On this page you can see how much work it is to restore

a Thriumph Spitfire 1500 TC from 1975.


Doing the job

The result

Of course the Spitfire is made to drive with

so we make a lot of excursions.


Excursions 2003

Oranje rally 2004

Blossom trip 2004

Repairing the bonnet

 Smokkelrally 16-05-2005

  Lido Waalwijk 22-06-2008

 3th Baroniedrive 10-07-2005

Valuation 26-07-2005

15-16-17 August 2008 Schaffen-Diest (Belgium)

Smokkelrit 12-05-2008

  Wittem oldtimer treffen 15-07-07


Between the seasons

Bad luck

The technique

  The costs

 Fotos of the cars from my visitors

Funny car pics

Funny car pics 1

Funny car pics 2

Funny car pics 3

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