-2
Puninoni VillageKapena Falls6221,00036,833PortlockCheckered, 3 | 3
Sandy Beach DreamKoko Head Park8502,00062,750PortlockParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Shuns ReefWaimea Bay6238,70039,783AliamanuMats, 2 | 4
The OrientKailua102,305,500230,550Kane'oheBlue Cabs, 2-2-1 | 2-2-1
Turtle RefugeKahuku Point6228,00038,000La'ieCheckered, 3 | 3
Ulehawa Beach HouseWai'anae8500,50062,563Wai'anaeParking Lot, 3-3 | 2
Waialae Beach TerraceKahala8405,00050,625KahalaCheckered, 5 | 3
Waianae Pililaau HouseWai'anae8400,00050,000Wai'anaeCheckered, 5 | 3
Waimano HomePearl City8315,00039,375AliamanuGray Tiles, 3 | 5
Waihee TerraceMaunawili Falls6238,50039,750Kane'oheCheckered, 3 | 3
Wailupe Beach HouseAina Haina6225,50037,583KahalaMats, 2 | 4
Wapahu VillageWaialae4100,00025,000KahalaBasic, 2-2

Some House Statistics

The total number of houses that can be bought/won is 56. There are 15 houses with a capacity of 10 cars each, 17 houses with a capacity of 8 cars each, 14 houses with a capacity of 6 cars each, and 10 houses with a capacity of 4 cars each. There is a total amount of garage space for 410 cars. The total cost to buy all houses is Cr.48,793,990. Their total worth, if you were to sell all houses (which you're not allowed to do), is Cr.43,914,591. There are a total of 11 unique garage styles; 3 styles for 10-car garages, 3 styles for 8-car garages, 4 styles for 6-car garages, and 1 style for 4-car garages.

72-Car Capacity Combinations

A total capacity of 72 will accommodate all of the uniquely-named cars from the
Car List. In the tables below, the column headers 10, 8, 6, and 4 are capacities. The rows show how many of each capacity are necessary for a 72-car total capacity. TH is the total number of houses in the combination. If you wanted one of each of the 11 unique garage styles, the ideal combination would be 3,3,4,1. But, unfortunately, that combination would add up to an 82-car total capacity, leaving you with 10 empty garage spaces.


The Events

Master Points

In Test Drive Unlimited, your player level is determined by the amount of Master Points (MPs) you've earned. You earn points simply by driving or racing, and you earn extra points for things like drifting, drafting, and being airborne. Note that no points are awarded for any form of off-road driving, even if it's only with two wheels (e.g., when passing traffic). You start off at the Rookie level and work your way through Amateur, Pro, and Expert to reach the final Master level. Each time you reach a new level, you'll unlock a new set of Challenges and be awarded a new car.

 LevelMaster PointsAwarded When Reached
---Rookie0 - 99,999-
MP1Amateur100,000 - 249,999Shelby GT500 (Group E)
MP2Pro250,000 - 499,999AC 427 (Group C)
MP3Expert500,000 - 999,999Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (Group C)
MP4Master1,000,000+Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (Group A)


This is probably where you'll spend most of your time. There are a total of 164 Challenges scattered all over the island, but the
Map will initially only show the ones that you're eligible for. There are 3 types of Challenges, each type represented by a different icon: Race (race your rivals to the finish line), Speed (drive through speed traps at a predetermined speed), and Time (finish a course within a predetermined time). Blue icons represent single events, while green icons represent series events (the name of the series will be shown near the top right of the screen, just below the location).

For the Challenges column, an asterisk (*) means that the challenge is part of a series and is initially locked; 2 asterisks (**) means that the challenge is the first of a series. The following abbreviations are used: HTT (Haleiwa TT), IVG (Il Viaggio Grande), KOTH (King Of The Hill), LC (Laenani Collection), MC (Master Challenge), ROG (Round Of Golf), RSS (Rookie Speed Series), and RTT (Rookie Time Trial). The Type of challenge will either be Race, Speed, or Time. An asterisk (*) in the Type column means that the challenge is held in public traffic. The R column shows the car restriction: A-E is the group, M is a certain make, and '-' means that there are no restrictions. The Course column will either show a length in miles (m), or the number of speed traps (st). For the Reward column, the reward for a challenge of type Race is for a win at Normal difficulty level (Easy will be half and Hard will be twice that amount); the reward for a challenge of type Time or Speed is for Gold (Silver will be about half and Bronze will be about a quarter of that amount).

 Rookie ChallengesTypeRCourseGoalReward
0Alternate RouteSpeedE4 st115.02 mph8,000
0Bayside RiseRace-2.0 m2 laps9,500
0Build Up (RSS4) *SpeedE4 st90.02 mph8,000
0City LimitsRace .D1.4 m3 laps9,500
0Corner Speed (RSS2) *SpeedE3 st100.02 mph7,000
0FlushSpeedE4 st75.02 mph8,000
0Four Of A Kind (RSS1) **SpeedE4 st85.02 mph8,000
0FreewayRace-2.2 m2 laps10,000
0Grad Class 1 **RaceE2.2 m2 laps9,500
0Grad Class 2 *RaceE1.9 m2 laps8,000
0Grad Class 3 *RaceE2.7 m2 laps11,000
0Hanuama BayRace-1.0 m4 laps8,000
0Heading NorthTime *E4.8 m2:30.00021,000
0HeartstarterRace .E1.5 m2 laps8,750
0HillsongRace-2.5 m2 laps10,500
0Junction Function (RTT1) **TimeE1.3 m0:56.00013,000
0KahalaTimeE2.4 m1:42.00015,500
0KapoleiTimeE2.2 m1:15.00014,500
0Laenani Sprint 2SpeedE6 st99.02 mph10,000
0Maunalani LoopRaceE0.9 m2 laps6,250
0Patchwork QuiltRaceE2.1 m2 laps9,000
0Scenic ViewRace .D6.4 m1 lap9,000
0SlingshotRace-4.7 m1 lap10,250
0Slow In Fast Out (RSS3) *SpeedE2 st85.02 mph6,000
0S Marks The SpotSpeedE3 st85.02 mph7,000
0South East SnakeTime *E6.0 m2:55.00024,500
0Southside SweeperTime-3.9 m2:02.00019,000
0Sprinter (RTT4) *TimeE2.5 m1:30.00015,500
0The CrossRace .-1.1 m3 laps8,500
0The FoothillsRaceD0.9 m2 laps6,250
0The SeekerTime *E4.8 m2:50.00021,000
0The TendrilTime *E5.4 m2:30.00023,000
0The TurnbuckleRaceE1.4 m2 laps8,000
0Turtle Bay SlingshotSpeedE2 st100.02 mph6,000
0TutorialRace .-2.3 m1 lap7,750
0UnderpassRace .E1.6 m2 laps8,250
0Waikiki HillsRace .-3.8 m2 laps10,250
0Waikiki RunRace .D2.5 m2 laps10,500
0Western 1 (RTT2) *TimeE3.8 m1:58.00018,500
0Western 2 (RTT3) *TimeE5.1 m1:33.00016,500
 Amateur ChallengesTypeRCourseGoalReward
1Aston Martin Series 1 **Race .M2.9 m3 laps18,750
1Aston Martin Series 2 *Race .M1.8 m3 laps14,250
1Aston Martin Series 3 *Race .M1.9 m3 laps15,250
1Bali HiTimeD1.9 m1:12.00021,000
1Chip N Run (ROG2) *Race .D0.9 m3 laps11,500
1CloverTimeD1.6 m1:11.00020,500
1Coast To CoastRace .-4.3 m2 laps20,500
1Dogleg (ROG4) *Race .D1.4 m3 laps13,750
1Downhill VistaTimeD1.7 m1:16.00020,500
1Fairway Views (ROG1) **Race .D1.0 m3 laps11,250
1Hawaii 5 WhoaTimeD2.0 m1:22.00021,000
1Hilltop HammerSpeedD3 st125.02 mph10,500
1Hole In One (ROG6) *Race .D3.7 m1 lap13,000
1HooplaTimeD2.3 m1:22.00022,000
1Laenani Wind 1 (LC1) **SpeedD1 st90.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 2 (LC2) *SpeedD1 st100.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 3 (LC3) *SpeedD1 st90.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 4 (LC4) *SpeedD1 st105.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 5 (LC5) *SpeedD1 st110.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 6 (LC6) *SpeedD1 st118.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 7 (LC7) *SpeedD1 st107.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind 8 (LC8) *SpeedD1 st112.02 mph7,500
1Laenani Wind Challenge (LC9) *SpeedD8 st100.02 mph18,000
1Laenani Wind Time (LC10) *TimeD4.1 m2:52.00026,000
1Maunawili ValleyTimeD3.4 m1:56.00025,500
1Mercedes Challenge 1 **Race .M2.4 m2 laps14,250
1Mercedes Challenge 2 *Race .M2.9 m2 laps17,500
1Mercedes Challenge 3 *Race .M3.0 m2 laps17,250
1Pearl CityRaceD2.2 m2 laps14,000
1River To The SeaTimeD3.6 m2:03.00027,000
1Run To The HillsTimeD3.1 m1:53.00026,000
1SpaghettiTimeD2.6 m1:49.00023,000
1Straight And Long (ROG5) *Race .D4.1 m2 laps20,750
1The Bunker (ROG3) *Race .D1.1 m3 laps11,750
1Trip WireSpeedD3 st120.02 mph10,500
1Zig ZagTimeD1.9 m1:22.00019,500
 Pro ChallengesTypeRCourseGoalReward
2Blind FaithRace-2.6 m1 lap14,500
2Classic Cup 1 **Race .C2.5 m3 laps26,000
2Classic Cup 2 *Race .C3.0 m3 laps27,500
2Classic Cup 3 *Race .C3.1 m3 laps28,750
2Cliffs EdgeRace-2.2 m1 lap14,250
2ControlTimeC6.0 m3:08.00043,500
2CrossoverSpeedC6 st123.02 mph20,000
2Harborside BlinderSpeedC6 st115.02 mph20,000
2High SlideRace-3.1 m3 laps25,750
2HillsideTimeC2.2 m1:38.00030,500
2Hook Line ThinkerSpeedC5 st106.02 mph18,000
2Isle To IsleTimeC4.1 m2:06.00037,000
2Laenani Loop 2Race .-1.9 m3 laps19,500
2Laenani Sprint 1SpeedC4 st110.02 mph16,000
2Midland HwyTimeC3.0 m1:48.00030,500
2Mokapu SlingshotSpeedC3 st115.02 mph14,000
2Mokapu SprintSpeedC5 st120.02 mph18,000
2Mountain RideTimeC2.5 m1:44.00028,500
2Quayside ScreamerTimeC2.4 m1:11.00030,000
2Shoreline DriveTimeC3.5 m2:11.00036,500
2The FallsRace-3.2 m1 lap16,500
2The HookTimeC2.6 m1:32.00031,500
2The JigsawTimeC1.0 m0:55.00022,500
2The OverlookRace .-3.6 m2 laps20,750
2Touring League 1 **RaceC6.1 m3 laps46,750
2Touring League 2 *RaceC9.4 m3 laps68,000
2Touring League 3 *RaceC6.0 m3 laps45,250
2Touring League 4 *RaceC5.9 m3 laps41,750
2Touring League 5 *RaceC4.1 m3 laps35,250
2Town DragTimeC1.9 m1:09.00028,500
2TTTimeC2.0 m1:28.00027,500
2Verdant ValleyRace-2.4 m1 lap12,500
2WaterfrontRace .-1.9 m3 laps22,250
 Expert ChallengesTypeRCourseGoalReward
3AirballRace-5.7 m2 laps47,500
3ApexSpeedB6 st94.01 mph30,000
3CausewayTimeB4.6 m2:22.00060,500
3Down The Mountain (KOTH)TimeB4.4 m2:36.00059,000
3FlashbackTimeB6.5 m2:38.00075,000
3Forest ValeRaceB2.0 m1 lap19,500
3Freedom RideSpeedB7 st130.02 mph33,000
3Great Ocean RoadRace *-8.3 m1 lap42,750
3Haleiwa Loop (HTT1) **RaceB14.6 m1 lap56,000
3Haleiwa Shore (HTT2) *RaceB5.9 m4 laps82,000
3Haleiwa Wind (HTT3) *RaceB12.1 m1 lap54,000
3Kailua HeightsRace-3.0 m3 laps43,750
3Kelekole FoothillsRace .-1.5 m1 lap19,250
3Kelekole Pass (KOTH)Race .-10.5 m1 lap46,500
3King Of The Hill (KOTH)Race-31.0 m1 lap96,500
3Lamborghini GP 1 **RaceM2.0 m3 laps29,750
3Lamborghini GP 2 *RaceM2.5 m3 laps39,250
3Lamborghini GP 3 *RaceM2.5 m3 laps38,500
3Mokele'ia Madness (KOTH)Race-4.1 m1 lap28,250
3Pearl Harbor GPRaceB4.8 m5 laps84,250
3Razorback Ridge (KOTH)Race .-3.3 m1 lap26,250
3Ridge Runner (KOTH)TimeB4.3 m2:22.00061,000
3SharktoothRace-5.3 m2 laps45,500
3Supercars 1 **RaceA2.5 m5 laps51,500
3Supercars 2 *RaceA5.6 m3 laps68,000
3Supercars 3 *RaceA3.6 m3 laps39,500
3Supercars 4 *RaceA3.2 m5 laps66,500
3Supercars 5 *RaceA3.4 m5 laps67,250
3SweepstakesTimeB5.3 m2:18.00066,500
3Switchback Valley (KOTH)Race .-2.2 m1 lap21,000
3The CoathangerTimeB4.3 m2:11.00056,500
3The LightswitchSpeedB8 st125.02 mph36,000
3TrafficTime *B11.4 m4:32.999111,000
3Walk The LineSpeedB3 st115.02 mph21,000
3Winding WahiawaTimeB3.4 m1:40.00052,000
 Master ChallengesTypeRCourseGoalReward
4Block Party (MC3) *Race-1.2 m7 laps50,250
4Coastal Dream (IVG)Race *A103.6 m1 lap525,000
4College DeanTimeA5.0 m2:10.00055,000
4Freeway FlyerTime *A16.6 m5:54.999174,000
4Kaneohe To Laie (IVG)Time *A25.4 m12:54.999271,000
4Laie To Haleiwa (IVG)Time *A9.7 m4:00.000131,500
4Nor-Wester (IVG)Race *A40.4 m1 lap200,500
4NWSE (IVG)Race *A54 m1 lap235,250
4SeaviewRaceB1.6 m1 lap27,750
4South To North (IVG)Race *A46.7 m1 lap194,000
4Southern Loop (MC1) **Race-0.9 m7 laps42,250
4Speed 8 (MC4) *Race-1.1 m7 laps39,000
4SpeedbowlRace-0.7 m5 laps30,500
4StreetscapeSpeedA1 st200.04 mph20,000
4The PointTimeA5.1 m2:40.00078,000
4The RiverRace-1.5 m5 laps54,250
4The SnakeTimeA1.5 m1:22.00051,500
4Top DartSpeedA1 st200.04 mph20,000
4TunnelTimeA4.3 m1:44.00071,500
4Western Shore (MC2) *Race-1.4 m7 laps60,500

Challenge Series

The list below shows all 15 of the Challenge series. For the Series column, the number in parentheses is the number of events in the series.

 Level, Car RestrictionSeriesReward
S01Rookie, Group EGrad Class (3)Cadillac XLR-V (Group D)
S02Rookie, Group ERookie Speed Series (4)AC 289 (Group D)
S03Rookie, Group ERookie Time Trial (4)Lotus Elise 111R (Group C)
S04Amateur, Aston MartinAston Martin (3)Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (Group D)
S05Amateur, Group DLaenani Collection (10)Lotus Esprit V8 (Group C)
S06Amateur, MercedesMercedes Challenge (3)Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing (Group E)
S07Amateur, Group DRound Of Golf (6)Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (Group C)
S08Pro, Group CClassic Cup (3)Chevrolet Corvette C1 1957 (Group E)
S09Pro, Group CTouring League (5)Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept (Group B)
S10Expert, Group BHaleiwa TT (3)Chrysler Firepower Concept Car (Group C)
---Expert, Group B / -King Of The Hill (7)Ability to jump to any point on any public road
S11Expert, LamborghiniLamborghini GP (3)Lamborghini Miura P400SV (Group B)
S12Expert, Group ASupercars (5)Chrysler ME Four-Twelve (Group A)
---Master, Group AIl Viaggio Grande (6)Ownership of all buyable houses
S13Master, -Master Challenge (4)Koenigsegg CC8S (Group A)

Grid Line-Ups

This section may be of interest if you're curious about the opponents that show up in the grid line-ups of
Challenges of type Race. Although the information presented here won't make gameplay any easier, it may make it more interesting (e.g., if you have a preference for the kinds of opponents that you race against). Note that this section does not apply to races in the one-make series (Aston Martin series, Lamborghini GP, and Mercedes Challenge) since the opponents in those races will depend on the particular make.

For Challenges of type Race (other than those in one-make series), there are a number of factors that will determine how the program chooses your opponents. The main factors (as far as I can tell) are: (1) the car you enter, (2) whether the race is restricted or unrestricted, and (3) the difficulty level you choose. In the table below, the rightmost column headers consist of 3 letters:
1. Car's State:2. Race Restriction:3. Difficulty Level:
  S (Stock), or T (Tuned/fully-upgraded)   G (Group/restricted), or U (Unrestricted)   E (Easy), N (Normal), or H (Hard)
As an example: the 'SGE' column is for a car in Stock form when used in a Group/restricted race at the Easy difficulty level. The numbers in the SGE-TUH columns show the number of different make/model cars that are likely to appear on the grid, not including the car used (e.g., '1' means all the same make/model, and '5' means all different make/model cars). The letters in the xUx columns show the Groups of the cars that will typically appear in the grid line-up. The class of races that the data pertains to is shown in the leftmost column header of each Group. For more info, see the notes below the table.

 Alfa Romeo GT V65355 D,E5 D5 D,E1135 C5 B,C5 B,C,D
 Chevrolet Camaro Z-284554 E5 E5 D,E3155 D5 C,D5 C,D,E
 Chevrolet Corvette C1 19575554 E5 E5 D,E4255 D5 D5 C,D,E
 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 695555 E5 D,E5 D,E1155 C,D5 C5 C,D,E
 Chevrolet SSR4554 E5 E5 D,E2155 D5 C,D5 C,D,E
 Ford Mustang GT5555 E5 D,E5 D,E1155 C,D5 B,C5 C,D
 Jaguar Type E Coupe5555 E5 D,E5 D,E1155 C,D5 C5 C,D,E
 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing5555 E5 E5 E2155 D5 C,D5 C,D,E
 Pontiac Firebird4554 E5 E5 D,E5255 D,E5 C,D5 C,D
 Saturn Sky Roadster5555 E5 D,E5 D,E1155 C,D5 C5 C,D
 Shelby GT5005555 E5 D,E5 D,E1155 C,D5 B,C5 C,D
 AC 2895553 D,E3 D3 C,D2153 C3 C3 B,D
 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato5553 D,E3 D3 C,D1153 C3 B,C3 B,D
 Audi TT Quattro Sport5553 D,E3 C,D3 D,E1153 C3 B,C3 B,D
 Cadillac XLR-V5553 D,E3 D3 C,D1153 C3 B,C3 B,D
 Chrysler 300C SRT-85553 D,E3 D3 C,D1153 C3 B,C3 B,D
 Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG5553 D,E3 D3 C,D1153 C3 B,C3 B,D
 Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG5553 D,E3 D3 D,E1153 C3 B,C3 B,C,D
 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG5553 D3 C,D3 D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Nissan 350Z coupe5553 D,E3 D3 D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune5553 D,E3 C,D3 C,D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Nissan Skyline GTR R345553 D,E3 D,E3 C,D1153 C3 B,C3 B
 Pontiac GTO5553 D,E3 D3 D3153 C,D3 C3 C,D,E
 AC 4275555 C,D5 C5 C,D3155 B,C5 A,B5 B,C
 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione5455 B,C5 B,C5 A,B,C,D1145 A,B5 A5 A,B
 Aston Martin DB9 coupe5555 C5 B,C5 C,D1155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B
 Aston Martin DB9 Volante5555 C5 C5 B,C,D,E1155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B
 Aston Martin V8 Vantage5555 C5 B,C5 C,D1155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B,C
 Aston Martin Vanquish S V125555 C5 B,C5 B,C,D1155 A,B5 A5 A,B
 Caterham CSR 2605555 C,D5 B,C5 C,D2155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B
 Chrysler Firepower Concept car5555 C5 B,C5 B,C,D1155 A,B5 A5 A,B,C
 Ford Mustang GT-R Concept5555 C,D5 B,C5 C,D2155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B
 Lotus Elise 111R5555 C,D5 C5 C,D3155 B,C5 A,B5 A,B
 Lotus Esprit V85555 B,C5 B,C5 B,C1155 A,B5 A5 A,B
 Lotus Sport Exige 240R5555 C5 B,C5 B,C,D1155 B5 A,B5 A,B
 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Performance Package2555 C,D5 C,D5 C,D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Mercedes-Benz SLK 6.1 S capacity increase5555 C,D5 B,C5 C,D- - - - -- -- -
 Mercedes-Benz SLK B 55 S5555 C5 C5 C,D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune1355 D,E5 C,D5 C,D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Nissan 350Z Nismo R-Tune Power3555 D,E5 C,D5 C,D,E- - - - -- -- -
 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe5555 C5 B,C5 B,C,D1155 A,B5 A,B5 A,B
 Dodge Viper SRT 102555 B,C5 C5 B,C3155 A,B5 A5 A,B,C
 Dodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe4555 C5 B,C5 A,B,C2155 A,B5 A5 B,C
 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept5555 A,B5 A,B5 A,B1155 A3 A,B5 A,B
 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept5555 A,B5 A,B5 A,B,C1155 A3 A,B5 A,B
 Lamborghini Gallardo coupe5555 C5 B5 A,B,C1155 A5 A5 B,C
 Lamborghini Gallardo roadster5555 B,C5 A,B5 A,B,C1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Lamborghini Miura P400SV5555 A,B5 A,B5 A,B1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG5555 B,C5 A,B5 A,B1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Noble M12 GTO-3R2555 C5 B,C5 A,B,C,D5355 B5 A,B5 A,B,C
 Noble M145555 B,C5 A,B5 A,C1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Noble M4005555 A,B5 A,B5 A,B1155 A4 A5 A,B
 Spyker C8 Laviolette5555 B,C5 A,B,C5 A,C1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Spyker C8 Spyder5555 B,C5 A,B,C5 A,C1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Spyker C8 Spyder T5555 B,C5 A,B5 A,B,C1155 A5 A5 A,B
 Volkswagen W12 roadster3555 B,C5 B,C5 A,B3155 A,B5 A5 A,B
 Ascari KZ15555 A,B5 A5 B,C5255 A2 A5 A,B
 Chrysler ME Four-Twelve5555 A5 A5 A,B,C1151 A1 A5 A
 Ford GT5555 A,B5 A5 B,C5455 A4 A5 A,B
 Jaguar XJ2205555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C1151 A1 A5 A
 Koenigsegg CC8S5555 A5 A5 A,B1151 A1 A5 A
 Koenigsegg CCR5555 A5 A5 A,B1141 A1 A4 A
 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary5555 A,B5 A5 A,B5555 A5 A5 A,B
 Lamborghini Murcielago coupe5555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C4154 A1 A5 A,B
 Lamborghini Murcielago roadster5555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C5155 A1 A5 A,B
 McLaren F15555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C1151 A1 A5 A
 McLaren F1 LM5555 A,B5 A5 A,B1151 A1 A5 A
 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren5555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C5155 A1 A5 A,B
 Pagani Zonda C12S5555 A5 A5 A,B1151 A1 A5 A
 Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster5555 A,B5 A5 A,B,C1151 A1 A5 A
 Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo5555 A5 A5 B,C1151 A1 A5 A
 Volkswagen W12 coupe5555 A,B5 A5 A,B5355 A3 A5 A,B

Notes for the table above:
• The Challenges that were used to get the results for the table above are:
 Group E: 1. Patchwork Quilt, 2. Hillsong Group D: 1. Pearl City, 2. *Coast To Coast Group C: 1. Touring League 5, 2. Cliffs Edge
 Group B: 1. Forest Vale, 2. Mokeleia Madness Group A: 1. *Speedbowl, 2. The River  
For each car tested, two Challenges were used: the first Challenge was used to get the data for the Group/restricted (xGx) columns, while the second Challenge was used to get the data for the Unrestricted (xUx) columns. The five pairs of Challenges were chosen to correspond to the five player levels: Rookie for Group E, Amateur for Group D, Pro for Group C, Expert for Group B, and Master for Group A.
• Note that Coast To Coast (the unrestricted race used for testing Group D cars) is a 4-car race, since there are no unrestricted 6-car Amateur-class races. Also note that Speedbowl (the Master-class race used for testing Group A cars) is an unrestricted race, since any restricted Master-class race would've been much too time-consuming for testing purposes (and the results would've been pretty much the same anyway).
• Although the data in the table was acquired using the races listed in the first note above, other races of the same class should yield similar results. However, if you use a car in an unrestricted race of a different class, the results may vary. For example: using a Group E car in a Pro-class race will generally give you opponents that are in higher/better Groups than the ones shown.
• The opponents in a grid line-up are randomly chosen, so the data in the table may still vary slightly, even if you do use a car in a race of the same class as the one shown in the first column header. For example: a grid that typically includes only Group C cars may occasionally include a Group B and/or Group D car.
• The data in the Txx columns is for the car when fitted with a Stage 3 upgrade. Using a car fitted with a Stage 1 or Stage 2 upgrade will generally give you a grid line-up that should be somewhere between the stock (Sxx) and fully-upgraded (Txx) results shown. Note, however, that anything less than Stage 3 is not normally recommended for any cars except the
Mercedes SLK and Nissan 350Z.

"Money Makers"

The list below includes a selection of Challenges that can be used to earn a fair amount of credits and Master Points in a fairly short time. All of these Challenges are of type Time. The Credits and MPs columns show the set/fixed amount awarded for achieving Gold. MPa is the approximate amount of points accumulated for driving, drifting, and being airborne. Time is the approximate time that it takes to complete the challenge plus the 30 seconds that it takes to start a new run after finishing the current one. The Car Tested column shows the car that was used to get the info for the MPa and Time columns; note that a different car, or even the same car with a different driving style, may produce different results.

Level, RestrictionChallengeCreditsMPsMPaTimeCar Tested
Rookie, Group EJunction Function13,0003,2502001:25Saturn Sky Roadster
Rookie, Group EKahala15,5003,8753902:10Saturn Sky Roadster
Rookie, no restrictionsSouthside Sweeper19,0004,7501,8002:30Shelby GT500
Rookie, Group EThe Tendril23,0005,7492,0002:50Ford Mustang GT
Rookie, Group ESouth East Snake24,5006,1241,1003:20Alfa Romeo GT V6
Amateur, Group DClover20,5005,1244001:35AC 289
Amateur, Group DDownhill Vista20,5005,1246001:45Nissan Skyline GTR R34
Amateur, Group DMaunawili Valley25,5006,3748002:20Nissan Skyline GTR R34
Pro, Group CQuayside Screamer30,0007,5007001:40AC 427
Pro, Group CHillside30,5007,6241,4002:00AC 427
Pro, Group CThe Hook31,5007,8749002:00AC 427
Pro, Group CIsle To Isle37,0009,2509002:30Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Pro, Group CControl43,50010,8741,5003:35Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Expert, Group BSweepstakes66,50016,6241,8002:40Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Expert, Group BCauseway60,50015,1252,7002:50Ford Shelby Cobra Concept
Expert, Group BFlashback75,00018,7492,1002:50Ford Shelby Cobra Concept
Expert, Group BTraffic111,00027,7506,7004:30Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Master, Group AThe Snake51,50012,8749001:45McLaren F1 LM
Master, Group ATunnel71,50017,8742,8002:00Koenigsegg CCR
Master, Group AThe Point78,00019,4991,3003:00Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

Club Events

On the
Map, clubs are shown on the Key Locations tab. There are 34 clubs in total, but the Map will only show the ones that you've received a Club Invite from. Most clubs will send you an Invite when you've acquired an eligible car. However, there are some clubs that use other criteria such as requiring you to have a certain amount of Master Points or own a certain number of eligible cars. Note that, once you've received an Invite, you don't necessarily have to use your own car to do the races; you could use a rental, if you wanted to, as long as it's eligible (you could, for example, buy an Audi TT Quattro to get a German Car Club Invite, and then use a rented Volkswagen W12 Roadster for the races).

The goal in club events is to race against 6 other club members, one at a time, until you reach the rank of Club President. All club races take place in public traffic, and all are point-to-point style races. There is an offroad penalty bar used but, unlike in some challenges, it doesn't change the final time or race result; so, basically, it doesn't matter as long as you don't exceed the amount allowed. Club races are held in the general vicinity of the club's location, and each race can be held on 1 of 5 different courses of varying lengths. If you don't like the current course, you can Exit or Quit (as opposed to Retry or Restart) and you'll get a different course when you enter the same race again. The shorter courses will usually be the easiest, and you can check the length on the MiniMap once you've cleared the start line. Longer courses take more time but give you the advantage of unlocking more roads that you can jump to later; this is especially useful in the early stages of gameplay (before you gain the ability to jump to any point on any public road).

In the list below, the initials used for the Area are: N(orth), S(outh), E(ast), W(est), and C(entral). For the 6 clubs marked with an asterisk (*), the prize for becoming president is a car; for the 28 other clubs, the prize for becoming president is a 'voucher' for a free car upgrade. A voucher can be worth up to Cr.320,000, depending on which car you use it for (check the Upgrade column of the Car List to see which cars will benefit most). Note that, once you've acquired a voucher, you'll be forced to use it for your next upgrade (i.e., it isn't possible to save it for a later upgrade). The amount of credits awarded for winning a club race will be about 4 times the amount of Master Points you've scored in that race.

Although, on the Map, you'll see gold cups on the icons of clubs that you're president of, clubs don't actually count for "Number of Gold cups" on the Statistics page. It also appears that club events don't count towards game completion, except for the 6 clubs that award cars (since car collection does count).

Club, AreaVehicle Restriction
Accolade Ala Moana, SC *European Cars: Koenigsegg, McLaren, Noble, Lotus, ...
Aston Martin Club, SCAston Martin: Vanquish S V12, DB9 Coupe, DB9 Volante, ...
AWD Club, NC4-Wheel Drive: Lamborghini Murcielago or Gallardo, Nissan Skyline, Audi TT
Caterham Club, NCaterham CSR 260
Chevrolet Owners Club, SWChevrolet: Corvette Stingray 69, Corvette C1 1957, ...
Classic Car Club, SC *Classics: AC 427, Shelby Cobra Daytona, Lamborghini Miura, ...
Club B, SCGroup B Cars: Ford Shelby Cobra Concept, Spyker C8 Spyder T, ...
Club Britannia, SCBritish Cars: McLaren, Noble, Lotus, Jaguar, Ascari, ...
Club C, SEGroup C Cars: AC 427, Alfa Romeo 8C, Aston Martin Vanquish, ...
Club Coupe deVille, ECCoupes: Volkwagen W12, Lamborghini Murcielago, ...
Club D, SCGroup D Cars: Nissan Skyline GTR R34, Cadillac XLR-V, Audi TT Quattro, ...
Club d'Elegance, EC *Elegant Cars: Ford GT, Lamborghini Miura, Alfa Romeo 8C, ...
Club E, SCGroup E Cars: Shelby GT500, Saturn Sky, Alfa Romeo GT V6, ...
Club Italia, ECItalian Cars: Pagani, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo
Clubman Car Club, SE *Small Sporty Cars: Noble, Lotus Elise or Exige, ...
Club Midship, SCMid-Engined Cars: Koenigsegg, McLaren, Noble, Pagani, ...
Club Stripe, SC *Striped Cars: AC 427, Ford Shelby GR-1, Ford GT, ...
Concept Owners Club, SWConcept Cars: Chrysler ME, Volkswagen W12, ...
Euro Exotica, CExotic European Cars: Koenigsegg, McLaren, Pagani, ...
Executive Owners Club, NWLuxury Cars: Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, ...
Ford Owners Club, SCFord: GT, Shelby Cobra Concept, Shelby GR-1 Concept, ...
German Car Club, SE *German Cars: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi
GT Racers, SEType GT: Noble, Ford GT, ...
Honolulu Execs, SCRoadsters: Ford Shelby Cobra Concept, Pagani Roadster, ...
Kapahulu Club, SCNoble: M400, M14, M12 GTO-3R
Makakilo Sinosis Waianae, NWNissan: Skyline GTR R34, 350Z Nismo R-Tune, ...
Muscle Car Club, SCMuscle Cars: AC 427, Shelby Cobra Daytona, ...
North Shore Automobile Enthusiasts, NWNo Restrictions: any Group C or better car
Racing Car Club, NWRace Cars: McLaren F1 LM, Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo, ...
Six Shooters, SE6-Cylinder Engine: Jaguar, Noble, Nissan, ...
Supercar Owners Club, NGroup A Cars: Koenigsegg, McLaren, Saleen, ...
V12 Screamers, SEV12 Engine: McLaren, Chrysler ME, Pagani, ...
Wahiawa GTI, CNo Restrictions: Koenigsegg CCR, McLaren F1 LM, Chrysler ME, ...
Windward Ocean Surfers, SEAmerican Cars: Chrysler, Saleen, Ford, ...

To get an Invite, most clubs only require you to own an eligible car. The list below shows the clubs that have other requirements.

Accolade Ala MoanaOwn 3 European cars
AWD ClubOwn 3 AWD (4-wheel drive) cars
Club MidshipOwn 3 mid-engined cars
Honolulu ExecsOwn 3 roadsters (convertibles)
North Shore Automobile EnthusiastsAcquire 150,000 Master Points
Wahiawa GTIReach Expert level (500,000 Master Points)
Windward Ocean SurfersReach Amateur level (100,000 Master Points)

Club Event Prize Cars

The list below shows the clubs where a car is awarded for becoming president.

 Club, LocationCar Awarded
CE1Accolade Ala Moana, Diamond Head Beach (SC)Spyker C8 Spyder T (Group B)
CE2Classic Car Club, Palolo (SC)Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69 (Group E)
CE3Club d'Elegance, Kualoa Park (EC)Jaguar Type E Coupe (Group E)
CE4Clubman Car Club, Waimanalo (SE)Caterham CSR 260 (Group C)
CE5Club Stripe, Ala Moana (SC)Ford Shelby Cobra Concept (Group B)
CE6German Car Club, Bellows Field (SE)Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG (Group B)


Getting Started
  1. Upon landing at Honolulu Airport, your first order of business is to rent a car. Since your initial budget is only Cr.160,000, it's probably a good idea to minimize your spending by choosing the cheapest car (the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG) for the shortest duration (30 min). Once you're in the car, you can toggle the camera view by pressing [R2].
  2. The GPS will then plot a course for the nearest Challenge (appropriately called Tutorial) where you'll get your first taste of the racing experience.
  3. Now it's time to buy your first car, and you have 3 to choose from:
    Starter CarTopSpd AccelLbsBhpPrice Upgrade
     Alfa Romeo GT V6151 / 1666.4 / 5.43,108 / 2,982240 / 28838,00012,000
     Ford Mustang GT149 / 1645.1 / 4.63,498 / 3,357300 / 36037,49940,000
     Saturn Sky Roadster139 / 1537.2 / 6.12,861 / 2,746170 / 20432,99920,000
    The Alfa has the best top speed and is the cheapest to upgrade, but its Dealer and After Market Shop are the furthest to drive to. The Mustang has better acceleration and its top speed comes close, but the package (car + upgrade) is the most expensive, so you'll need to do one or more events before upgrading. The Sky, although not very impressive on paper, actually performs quite well on tracks where cornering is important, but struggles a bit on tracks that require straight-line speed. Since all 3 cars have their strengths and weaknesses, you can base your choice on personal preference, driving style, or maybe even the clubs that a car is eligible for.
    Starter CarInitial Club Invites
     Alfa Romeo GT V6Club E, GT Racers, Club Italia, Six Shooters
     Ford Mustang GTClub E, GT Racers, Ford Owners Club, Muscle Car Club
     Saturn Sky RoadsterClub E
  4. The GPS will then plot a course for the nearest Realtor where you'll buy your first house. For now, your only choice is the Wapahu Village house for Cr.100,000.
  5. Once you've settled in at your new home, the rest is pretty much up to you. From here, you can: The choice is yours. I would, however, recommend buying a Stage 3 upgrade as soon as possible.

Using The Map

Driving Notes

Racing Notes

House Management Notes

Other Notes


If you already know the cars and courses fairly well and you want to start a new gamesave, here's one way of doing it.
  1. Go through all the preliminary stuff (rent car, race, buy car, buy house). When you leave your garage for the first time, turn off AutoGPS (so you can choose your own targets) and set TCS to Off (so you can earn Master Points more quickly). If you bought a Mustang GT, you'll need to do one or more events until you have at least Cr.40,000 in the kitty before moving on to the next step.
  2. Buy a Stage 3 upgrade, and then go to your favorite 'money maker' and do that for a while (about an hour or so). The goal here is to earn credits and Master Points as quickly as possible.
  3. Once you reach Amateur status, you can either buy a Nissan Skyline (or other Group D car) and choose a new 'money maker' or keep doing your current 'money maker' until you reach Pro status.
  4. Once you reach Pro status, you can upgrade the AC 427 and then go to Club Stripe to win a Ford Shelby Cobra. The new car won't be very useful yet so, for now, just find a good 'money maker' for the AC 427 and do that until you reach Expert status. If you want to reach it as quickly as possible, find a Challenge that will earn you lots of MPs in a fairly short time. Hillside will give you about 9K MPs every 2 minutes or so, and Quayside Screamer will give you 8K MPs about every minute and a half.
  5. Once you reach Expert status, you can upgrade the Ford Shelby Cobra and use it to complete all of the King Of The Hill challenges. You'll then be able to save yourself lots of time by not having to drive from one place to another.
  6. At this stage, you'll probably still need another 300K-400K MPs to reach Master status. If you want to reach it as quickly as possible, your best bet is probably to use the Ford Shelby Cobra to keep doing the Flashback 'money maker' which will earn you about 20K MPs every 3 minutes or so.
  7. At some point, you'll need a good Group A car that'll get you through all of the Master Challenges, and you have the choice of either buying or winning one. If you don't want to buy one just yet, you could rent a Saleen and do the Supercar series to win a Chrysler ME Four-Twelve.
  8. Since a high-end Group A car will cost at least Cr.300,000 to upgrade, now would be a good time to choose another club to become president of; this time, one that awards a free upgrade instead of a car. Alternatively, you could just do the Flashback 'money maker' 4 times and then buy an upgrade.
  9. Once you reach Master status, 100% game completion is basically just a matter of working your way through all of the undone stuff and then collecting all of the cars, or vice versa. If you want to collect cars first, it's probably a good idea to complete the Il Viaggio Grande series before doing so.

6-Car QuickStart

If you already know the cars and courses fairly well and you want to start a new gamesave, here's another way of doing it. This is basically just a description of how the
6-Car QuickStart was created.
  1. Go through all the preliminary stuff (rent car, race, buy car, buy house). For the 6-Car QuickStart, I chose a Saturn Sky. Whichever car you choose, upgrade it as soon as possible.
  2. Do The Tendril and then, while still at its finish point, target British Specialist (the After Market Shop for the AC). You don't need to actually enter British Specialist; you just need to drive past it to light up its icon.
  3. Target Four Of A Kind, and then complete the Rookie Speed Series to win an AC 289.
  4. Target Junction Function, and then jump back to the intersection near Build Up. Do Junction Function and Western 1. Then, jump to, but exit out of, Western 2.
  5. Jump back to Junction Function, and use that as your current 'money maker' to earn credits and Master Points. You should only need about 75,000 more MPs to reach Amateur level, so this equates to redoing it about 20-25 times; alternatively, you could do the Tendril 'money maker' instead. Either way, this will take about an hour or so.
  6. Once you reach Amateur level, switch to the AC 289, then jump to British Specialist to upgrade it, and then do the Clover 'money maker' until you reach Pro level. This will take another 40-60 minutes or so.
  7. Once you reach Pro level, jump to the Aliamanu realtor and exchange your house with Shuns Reef.
  8. Upgrade the newly-acquired AC 427, and then use it to do the Muscle Car Club and Club Stripe. You should be able to jump to the roads that each club is on. While still at Club Stripe, switch to the newly-acquired Ford Shelby Cobra, and then take it to US Muscle Tuner for an upgrade.
  9. Use the AC 427 to keep doing Quayside Screamer (or another 'money maker') until you reach Expert level. This will take another hour or so.
  10. Once you reach Expert level, use the Ford Shelby Cobra to complete the King Of The Hill series. Three of the events (King Of The Hill, Razorback Ridge, and Switchback Valley) will be fairly close to your home; if you start with the King Of The Hill race, the other two will be even easier to get to. For Kelekole Pass, you can use Western 2 as your starting point.

8-Car QuickStart

If you already know the cars and courses fairly well and you want to start a new gamesave, here's yet another way of doing it. This is basically just a description of how the
8-Car QuickStart was created.
  1. Go through all the preliminary stuff (rent car, race, buy car, buy house). For the 8-Car QuickStart, I chose a Ford Mustang GT.
  2. Do The Tendril and then, while still at its finish point, target Japanese Import (the After Market Shop for Nissan). You don't need to actually enter Japanese Import; you just need to drive past it to light up its icon.
  3. Upgrade the Mustang, and then keep doing The Tendril until you reach Amateur level. This will take about an hour or so.
  4. Use the Mustang to become president of Club E, and then rent a Ford GT to become president of Club Stripe. While still at Club Stripe, switch to the newly-acquired Ford Shelby Cobra, and then upgrade it.
  5. Buy a Nissan Skyline GTR R34, jump to Japanese Import to upgrade it, and then keep doing the Clover 'money maker' until you have at least Cr.398,500.
  6. Jump to the Kahala realtor, and exchange your current home with the Lokoea Village house. Then jump back to Clover and keep doing that until you reach Pro level.
  7. Switch to, and upgrade, the newly-acquired AC 427. Then, use it to keep doing Quayside Screamer (or another 'money maker') until you reach Expert level.
  8. Use the Ford Shelby Cobra to complete the King Of The Hill series. The King Of The Hill race is just down the road from your home, so start with that one, and then do the rest after that.
  9. Do one of the clubs that awards a free upgrade, and then buy and upgrade a Koenigsegg CCR.
  10. Use the Ford Shelby Cobra to keep doing the Flashback challenge until you reach Master level. This will take about an hour or so, assuming you still need about 400,000 more Master Points.
  11. Use the Koenigsegg CCR to complete the Il Viaggio Grande series.

15-Car QuickStart

This section describes how the
15-Car QuickStart was created. The original purpose of this gamesave was to see if there's any advantage in doing club races in the early stages of gameplay; it ended up turning into a 'QuickStart' that has all of the clubs unlocked and includes all of the cars needed to complete them.

For the Used For column in the table below, bullets (•) are used to separate clubs according to when they were unlocked:
    now • before •• after
The now part lists the clubs that are unlocked when the car is acquired, the before part lists the clubs that were already unlocked, and the after part lists the later clubs that the car was used for. Brackets ([]) in the now part denote that the car wasn't used for that club.

 Acquired CarUsed For
01Ford Mustang GTClub E, [Ford Owners Club], [GT Racers], Muscle Car Club
02Noble M400Club B, Club Britannia, Clubman Car Club, Kapahulu Club, Six Shooters • GT Racers •• Accolade Ala Moana, North Shore Automobile Enthusiasts
03Shelby GT500[Classic Car Club], [Club Stripe], [Racing Car Club], [Windward Ocean Surfers]
04Nissan Skyline GTR R34[Club Coupe deVille], Club D, Makakilo Sinosis Waianae
05Lamborghini Gallardo CoupeClub Italia • Club Coupe deVille •• AWD Club
06AC 427[Accolade Ala Moana], Club C • Classic Car Club
07Ford GTClub d'Elegance, [Club Midship], [Supercar Owners Club] • Club Stripe, Windward Ocean Surfers
08Ford Shelby Cobra ConceptConcept Owners Club • Ford Owners Club •• Honolulu Execs
09Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe[Wahiawa GTI]
--temp Audi TT Quattro (sold)[AWD Club], [German Car Club]
10McLaren F1 LMEuro Exotica, V12 Screamers • Racing Car Club, Supercar Owners Club, Wahiawa GTI
11Aston Martin DB9 coupeAston Martin Club, Executive Owners Club
12Caterham CSR 260Caterham Club, [Honolulu Execs]
13Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69Chevrolet Owners Club
14Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary   none
15Volkswagen W12 Coupenone • German Car Club
  1. (01). Go through all the preliminary stuff (rent car, race, buy car, buy house). For the 15-Car QuickStart, I chose a Ford Mustang GT.
  2. Do the first 5 races at Club E.
  3. If you have at least Cr.40,000, upgrade the Mustang now (you should be able to jump to the road that the After Market Shop is on, or at least somewhere near it). If you don't yet have Cr.40,000, do The Tendril once and then upgrade.
  4. Do the first 3 events of the Rookie Speed Series that starts at Four Of A Kind (you should be able to jump to a road near it). Jump to, but exit out of, the 4th event (Build Up).
  5. Target Junction Function and do the first 3 events of the Rookie Time Trial series. Jump to, but exit out of, the 4th event (Sprinter).
  6. Do the South East Snake challenge. While still at its finish point, target Superfinish (the After Market Shop for Noble), and then drive past it; press [Select] when you hear the bleep.
  7. Do all 6 races at the Muscle Car Club.
  8. (02). Target and go to the British Independents dealer in Pu'uloa (use the Corner Speed challenge as your starting point) and then buy a Noble M400. Then, jump to Superfinish for an upgrade.
  9. Do the first 5 races at the GT Racers club, followed by the first 5 races of the Clubman Car Club (there should be a nearby road you can jump to).
  10. (03). Do the first 5 races of Club B, Club Britannia, Kapahulu Club, and Six Shooters (in any order).
  11. Do The Tendril and then, while still at its finish point, target Japanese Import (the After Market Shop for Nissan), and then drive past it; press [Select] when you hear the bleep.
  12. (04). Buy a Nissan Skyline GTR R34, then jump to Japanese Import for an upgrade, and then do the first 5 races at Club D and Makakilo Sinosis Waianae (you should be able to jump to the roads that these clubs are on).
  13. Do the Clover 'money maker' until you have at least Cr.238,700, and then jump to the Aliamanu realtor (you passed it on the way to Japanese Import) and buy Shuns Reef.
  14. Do the first 5 races at the North Shore Automobile Enthusiasts club (from Shuns Reef, you can get there fairly easily by jumping to the ends of the longer stretches of roads).
  15. Choose a club that awards a free upgrade and do the final race of that club (for the QuickStart, I chose Club B for this step).
  16. (05). Do the Clover 'money maker' until you have at least Cr.164,449. Then, visit the Lamborghini dealer in Maunalua (near the SouthEast tip of the island) and then buy and upgrade a Gallardo Coupe.
  17. Do the first 5 races at Club Italia and Club Coupe deVille (in any order, since neither one is very easy to get to).
  18. (06). Keep doing the Clover 'money maker' until you reach Pro level. Then, upgrade the newly-acquired AC 427 and use it to do the first 5 races at Club C and Classic Car Club (in any order).
  19. Do the first 5 races at the Accolade Ala Moana club (you should be able to jump to the road that it's on) using any of your 3 eligible cars.
  20. Choose a club that awards a free upgrade and do the final race of that club (for the QuickStart, I chose Club Italia).
  21. (07). Do either the Hillside or Quayside Screamer 'money maker' until you have at least Cr.176,999. Then buy and upgrade a striped Ford GT and use it to do the first 5 races at Club d'Elegance (use Club Italia as your starting point, and then jump to the ends of the longer stretches of roads) and Ford Owners Club (you should be able to jump to the road that this club is on).
  22. (08). Do all of the races at Windward Ocean Surfers and Club Stripe (in that order). Then, while still at Club Stripe, switch to the newly-acquired Ford Shelby Cobra Concept and then upgrade it.
  23. (09). Keep doing the Hillside and/or Quayside Screamer 'money makers' until you reach Expert level. Then, switch to the Flashback 'money maker' (you should be able to jump to the road that runs parallel and then cut across the dirt). Use the Ford Shelby Cobra to keep doing that until you have at least Cr.1,563,000 (if it seems tedious, it may help to think of it as an endurance race with a pitstop on every lap).
  24. Do all 6 races at the Concept Owners Club (use the Flashback challenge as your starting point), or choose another club that awards a free upgrade.
  25. (10). Visit the European Classic dealer in Kahalu'u (near the East Central coast) and buy an Audi TT Quattro (this is to unlock the AWD Club). Then, visit the British Independents dealer in Pa'a La'a Kai (near the North Central coast) and buy a McLaren F1 LM. When the dealer asks if you want to sell vehicles, sell the Audi.
  26. Visit the Portlock realtor and buy the Puninoni Village house for Cr.221,000.
  27. Upgrade the McLaren, and then do the first 5 races at Club Midship, Euro Exotica, Racing Car Club, Supercar Owners Club, V12 Screamers, and Wahiawa GTI (in any order).
  28. Do the first 5 races at the AWD Club (in the North Central part of the island).
  29. (11). If you don't have at least Cr.223,000, keep doing the Flashback 'money maker' until you do. Then, visit the Aston Martin dealer in Aliamanu and buy an Aston Martin DB9 coupe. Upgrade it and then use it to do the first 5 races at the Aston Martin Club and Executive Owners Club (just to the South of the North Shore Automobile Enthusiasts club).
  30. (12). If you don't have at least Cr.100,000, do the Flashback 'money maker' once or twice. Then, do the final race at the Clubman Car Club. While still at that club, switch to the newly-acquired Caterham and then buy an upgrade for it. Then, use it to do the first 5 races at the Caterham Club (near the Supercar Owners Club at the Northern tip of the island).
  31. Use the Ford Shelby Cobra Concept to do the first 5 races at the Honolulu Execs club (near Club D).
  32. (13). If you don't have at least Cr.65,000, do the Flashback 'money maker'. Then, do the final race at the Classic Car Club. While still at that club, switch to the newly-acquired Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and then buy an upgrade for it. Then, use it to do the first 5 races at the Chevrolet Owners Club.
  33. Choose a club that awards a free upgrade and do the final race of that club (for the QuickStart, I chose Club Coupe deVille for this step).
  34. (14). Keep doing the Flashback 'money maker' until you reach Master level. Then, switch to the Tunnel 'money maker' and keep doing that until you have at least Cr.349,999.
  35. (15). Buy and upgrade a Volkswagen W12 Coupe and use it to do the first 5 races at the German Car Club.

Areas / Districts

Below is a list of some of the cities and towns in various areas/districts.

CentralMililani, Pearl City, Wahiawa
East1Cemetary, Heeia, Kahalu'u, Kane'ohe, Kualoa, Laenani
East2Bellows Field, Kailua, Keolu Hills, Lanikai, Maunawili Valley, Waimanalo
NorthHalaeiwa, Kahuku, Kawailoa, La'ie, Oahu Golf
NorthWestKamananui, Mokule'ia, Pa'a La'a, Waialua, Waimea Bay
SouthCentral1Barbers Point Golf, Pu'uloa
SouthCentral2Aliamanu, Hickam Village, Honolulu, Shafter
SouthCentral3Dowsett Highlands, Kalihi Valley
SouthEast1Ala Moana, Ala Wai Golf, Diamond Head, Kahala, Kapahulu, Makiki, McCully, Waialae, Waikiki
SouthEast2Aina Haina
SouthEast3Hahaione, Hawai'i, Halona Blow Hole, Kalama Valley, Koko Head, Kuliouou, Makapu'u, Maunalua, Portlock
SouthWestBarber Point Harbor, Honouliuli, Kahe Point, Kapolei, Pu'uloa
WestKea'au, Keawa'ula, Makua, Wai'anae

Noteworthy Sites

Below is a list of some sites and how to get there. Note that if you can't yet jump to a certain place, you'll need to drive to there from the nearest place that you can jump to. When you're done with an excursion, you can press [L3]+[R3] to return to the main road.

Airfield, DilinghamJump to Nor-Wester (Master Group A Race challenge, NW), exit, make a U-turn, go east along the coast and look for a fence on the right, turn onto the dirt road just before the fence, follow the fence when the dirt road ends. The entrance is on the south side.
Airport, HonoluluJump to Coastal Dream (Master Group A Race challenge, SC), exit. There doesn't seem to be any way to get inside, but you can follow the fence to get a fairly good view of the planes.
Airport, KalaeloaJump to AirBall (Expert unrestricted Race challenge, SW), exit, follow the road about 1.3 miles, turn right at the stop sign, follow the fence about 0.3 mile, enter the corridor and turn right when it ends, follow this road and it'll lead you to the first runway, turn right where this runway crosses a second one. The hangars and planes will be to the right of the second runway.
Crater, Diamond HeadJump to Kuilei Beach Grand View (McCully realtor house, SC), exit, steer left to drive back onto to the circular driveway with a fountain at its center, get up to the edge to get a good view of the crater below.
Dock, Pearl HarborJump to Freedom Ride (Expert Group B Speed challenge, SC), exit, turn right at the stop sign, look to the left for a small building with 2 doors and go onto the dirt just after it, go through the gap between the wall ahead and the building to its right. Up ahead, if you drive past the 2 trees, you'll see a container ship, 2 overhead cranes and stacks of containers.
Falls, KahaluuJump to Kahaluu Lost Eden (Kaneohe realtor house, EC), exit. There is a pond and 3 waterfalls near there.
Harbor, Paa Laa KaiJump to King Of The Hill (Expert unrestricted Race challenge, NC), exit, turn right at the first intersection (just past the concrete wall), take the dirt road to the right. Drive up to the fence to see some yachts.
Harbor, Pearl Harbor 1Jump to Grad Class 3 (Rookie Group E Race challenge, SC). Exit. Make a U-turn. Follow the road until you see a red and white house on the left. Turn left on to the grass so the house is on your right. Drive over the grass until you come to a road. Turn left on to the road. Follow the road until the next junction and turn right. Follow the road until it goes to a fork (Y shape) and go straight ahead, left side. You will come to a corner with a barrier. At the end of the barrier, make a sharp turn left. On your right are two buildings. After the second one, turn right and you will see a battleship on the right. Or, instead of turning left at the barrier, follow the road and the same ship can be viewed from the road, although not as close up. Staying on the road, a further three ships can be seen.
Harbor, Pearl Harbor 2Jump to Pearl Harbor GP (Expert Group B Race challenge, SC). Exit. Drive about 0.1 mile and on the left you will see a white building and another building. After the second building is a dirt path. Turn left on to the dirt path. Go down the dirt path and turn left. You can follow the harbour round and view the ships. To exit, follow your path out. When you get back to the road, turn left. You will see a raised area on the left. In the middle are some steps. Drive the car up the steps. The car will be airborne briefly, so be ready to brake when you land. If you drive to near the water's edge, you can see the water flowing.
Lighthouse, Barber PointJump to Ko Olina Paradise (Aliamanu realtor house, SW), exit, turn left out of the driveway, turn right at the stop sign, take the dirt road at the bend in the main road.
Lighthouse, Kaena PointJump to NWSE (Master Group A Race challenge, NW), exit, make a U-turn.
Lighthouse, Laniloa PointLocate Beauty Hole House (Laie realtor house, NE), zoom in 3x, move the cursor to the right, jump to the tip of the peninsula.
Lighthouse, Makapuu Point  Jump to The Hook (Pro Group C Time challenge, SE), exit, turn right onto the dirt road near there.
'Magic' BuildingJump to Touring League 2 (Pro Group C Race challenge, SE), exit, make a U-turn. Look for a bridge and 2 black Test Drive signs. At the end of the bridge (just before the second sign), turn right off the road and onto the grass. Turn and head towards the water. At the corner of the wall where the signpost is, drive down the side of the wall carefully, so you don't fall in the water. Immediately after the wall ends, go left. Drive to the end of the glass panelled building that's on your left. Before you get to the end of the building, turn into the grey brickwork and the car will disappear into the building! If you turn on the car's headlights ([L2]), the rear lights also come on. If you switch to the behind-the-car view ([R2]), you can see the rear lights, but no car. Reverse out of the building. Go round the corner of the building and drive the car into the glass panels so the car disappears. Using the right analogue, rotate the stick so you have 360' vision. The car appears to be parked outside the building, not in it. Release the analogue and the car is still in the building. Reverse out of the building. At the end of the building, go left. Pull in to the left. Drive the car into the building. The car will stop itself. Rotate the right analogue stick and you will find the car parked in the building's courtyard. Reverse out again. Keeping the building on your left, drive to the opposite end. Driving into the end of the building from this end allows you to view the courtyard from the opposite end. Opposite this 'magic' building is another building. However, when you drive into this one, the car only goes half way in. Use the right analogue again, but slowly as the view isn't as good.
Observatory, Kaena PointJump to Kilani Terrace (Kahala realtor house, NW), exit, take the dirt road just off to the right.
Observatory, MokuleiaJump to Down The Mountain (Expert Group B Time challenge, NW), exit, take the dirt road to the left. Be sure to stop at the entrance gate (if you go much further, you risk sliding down the mountain).
Pond, Manoa FallsJump to Hillside (Pro Group C Time challenge, EC), exit, follow the road until you see the pond on the right.
Pond, Maunawili FallsJump to Waihee Terrace (Kaneohe realtor house, EC), exit, follow the road until you see the pond on the right.
Raceway, OahuJump to Supercar Series Race 3 (Expert Group A Race challenge, SC).
Radar StationLocate Mokapu Slingshot (Pro Group C Speed challenge, EC), zoom in 1x, move the cursor right, zoom in 2x, jump to the tip of the deadend road. You should see a fence with a dirt patch behind and to the right of it; if not, make a U-turn. Carefully drive up the dirt road to the left until you reach the station at the top of the hill.
Scenery, Hanauma BayLocate Bayside Rise (Rookie unrestricted Race challenge, SE), zoom in, move the cursor down and jump to the tip of the deadend road. Steer to the right and drive onto the dirt parking lot. Drive through one of the gaps in the concrete wall to get a nice scenic view of the bay. You can explore other parts of this area and find flower beds and a restaurant.
Stadium, AlohaJump to The Seeker (Rookie Group E Time challenge, SC), exit, make a U-turn, turn right at the third stop light. You'll see the Stadium when you reach the stop sign. From there, you can either turn right to circle the Stadium counter-clockwise or turn left to circle clockwise.
Village, Orange 1Locate Great Ocean Road (Expert unrestricted Race challenge, NEC), zoom in, use the cursor to trace the road to the north, trace left at the first intersection (the road will go SW, then N again), go past the next intersection, and jump to the T intersection. Turn left at the stop sign.
Village, Orange 2Locate Punauiua Terrace (Laie realtor house, N), zoom in, use the cursor to trace the road to the south, go west at the 3-prong intersection, trace the road until you're just below the small peninsula to the left of the bay, then jump to anywhere around there. Make a U-turn so that the village is on your right. Follow the railing and look for a small palm tree, then drive through the gap just behind it. Carefully turn the car around so that it faces the village, then build up some speed to get through the gap between the fence and the water. One of the buildings there, when seen from a certain angle, appears to be floating in mid-air.
Village, OrientalJump to Waihee Terrace (Kaneohe realtor house, EC), exit, follow the road past a pond on the right, turn right at the first or second intersection (the road is horseshoe-like in that it circles back to the road you turned off).
Water FeatureJump to Heading North (Rookie Group E Time challenge, SC), exit, drive for 0.2 mile, then stop. The road you need is underneath the one you're on. Go to the Map, zoom in until you're on the road you need. When the dot flashes, press [X]. Make a U-turn. Keep on this road, through the traffic lights and straight over the crossroads. At the next crossroad, turn right. On the right are 3 identical buildings with a gap at each side of the middle one. Turn down either one. When you enter, turn left and you'll see 4 palm trees and a water feature which can't be seen from the main road.
WaterwaysJump to Lokelani House (Waimanalo realtor house, SE), exit, cross over to the grass on the other side of the road. You'll see a couple of boats straight ahead and, if you explore the other waterways in this area, you'll find others in various places.

Quick Race

When you start Test Drive Unlimited, you're given a choice of two gameplay modes. In most cases, you'll want to "Continue Game" to enter Career mode to resume normal gameplay. The other choice is "Quick Race", which is basically like the Arcade mode found in other racing games. Note that Quick Race mode will only be available once you've gone through all of the preliminary steps as described in
Getting Started.

There are a few things that are shared globally between Quick Race mode and Career mode. Here's a summary of things that will affect the Statistics page:
• The time spent in Quick Race counts for Total Time.
• The credits earned in Quick Race are added to your current credits in Career mode.
• The Master Points earned in Quick Race are added to your current Master Points in Career mode.

However, there is nothing in Quick Race mode that counts towards game completion percentage. Here's a summary of things that won't affect the Statistics page:
• The medals earned in Quick Race won't count towards "Number of Gold/Silver/Bronze cups".
• The race results in Quick Race won't affect the Stats column of the Challenges tab.

The events in Quick Race mode are randomly chosen, and all are Challenges of type Race. Although you'll often see races that are also available in Career mode, there are a number of races that are only available in Quick Race mode. As far as I can tell, the races that are only available in Quick Race will always be unrestricted 4-car races.

Although there is no option to choose a particular course, there is a "Change Vehicle" option that allows you to choose a different car. This is, in my opinion, probably the most useful part of Quick Race because it allows you to test drive a wide variety of cars (albeit, in stock form) without having to actually buy/win them first. The list of cars to choose from will usually be a random selection of 8 cars; the next time you come across the same race, the list of cars will most likely be different.

Unlike in Career mode, the rewards in Quick Race are a fixed/set amount, regardless of how long or difficult a race is:
   Easy  Normal  Hard
  1stCr.2,500 / MP.625Cr.5,000 / MP.1,250Cr.10,000 / MP.2,500
  2ndCr.1,250 / MP.312Cr.2,500 / MP.625Cr.5,000 / MP.1,250
  3rdCr.625 / MP.156Cr.1,250 / MP.312Cr.2,500 / MP.625
If you come across a fairly short race, it may make a good 'money-maker'. However, if you come across a race that's also available in Career mode, the amount of credits and Master Points awarded in Quick Race will always be less than the amount you'd earn by doing the same race in Career mode.

If you've just started a new gamesave, and you want to earn a fair amount of credits and Master Points before continuing Career mode, the Challenges below may be worth looking out for. These can be done at the Hard difficulty level using the fastest car that you're comfortable with. The Car Park Now! challenge can actually be won using any selectable car, since the AI cars never finish.
 Car Park Now! 1:30When you pass Checkpoint 5, the GPS will tell you that you're going in the wrong direction, but just keep going and, when you pass Checkpoint 7, you'll see that you're in 1st place because the AI cars have all gone haywire!
 Entrance Exam 1:50There are two intersections to watch out for: the one that goes left after Checkpoint 4, and the one where you go onto the freeway after Checkpoint 8. The AI cars will tend to crash at those points, giving you a fairly easy win if you can get through them safely. If the AI cars don't crash at those points, try a different car to get a different line-up.

Other notes for Quick Race:
• Lighting. If you don't like the current lighting conditions, you can change it in Career mode, as described in the Lighting Conditions note. The lighting that's currently active in Career mode will persist when you re-enter Quick Race mode.
• Race: Eight Ball. After Checkpoint 2, there will be an intersection where the GPS will tell you to turn right. Ignore the GPS and just go straight, because that's how the course goes; turning right will put you in an endless loop!
• Race: Kapalama Divide. This race takes place in public traffic and implements an offroad penalty bar. If you take the parallel road, you can get through traffic much easier. The two parallel roads will eventually join just before the finish line. This race takes 2-3 minutes.
• Saving Records. If you've turned off the AutoSave feature and you want to save your Quick Race records, you can exit to the Startup menu, then choose Options > Game Options, and then set/check AutoSave. When the program asks if you want to overwrite the existing data, choose "Overwrite". If you want to resume gameplay, remember to unset/uncheck the AutoSave option after each Save.

After finishing a race, you'll have the option of trying a different race. Note, however, that the "New Quick Race" option will only be available after finishing a race; if you want to try a different race at any other time, you'll need to choose "Exit" and then reselect "Quick Race".

Miscellaneous Notes

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