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Be afraid, some of these programs utilize 80x25 character output, so you need at least a Computer Graphics Array or Hercules Monochrome...

Eggerland III
Eggerland III - The all time Hit! Star of the show : Mr. EGGY himself. He's the guy who has to do the dirty work in the game and YOU (yes!) control him by cursorkeys. The game is divided in lots of screens, which have to be solved to reach the main goal of the game : free your beloved wife Eggorina.
Some of these screens are easy, but some of them will keep you busy for quite a while (grin...). They've been tested, so they can be done (We're quit sure of this because we spend several dark nights playing them with only two bags of bugles). just give it a few tries and you'll become addicted.

Back in 1991 this game was a big hit and we even made it to a Dutch Magazine!

Download Lockcode.exe to generate your own lockcode to register Eggerland.
Click here to download Download Eggy_120.exe [289 Kb]
Click here to download Download Lockcode.exe [23 Kb]
Download Eggyland for the Palm III and up
Download Eggyland for the Palm IIIc

Shuffle! The VGA Puzzle-game! "And on the seventh day God rested, because He was absolutely tired of debugging his latest creation: Earth version 1.00. After hours of shaping fjords, building cute mountains, burying dinosarusbones in the ground and hiding Atlantis, God needed a break. With a snap of the finger, He created a simple puzzle game with some jolly pictures. To make it a little more challenging, he divided the pictures into pieces and mixed them up. God took a deep sigh, commanded the Holy Spirit to solve the puzzle and went to sleep. Amen."
(Yet Undiscovered Appendix from the New Testament)

The original version came out in 1992 and did need VGA and a mouse...
Click here to download Download Shuffle!.exe [422 Kb]
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