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Psion series 5 Astronomy program

Procyon R, Procyon especially written for the Psion Revo
Pour nos utilisateurs françaises: PROCYON X Beta version française
PROCYON X: The neXt Generation

PROCYON X takes full advantage of the Series 5(MX).
You can identify many object just by pointing at them;
Much higher precision in Pro version;
No more memory constraints like the Psion 3a/c so we have put in even more astronomy gizmo's;
Faster rebuild of the universe (but we can't take credit for that).
Advanced features like Moon-zoom.

kProcyon X Light
Click here to download 901 Kb Download the latest version of Procyon X 1.11
Right-Click hyperlink and choose 'Save Link As'

To Install:
In the System screen of your Series 5, tap the top toolbar button ("Control Panel") and check if the "Add/Remove" icon is available. If it is not, copy the following file to your Series 5, select it (in the System screen) and press Enter.

Click here to download 58 Kb Download the latest version of Standard SIS installer
Executable file
Right-Click hyperlink and choose 'Save Link As'

This should install the Add/Remove icon to your control panel. For the latest information about SIS files see

Click here to download 468 Kb Download the latest version of Procyon X 1.11
ZIP compressed package

To Install:
Make sure you can see the SYSTEM directory on your Psion 5.
Go to either C:\System\Apps\ or D:\System\Apps\
'Make a new folder' and name it PROCYON
Do not change this name or else you will not see the program on the Extra's bar.
Copy all the Procyon files into this directory.
When you press the 'Extras' button, a PROCYON X Icon will appear.
Put RMRAlarm.opx in C:\SYSTEM\OPX.

Procyon X Pro
The Light version of PROCYON X is free for non-commercial use and can be considered freeware.
But you can also see this version as a shareware program and once you register you'll have added benefits.

Detailed list and pictures of differences between the light and the Pro version.

If you have registered Procyon X and received a 5Procyon.Key file, you'll also need the Auxilary pack which includes some files only used (and needed) within the Pro version of Procyon X.

-> 955 kB Download the Procyon X Auxiliary Pack
SIS Package - You can only use this file if you have a valid '5Procyon.Key' file!
Right-Click hyperlink and choose 'Save Link As'

-> 473 kB Download the Procyon X Auxiliary Pack
ZIP compressed Package - You can only use this file if you have a valid '5Procyon.Key' file!


Special thanks to:
Milan Tjioe for his Freeware Macro SwitchPoint, to switch the decimal separator to a point.
You can download the most current version of this Macro from his homepage, or below for your convience.

-> 2 kB Download the Switchpoint for Psion 5
ZIP compressed Package

-> 2 kB Download the Switchpoint for Psion 5 MX
ZIP compressed Package

Rating 5! You win the 5ème DimenPsion Award.
The Best software on Psion with 34.8% of the votes (around 250 psionnist).

Rating 5! The staff at PsionKing has reviewed our program with 5 cows! They say:
"This is an advanced astronomy program with the most amazing graphics and a huge database of astronomical elements. Highly recommended."

Procyon X can be registered Online for your convience at:
US$ 35
US$ 30
RegNet - The Registration Network.
Register Procyon X at
or call 1 800 WWW2REG or (805) 288-1827.
Register NOW via a SECURE SERVER at www.RegSoft.COM



Intro-screen Procyon X will make full use of the Psions 5 Capabilities
The program can be mixed between the internal disk (C:) and/or on a Compact Flash (D:)

Procyon X Pro uses 1.5 MB of volume space...
825 Kb without Messier-pictures and NGC database

Zoom on the Moon Zoom in on the Moon

You can tap on the left to identify mare's on the left anc create a zoom on the right, in which you can tap again to identify the nearest crater.

Graphs-a-plenty More data then you bargained for

Because the Psion 5 uses a 32 bit operating system, much of the limits which were true for the Psion 3a/3c are no longer there. So you can expect to see more options compared to the 'old' verson.

High Resolution Totally new high resolution pictures

You can view data of all the Messier objects, and get a picture of the nebula-type.

Marsian Surface Actual view of Mars

You will always know which part of the Marsian surface is facing Earth now.

One of the many Graphs Magnitude Graph

One of the 4 yearly graphs

Width view 640x240 large screen

Because of the larger screen and 4 'color's the view is almost like the real thing :-)
But you can always configure which items to disable in the view.

Hale-Bopp Search for Comets

Find out where your favorite comet should be

Look overhead Looking overhead is a pain...

A zenith vieuw shows an undestorted view of the stars above your head

Event-base Event Base

Some special events are recorded in the Event-base, and you can even add your own events!

North Vieuw Looking to the North!

Previous versions of Procyon could only look to the south as the center of the screen.
Starting from this version you can also look the the North as the centre of the screen.

Man in the moon The man in the Moon?

An actual view of the phase of the moon

Handy for Novice users What's that up there?

Constellation lines within Zoom

Man in the moon New projection

A new orientation option including a detailed zoom by two

And then we haven't even began talking about: The Lunar Eclipse Vieuwer, Red Spot Transition Viewer, Jovian Moons Vieuwer, Binary / Variable Stars, Saturn Vieuw, More, more, more
Look here for the extra options available only in Procyon X Pro.

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