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Short biography of Frans Vester


The flutist Frans Vester (1922-1987) was a very versatile musician, who influenced many flutists and other musicians in The Netherlands by both his flute playing and his views on performing and musicianship in general. Vester also was quite influential abroad, being the founder and artistic leader of the Danzi Woodwind Quintet (1958-1970), that performed world-wide and was very successful. But also Vester was well-known by his lectures and articles about playing the flute and performance practice.


Point of departure for true musicianship was for Vester the feeling of a great responsibility and truthfulness towards the composer and the composition. In his view the interpretation of a composition should be based on knowledge and not on the so-called “own intuition”. This knowledge could be acquired by adequately studying musical sources.


All activities of Vester were based of this philosophy. The many editions of flute music that were prepared by him are examples of this scholarly and truthful approach.

After assembling information year after year in 1969 the Flute Repertoire Catalogue (London, Musica Rara; sold out since many years!) appeared, followed in 1985 by the exhaustive bibliography Flute Music of the 18th Century (Monteux, Musica Rara).


On the occasion of his retirement as professor of flute at the Royal Conservatory at The Hague the Dutch Government asked him to write a book on the performance practice of music for winds by W.A. Mozart. The book appeared after his death edited by Rien de Reede with the title W.A. Mozart- On the performance of the Works for Wind Instruments (Amsterdam, Broekmans & Van Poppel, 1999). It can be considered as a major achievement in the area of a truthful musicological approach of the music of the 18th century.