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The origin of the name De Bie:

In "Limburgs Tijdschrift voor Genealogie", 1992 no.2 is an article about French family names in Limburg. Under the heading "Families waarvan de geografische herkomst bekend is" is written under the item "Debye":

Debye (de By, de Bye, de Bije, Debeij, Debeije, Debie, Debije).- the farmers family Debye is already in the 17th century living in the present Zuid-Limburg. The fame of prof. Pie Debye, Nobel price 1936 for physics, was reason for some genealogical research into his family. As far as I know there is no known connection yet with the French speaking Belgium (Walonië), but it seems reasonable to suppose that this family derives her name from the hamlet By near Charneux. The name Deby is already in use there in the 16th century. The name is carried in 1591 by a "Thyry de By soub Charneux".



Concerning the origin of the name De Bie: geographical names in records concerning Thyry de By:
19/08/1568: Rendition Thiry de bebronne a la reportation de Johan le filz son soroige; telle part qu'il ledit Johan avait a ung preit que l'on dist le doulx preit gisant aupres le bÿ de mollin de fauwe (situated near the by of the mill of Fawe) aussi long et large tel qu'il est audit succed‚ par l'obit et trespas de sa feu mere et ce parmy payant la somme de 4 1/2 muids spelt heritable.
  (AEL Cour de Herve (ban), reg.19, f.336v)
14/04/1569: thiry de bebronne manant … Charneux … la report. de pieron son soroige .. Thyry adv. en telle par. d'her. que ledit pieron avait gisans auprès le by de mollin de fauwes
(situated near the de by of the mill of Fawe) luy devolus par la mort et trespas de feu maroye sa soeur. Pieron adv. en telle part d'her. que ledit thiry avoit gisans aupres la mayson dudit piron meme venant de latite feu Maroye.
  (AEL Cour de Herve (ban), reg.20, f.92v)
17/04/1578: Oeuvre Wième Henry de Halleux … la rep. de Johan Soehelet joene de Cerfontaine en 2 m. sp. r. h. … lever annuellement sur les biens que tient Thyry Vy Johan demeurant … By
(living at By) son soroige … ..
  (AEL Cour de Herve (ban), reg.25, f.208v)
17/11/1583: thyri vieux Johan demoran a by sous charneux
(living at By near Charneux).
  (AEL Cour de Herve (ban), reg.28, f.159r)


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