Fiat G-91 transit through Niederrhein by CH-53.

08 Juli 2004.... A day for the history books.  A Fiat G-91 "Gina" could be seen flying once again in the Niederrhein sky. Sadly it was not flying on it's own power but was airlifted by a CH-53G helicopter from the German Army. A GAF (German Air Force) leutenant, Peter Frank, member of the historic aviation society of JBG41, has rediscovered two of these aircraft, and decided to bring the aircraft back to Husum. One aircraft was transported through Monchengladbach Airport and the other "99+11" went via Niederrhein Airport.  

All Photo's: Peter Esser/Airport Niederrhein

 84+22 CH53G with the G-91 seen here landing in the north-east corner of the airfield.   Hovering with load against a nice cloudy sky with a typical RAF HAS in the background.   G-91 99+11 ''flying'' overhead taxiway November at Niederrhein.  A historic moment in the History after more than 20 years a G91 was on the ground again in Laarbruch.
This Fiat G91 "Gina" was flown by pilots from LKG41 (Leichten Kampfgeschwaders 41) between 1963 and 1982.  For the pilots of the CH-53 aircraft it was a good excersice to transport this aircraft to the former airbase in Schwesing. "A nice training for our deploymnet in Afghanistan" said Major Thomas Dreisvogt, pilot of the CH-53.  

 Very gently the precious load will be hooked off...  Safely on the ground...  "Niederrhein Tower Gina01... request start."  Gina patiently waiting for the pick-up.

 GH-53 arriving.  CH-53 84+22 taxiing to the apron to be refuelled.  After getting fuelled up the Gina was picked up again and the transport went on their way to the former airbase in Husum.  Bye bye Gina...